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Nintendo Ds

Man Ds comes out I don't have a dollar to my name. All I want for christmas is Ds, and maybe some games (So Santa if ur reading this to forget me). Man my Thanksgiving was great, I ate and ate until I couldn't move, then I rolled over and played some NBA Live and Madden 2005, I even threw a Mart Kart Tornament at my house.

Day after Voting.

Looks like another 4 years with Bush, with everything that went down. So little people went voting, I thought that at least alot of people would go voting.


Its the day before you Vote take a minute and think about who you are about to vote for, remeber that who you pick will be are president for the next 4 years, and that person can change the world for better or worse. That person can make your future a better place.



Whats Up everyone its your boy Junior, man what a week are school football team lost for the first time. Went to this really hot party. Also got X-Men Legends man that game is really hot, you pick you favorite X-men and take them into battle. My team is Gambit, Iceman, Jubliee, and the one and only Wolverine. I was kicking but all weekend long. Peace Out.

P.S. Vikings and Giants WON.


Whats^ every body its sunday aka Football day. Man what a week I had my football team kicked butt we beat the other team 41 to 12 me scoring two touchdowns. But that was on Friday, Its sunday so I just came from church a few hours ago and now I'm just relaxin and playin some Madden. I would be watching some football, but my team doesn't play until tom. (Vikings V.S. Eagles Monday Night 9 PM Watch It). I'm about to go and play some basketball with my friends, so peace out and have a good week, ur boy Jr. is out. Peace

Half Way threw the Week.

Its Wednesday if you don't know. Man schools been great, my classes are mad easy because I'm a SENIOR and everything and not to mention some of the freshmann look really good so I've been talkin to them. I tried out the new Metriod Prime game (Demo) It was cool can't wait till the final copy comes out. Down in New York we have Two days of so I'm goin be playin Madden 05 (VIKINGS AND GIANTS RULE) all day and maybe go to a few partys.

Week of Madden '05

School started for me this week in New York man it was cool to see all my friends and to play some football. But when school finish I started playing some Madden. Man I was having a great week kicking everyones butt in Madden 2005 with the Vikings (Randy Moss Rules) then my cousin came over and kicked my butt, man I always win, but then he beats me, guess I'll get him next time he comes over. Man I can't wait for X-Men Legends to come out on Sept. 22, 2004. Peace I'm Out