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Finally getting there

I just got done with this year's airshow out at ellington field and can't wiat for this coming december to come. Turns out that the boat is going to be put into the water for a boat show out at kemah this year and to top it off. We will be moving under our own power!!!! Hell yeah! Our next project is going to be work on our vietnam PBR boat. Plus the possiblity of adding a Landing craft similair to those used in Saving private ryan. I just can't wait to get started on those boats. But money is an issue so any donations we welcome.

New Update

    Hopefully soon we will be able to do a water test sometime this month or in October. The LCP will be in the water soon to ride again!

Help SAVE OUR HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a description from our mesum and it's goals for the boats that we are trying to restore. If you go to the website you will understand more about what were are about.

PT305 is still waiting and has been ready for almost 12 months for the start of hull repairs and restoration at Pier 77 Yacht Center. We are in urgent need of donations to fund this project. We are trying our best to raise funds and public awareness by attending shows and events, sadly we have not been able to get a significant donation of funds, Which would allow us to move forward on the major work. We have received some donations of mahogany, enough to do some emergency repairs to the hull's exterior. and these will be completed very soon. At this time we are going to cover the boat with a tin roof, materials for which were generously donated to us by Triple-S Steel Supply Company(see our contributors page for contact information). This will help us to protect the boats' interior structure from further deterioration until we can raise the funds to complete the hull restoration project. We need almost $100,000 for materials and equipment to re float the hull and install a super structure. This is probably the last restore able PT-Boat to see action in World War II, it is made of wood and will not be around for the next generation to see if we cannot fund this project. In these times when you are think of our soldiers, sailors and airman overseas, remember those who served in World War II, help us restore this important artifact for the next generation. We do not get any State or Federal support, like other well known Museums, we are just a few like minded individuals who think preserving this artifact is important for the nation and our history, precious few of these boats survived the War.

Well here goes nothing

Howdy there, new to this whole blog thing but it seems like a good place to try and garner support and aid for my favorite group that I am a proud part of

It is a little museum that needs help to restore one of only 2 PT boats left in the world. We also have almost completed restoration of an original LCP boat. Also add to our growing collection is a PBY veitnam era boat. The pieces of history need your help, the people who fought may pass on but the equipment and tools that were vital to them can still live on as reminders of them. For the best thing about these boats is that our goals as a museum is not to be static display but a living display. In other words our goal is to have the ships in ship shape (yeah yeah I know it is sappy) in the water for people to experince and understand what our soldiers experinced. With everyone's help this can be possible.