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Starting College & Game Update #2

I've just started college this Monday. At first I thought this was going to be the most tedious out of all the school years. But then again, it wasn't all that bad. The first two classes were short and there wasn't that much homework. Meeting new people wasn't hard as well. My teachers (or should I call them professors from now on) are awesome.  I also bought a laptop which was more better than the crappy one I have at home. So I'm searching for good PC games. I've resurrected Grandia II (that thing was sitting in my closet for months) so I'm happy.:)

Well, I've beaten Dark Cloud but still playing to get to the top of Demon Shaft and get that sword. I didn't find the last boss to be that hard. I guess all that time of boring leveling up was worth it with some of my Ultimate Weopons. Now the monsters in the Demon Shaft are getting harder. I even have to give them two strokes to kill them. Oh boy!

I've also beaten SOCOM II on the Ensign difficulty and playing up to Captain for other unlockables. I'll see if I can get my Playstation 2 to play online.

My Tekken 5 data got corrupted. I turned my PS2 of while the game was saving so I guess that was the reason. So now I have to delete that corrupted data and start all over again.

I've started Xenosaga Episode 1 and I'm really getting into it. The story is very interesting, the cutscenes are magnificent, the gameplay features just draw you in, as well as the battles, and the music is amazing. I do have a slight problem with the character design (i.e big eyes, big head, cartoonish looking). And they don't fit with the rest of the designs in Episode 2 & 3. Overall, good game.

Game Update #1

Well lets see. :question: :!: I'm almost finished everyone's storyline in Budokai 3. I just have Uub's and Brolly's left. I can't wait to unlock Dragon Arena. At first Dragon Universe was fun with Goku, Gohan, Piccalo and all. But now its just getting repetitve. I wanna get in to just the fighting and upgrade my characters. I know, I'm a bit slow (well, too slow) so.....

I'm half way through SOCOM II. So far, I've completed every mission with an {A} performance :D (except for one). .....Okay, I was playing through Ensign diffuculty so..... :P Once I unlock the SEAL weapons, I'm going online. I wouldn't want to use Gameshark to unlock all the content in SOCOM II, that wouldn't be any fun. I'm gonna have to return this game to my mother's friend at work sometime soon. Damn!! Well, as soon as I buy my own.

Now I'm starting the second-last level of Dark Cloud. I can't wait to beat the Dark Genie and move on to other game sitting in my drawers. Usually people will just play a game whenever they feel like it. But I have a bit of a system of when to play my games (a bit weird but thats what I do). Besides, I'm savouring the fun until I can buy another one. I hope to finish half through the level by today and maybe later on play some Tekken.

Tomorrow and the day after that I have to get through this training seminar. Later on, I don't know what the rest of the schedule will be like since I start work after that. Which means less time for games. :(

Dark Cloud Update

After playing many days of Tekken 5, I've finally switched over to Dark Cloud. T5 was just to addicted and after playing just once, I could never get the will power to play other games I have. Well I'm still on the the fourth stage, upgrading some of the my characters weapons. I have finished upgrading Toan's Chyrsknife to a Sand Breaker. I have just finished upgrading Xiao's Steve to a Super Steve without using any synthspheres and boy was I tired? Well, tomorrow I'm gonna finish off with Ruby's Platinum Ring to a ChyrsRing. Then go on to SOCOM II.

I have just bought a PS2!!

I have just bought a PS2 two weeks ago. I have also bought Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 with it too. I know that people recommend that I save my money and wait to buy either an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. But I don't mind for several reasons: 1. Both systems are not comming out with games that everyone is going to enjoy, so why not wait for a lot more games to come out. 2. In a couple of years the systems' prices are gonna decrease, so why not wait. 3. The gaming production of Playstation 2 is not gonna end in really soon, so why not keep it a little longer.

Anyway, I'm excited 'cause this is my first console I've bought in my life. I'm watching DVDs on it and it has more quality than my PC (well, my computer needs some serious upgrading). And so far I'm enjoying Budokai 3.

Well this ends my journal.