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Feeling sad

I can't believe Gordon Freeman beat Link for best hero in their bracket. And now he's beating Mario! This is just horrible.

Emblems! Where are they?

I woke up early on the second day of E3 to watch the live Nintendo and Sony streams on GameSpot, and I never received my emblems for that accomplishment. They gave me my Microsoft one, but I don't care about it nearly as much as the other two. I am sad.

a video game funk

Despite the fact that I have a lot of time while at school to play video games, I find that I've hardly been playing. This makes me sad. I have on and off been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk, Chrono Trigger, and Pokemon Diamond, but not as much as I would like to. I spend an awful lot of time doing nothing while watching something on DVD. Perhaps I should dust off the games and play. I find myself staring at them, thinking that I don't quite feel like playing. Perhaps if I just put something in I would find that I were having a good time.

For me, there's a slump coming. There are two games that I'm looking forward to. Not very many. I suppose that's good for my wallet, and it gives me time to play some other games that are backlogged. I need to find myself a copy of Mario & Luigi for gba. I want to play the newest one, but I have no idea when that'll be out. I should play Dawn of War, that game is good stuff. I miss playing Warhammer Online too. I'm definitely buying timecards for the summer. Woo apothecary!

Jake, the boyfriend, had me play Burnout Paradise when I got home on Friday. I had a surprisingly good time! I did not do well at first. The road rage race where you're supposed to take out two other cars? I took myself out, didn't touch a single other car. I'm not great at it, but I can at least finish a race, take out a car, and successfully turn a corner. Let's hear it for progress. He had fun watching me play, and we both wish that it had a two player feature. He mentioned party mode, but that's turn taking, and it's not quite the same.

This is a relief.

Yesterday was my last day as an assistant manager at my video game store. I'm still on the payroll for summer and holiday's while I'm at school, but just as a regular associate. It feels nice.

I like what I do, and as a possible career path, having my own video game store would be awesome, but I hope to be done working for my company as soon as I finish school.

Crappy business practices and a bad reputation do not make me a proud employee. I'm mostly embarrassed.

Onto better things.

I've been playing Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness since it came out. I'm making slow progress, mostly because I've been reading, but I'm still having fun. This version really encourages you to play for many in-game years; it seems that most Harvest Moons expect about three years with a lot of things being accomplished in the first. That is not the case for this version! It's slow going but good. I just wish there were an option to control my character with the freaking d-pad! Touch screen controls only was not a good idea.

This has been making me more and more excited for Tree of Tranquility, which was very sadly pushed back again! We got the guides in at work though, so I'm hoping that means this'll be the last delay that the game gets.

Games played at PAX 2008

Fallout 3

Animal Crossing

Chrono Trigger

Star Wars: Clone Wars DS

Kirby Super Star Ultra

De Blob

What's Cooking?: Jamie Oliver

Mirror's Edge

Games Watched:

Rock Band 2

Guitar Hero World Tour

Starcraft II

Fable II

Gears of War II

Little Big Planet

Dead Space

Warhammer Online

It was beautiful.

Harvest Time

We are rolling steadily into the Holiday release window. I know many people who are preparing for a wave of games to empty their wallets. But with so many titles getting pushed back I just hope that my friends aren't going to be left disappointed and broke.

I am greatly looking forward to the new Harvest Moon games. The DS and Wii versions are set to come out on August 27th and I am pretty much just counting down the days! Tree of Tranquility looks to be Magical Melody 2, without the music notes. Every screen shot that I've seen has been very promising, and the review from the hands-on look from E3 was very encouraging. The last time I read something about it was from E3 2006, and they weren't very happy with it overall. It's good to hear that a lot has changed for the better in the last two years.

For non-farming anticipation, I'm hopeful about Fallout 3. I loved 2 and 3 is looking good, but I am a bit unsure about how violent/graphic it will be. Some of it seems a tad unnecessary, but I believe that most of the screen shots and game play footage has the player using the intensified violence perk that's available. I will not be using that.

LEGO Batman is another one that I'm excited for. My boyfriend and I had a good time with Indiana Jones, and Batman should be even better. The gameplay looks better, and longer, with more emphasis on combat, which is good. A lot of the time in Indiana Jones I was playing a girl and he couldn't hurt me, but I could kill him; he didn't like that much. This one will have me as a guy most of the time. We'll see if he plans on exacting revenge.

We've been keeping a close eye on Mirror's Edge too. The trailer that I've seen is really good, and I've seen some gameplay footage as well. I'm quite intrigued, but also a little wary. The game seems very simple, so at this point I don't quite see how they'll be able to keep it from getting repetitive. It's early, so there's still time. Plus, first looks at games are always skimpy on details.

There's a game called Time Hollow coming out for the DS same day as Harvest Moon. It will take great focus from me to put down my farming and play this game. The story is interesting and the gameplay is perfect for the DS. It's making me think of a cross between Hotel Dusk and Professor Layton, so I'm feeling pretty psyched. I think we could use more point-and-click mystery adventures for the DS!

Last but not least, is still Warhammer Online. Please, please let it be good. I and many others have been waiting patiently! Plus, I pre-ordered the collectors edition, so I'd rather not spend all the money to have it be **** Although I do get a discount because of where I work, so it wouldn't be terrible, I suppose. I don't really have anything to compare the game to, so I'm not sure how I could think it was bad. I didn't enjoy World of Warcraft, and that's what everyone is comparing it to. I'm fairly sure that I'll be happy with it. I know a lot of people that plan on playing, and the group aspect seems to be the major appeal to MMO's. I'm hopeful!

Warhammer Online.

I'm only kind of disappointed that it was pushed back.

Yeah, I was excited for it to come out last year, and then next month, and so on and so forth. But really, a game getting pushed back is to the benefit of all of us that want to fully enjoy it.

This fall is a nice, round year away from its initial release date, but it'll be great to finally get to play the game without having to first install a patch -_-

Yesterday I switched my reservation over to the Collector's Edition. Normally I wouldn't care much, but beta access, a figurine and an art book are all rather appealing. "Fall" will never come soon enough!

As for all the talk about it not being a WOW killer, well, I really couldn't care less. I'm not interested in WOW. I think it's kind of boring. I played the 10 day free trial and spent my time thinking, "People actually pay to play this?". I just wasn't having fun. Not sure what was missing; perhaps it was the fact that I had no other people to play with? Who knows. It could also be that I have no interest or attachment to the Warcraft Universe, whereas I actually care about the Warhammer Universe and the playable factions.

Ah well. Here's to a Fall release.

I'm a geek, I know.

There is something about that statement that really grates me.

Yes, there is a lot to be said for liking yourself, for being proud of who you are and being comfortable with your personality. There's more to be said about acting gloat-ful, or egotistical, or overly proud of a "status symbol".

There are many different types of geeky.

Literary, card, tabletop, miniature, video game, computer, science, music, Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, etc. I'm sure the list goes much farther than I'm aware.

But it is the proclamation of said geek-like habits that make me wish that I had less in common with the person speaking.

I like myself. I enjoy video games, Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40K tabletop. I also enjoy computers in general, and learning more about them.

Many people share in my feelings. I work for GameStop, and one of the best parts about my job is being around like-minded individuals. We can carry on lengthy conversations that truly never get old. Rehashing closed subjects is always enjoyable, and the pace with which we change subjects is invited, and not regretted.

I can go from one conversation detailing the most recent episode of Lost, to the pros and cons of the new Smash Bros. game, to how little I know about Magic: The Gathering, to my favorite class in D&D, and then right into why I'm anxious to play the Soul Storm expansion.

These conversations are enjoyable with friends, co-workers, and even total strangers that I have the privilege of meeting while at PAX.

The only thing that can ruin the comradery of the situation is when someone decides to loudly proclaim that yes, they are a geek.

Well, yes, we knew that already. Or at least, we figured that you might be.

Perhaps I'm being hypocritical, which honestly is fine with me, because I'm just letting out some thoughts here, but it's just stating the obvious. It brings about unnecessary and strange attention to the speaker. Why, in a room full of people excitedly playing Smash Bros., who all enjoy video games, would you throw your hands up and shout, "I'm a geek, I know!". Do you expect us to be surprised?

It feels as though the person is trying too hard. Perhaps they don't feel quite geeky enough, perhaps they're new to the territory and feel the need to justify their presence.

I think a lot of people have had this feeling though; that someone is moving in on their turf, trying to tell them something that they already know.

I needed to get that out.

Personal proof that the Nintendo DS is all encompassing.

I have to believe that the Nintendo DS is most likely the most popular video game system out on the market today. Don't get me wrong, the Xbox 360 is extremely popular, but the DS just has that kick that allows it to expand to all reaches of the demographic. I was riding on the ferry the other day and I strolled past a woman who was probably in her 50's, and she was playing Brain Age rather fervently. I couldn't help but smile.

I have also read a few articles about teachers introducing the DS into the schools as a learning aid. One article that, unfortunately I cannot find right now, talked about a comparison between a school room using DS's as a form of study and a school room that did not. Students who were using the DS to study had a higher average of test scores, and needed less time to complete the assignments.The teacher also mentioned that the school room using the DS's were more engaged in their study time. Well of course! They're playing a video game, it hardly feels like studying! I think this is great news. I know how much I hated school when I was in elementary. I hope this kind of trend continues.

But onto my personal proof.

My aunt was in town this last weekend visiting. She has a son about my age who really enjoys video games. I asked her if he had a DS and she replied that she didn't know what that was, and that he didn't have one. I got all excited and started explaining them to her. She was immediately extremely interested, so interested that it surprised me. To my knowledge, most of her gaming is done on the computer, playing Bejeweled or Text Twist. I know that she plays Wii Sports here and there, but for the most part she's not really big into video games.

I brought my DS over and launched into talking about My French Coach, Picross, Sudoku, Brain Age, New York Times Crosswords, Planet Puzzle League, Flash Focus, etc. etc. She was absolutely fascinated. She played Brain Age a bit and proclaimed that her husband would love it, and is now pretty sure that she's going to get him a DS and Brain Age for Christmas.

I was so happy to have shared something with her. She and I have never been very close, and it was a really great feeling to have something bridge the gap between us. We ended up talking more than I think we ever have, and when I was younger my sister and I spent a lot of time at her house. My Grandma was in the room and she started to get very interested also.She plays the occasional casual computer game too, but she seemed intrigued about Brain Age and Flash Focus. I think it would be great if my Grandma got a DS.

I am so in awe of Nintendo for creating such a wonderful piece of machinery. They are bridging gaps all over the world! Bringing families closer through the Wii and stimulating minds with the DS.

Female Gamers

There is something that happens to me in the work place. It occurs fairly often, and each time gets more and more frustrating.

I will be working, putting away games, perhaps using the register, and suddenly a customer, normally a male, will ask me, "So, do you actually play video games? Or do you just work here?"

This simple question seems harmless enough, sometimes the person is genuinely curious, maybe they're flirting, but then there's the time when the guy is just being rude. He really believes that a female wouldn't play video games.

Before I continue, I just want to say that I realize the whole "girls play video games, believe it" subject has been thoroughly discussed, and I'm pretty much just beating a dead horse, but it's hard to get away from it when it keeps pestering at me. I just want to throw in my two cents.

Perhaps I don't look like the video game playing type, while the truth is that I've been gaming since I was 6. I'm 21 now, and I realize that there are many people who have been gaming for much longer than that! I love video games, they are my favorite hobby and I have invested a lot of money into all aspects of the "sport". It's a strange feeling when you can tell that someone doesn't believe that you play video games, that they believe that you don't like them, or aren't good at them, or know nothing about them, all because you're a lady. An even more negative side of that, is that they believe the company that hired me didn't care if I knew about the product. Personally, I like to believe that a company that sells specialized items (not a mix store, such as Wal-Mart, Fred Meyer, etc.) wants to have educated and informed employees who can be of the most help to their large customer base.

If someone is honestly interested to know if I play games or not, a better line would be, "What kind of games do you play?", and I'm happy to say that I get that question pretty frequently too.It creates a more positive situation, and it also makes me more willing to talk. I enjoy talking about what games I enjoy and which ones I don't. I enjoy games that I'm not even good at! Right now I'm playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence(well, trying to), and I'm doing horribly. I'm on the easiest setting that the game offers, and it's very slow going. I haven't died yet, but I have messed up some of the missions. The game is so different from what I normally prefer to play, but in the end it's all about having fun.

It would be nice if sometime soon, the stereotypes surrounding video games and those that play them would just go away. I don't appreciate losing my credibility just because I happen to be a girl. I want my opinion in the workplace to be valid and valuable. I also want to be able to provide information on a wide range of games, so I hope I continue to play the ones that are off my normal path, even if I'm not too good at them.

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