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I'm not sure I'd call all of that harassment but I would call it unwelcome. A quick hello is one thing and I tend to give people (not just random men) the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge them. But just because someone compliments you doesn't mean you have to be grateful or pleased about it. You certainly don't have to be mean, and if you don't want to talk to them or take things further that's fine. Just keep moving and no big deal. But to think that someone must appreciate a stranger's comments just because they're "nice" just doesn't work for me. The whole thing would make me uncomfortable, that's really the best word I can think of. It doesn't matter if someone is saying something nice or rude. If it makes me uncomfortable I'd rather not hear it.

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I've been on vacation twice this year, both times to Orlando. Not exactly exotic but it's what I like.

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I can't understand a freaking word he says. He loses points with me for that alone.

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Children are undesirable. The movie Frozen was awful. Something about the idea of affirmative action doesn't sit right with me. Having to 'cover your plate' at a wedding is beyond ridiculous. Not a big fan of having "In God We Trust" on money, government buildings, schools, etc.

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Short beards are a good thing. Lumberjack beards are not. Goatees are the worst.

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The last movie I watched was Duck Tales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. I was feeling nostalgic, not sure what to rate it.

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I don't see so many commercials nowadays thanks to Dish but in general I can't stand commercials that try to make you feel emotional about things that don't need emotional attachment, or ones that make things sexual when they aren't supposed to be.

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@LostProphetFLCL: Oh darn it, I knew it! The first one was... interesting..? I don't know. Now I have to find the second scene somehow!

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I was afraid it was going to be a bad movie, so I was very pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be really good. I cannot wait to see it again. We stayed for the scene after the initial credits but we didn't stay longer than that so I'm hoping we didn't miss anything.

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Are we still in 1950?  Good grief.