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@LostProphetFLCL: Oh darn it, I knew it! The first one was... interesting..? I don't know. Now I have to find the second scene somehow!

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I was afraid it was going to be a bad movie, so I was very pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be really good. I cannot wait to see it again. We stayed for the scene after the initial credits but we didn't stay longer than that so I'm hoping we didn't miss anything.

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Are we still in 1950?  Good grief. 

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Maybe he doesn't feel like he's experienced any real negative side effects (though he actually has) to all the junk he pulled the first time around, so why stop?  His wife stayed with him them, she's apparently with him now, and he still has political aspirations that won't die.  Seems like a lost cause.

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I'd like to be either really knowledgable in one other language or else be able to learn other languages easily. 

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[QUOTE="binpink"]Whatever floats your boat. No one else should mind because you're not hurting anyone. Have you watched "Love Actually"? mattbbpl

I actually liked that one.

Is this one of the few I need to put on my radar?

I think so.  It's has funny moments, sad moments, a bit of nudity even.

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Whatever floats your boat.  No one else should mind because you're not hurting anyone.  Have you watched "Love Actually"? 

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But what's the question? thriteenthmonke

...Is this a trick question??  >_>  Yea. 

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Life, the universe, and everything. thriteenthmonke

42!  Yay I'm enlightened.

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Flavored, but I buy in bulk.....................


That's cool.

You'll never reach enlightenment like this. thriteenthmonke

What should we be enlightened about?