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My gaming rig (Almost finished!!!)

Hey guys, you may know i have been ranting on about how i would love my own gaming pc and all that, but I finally have one but all im needing to do now is to fit the hard drive and cd drive, and get my graphics card but im kinnda sticking to css and the likes of the source engine for now so the one i have now is fine, it belongs to Vod_Crack who nicely lent it to me which is kool, so yeah here are the specs:

  • Jeantech Luna Case with 220 mm side blue LED fan
  • Asus p5k premium wifi/AP motherboard
  • Intel q6600 with stock cooling, not overclocked
  • Nvidia Geforce 7600 gs 512 mb, Saving up for a Radeon 4870
  • Samsung Spinpoint F1 750 GB hard drive
  • Sony Optiarc cd/dvd drive
  • Jeantech modular 700Watt psu
  • Gonna get a sound card too,Creative Soundblaster XF-I Extreme Gamer
I'll put up a photo soon for you guys

Some ****** hacked my account

Some of you may have noticed a slightly wierd (and funny) blog has been put up of me being apparently gay and running down the street naked... that wasnt me that put up the blog as someone hacked my account, i dont know who but when i find out they''re getting a slap :D, if you believed i was actually gay then you are probably the most gullable person on the planet right now.

What is your favourite online video series?

Hey just wondering what your favourites for online videos are, like Pure Pwnage, Arby N' the Chief etc.

Just post a comment saying what your favourites are. My fave = Pure Pwnage:D

I am also wanting to start making videos again after my camera living a long period of neglect, some ideas would be really great.

Thanks a bunch!

Check out!

If you havent heard of it then check it out now! previous Gamespot editors Jeff Gerstmann, Brad Shoemaker and Ryan Davis are the creators of this site. The site has only been launched and is rather slow, but give it a chance lol :)

Machinima movies

Hey guys (and girls),

I've been browsing youtube for a while now and i am becoming increasingly interested in machinima movies. THEY LOOK SOO KOOL! I wish to make one (a proper one) other than Bing and Vod's Adventure (lol). I might make one on COD4 or Halo 3. But we'll see... (btw, ideas would be helpful) thanks :D

New PC (Update)

I have done a little more research into my new pc and Apparently the 9800 GX2 heats up like a microwave. I also looked at some more more motherboards and I think I should get the Asus P5N - D 750i chipset motherboard, or the P5N - T Deluxe. but the problem with the P5N - T is that it costs more. I might go sli with 2X 8800gt cards. If I do, I will have to get both cards from a different website if I want to buy them for less. The prices are cool but then I look at the VAT and thats a big problem. The website im using is The prices might go down over time though, but this is my current dream pc for the moment; I'm hoping to get this machine maybe at the end of summer or November. Or if i can wait just that little bit longer, I might get it for christmas. The whole thing I'm worried about really is if that my new machine will be pretty future proof and I wont need to upgrade for a while. And in my last blog I said that I was getting a Q4400, wrong, I meant i was going to get a Q6600 processor. Anyway, keep pwning and keep it 1337.

Later n00bs,


New PC

Hey Guys (and girls),

I'm hoping to get my own customized PC but cash is kinnda tight so i might have to save up until the end of summer or even Christmas! But I rekon it'll be worth it. Im going for:

Intel Q4400, GeForce 9800 gx2, Asus p5k Motherboaard, OCZ Reaper (2GB) ram, 1000W PSU, and an antec gamer case with max cooling.

Army of Two

Hey guys,

I watched some previews and gameplay videos of Army of Two and also watched Brad play some of it during On The Spot. I was just wondering about what you all think of the game and if your thinking of making a purchase when it comes out?

Kyle Patterson, A.K.A BINGBASHBOSH