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Completed Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master

I had tomake a blog about this because it's a great achievement and the one that I'm most proud of. ^_^ It look me roughly 3 weeks of playing but I completed Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master difficulty. Arguably this game is one of the hardest games of this generation and not many people can complete the game, let alone beat Master Mode. (little ego boost there)

The 100pts recieved from this achievement also push my gamerscore over 30k. So YAY! to that too. :) :D :)

And, my birthday just past the other week.:D

First portfolio website concept.

In my previous blog, I talked about getting started on building my website. I have finished up my first photoshop concept of what it will look like when it's all coded and goes online.

The white boxes are place holders for now, nothing is in them but the idea is that clicking the small image on the left will cause a larger versions to appear on the right side. Also, everyone gets to learn my full name from the header. :P


Finished Model

So I finally finished my first ever character model. I got top marks for it and it was used in my colleges promotional video for advertising of the 3D Programs. :)

They are HD render images, so I'm gonna post a direct link instead of embeding them.

Full Scene

Eye Close Up because I love it. :P

Also, I hope photobucket doesn't kill my size and quality to bad, imageshack wouldn't take them. :( Enjoy!

Character Model Update

I just finished rendering out a test shot of my character. I have rough textureing, lightning and his pose. The scene is in progress but is suppose to be him coming out of an alley way if you aren't sure. :P

Haven't been around much lately. :P

So things are really busy for me at the moment, mainly cuz of working. I deliver packages for the local post office. It's good work, the posties are a good group of guys, they are always saying crazy **** in the mornings. This one guy called Moon, I've know him since I was a kid, he keeps offering me a $2 to do his job for him. O-o This other guy smoked to much pot when he was a kid and hes kinda out there, he is suppose to be on vacation this last week but he keeps coming into work and they have to keep telling him to leave. :lol:

The other day, I had a package for a person named C. Dyke :lol: (no lie) Also, today, I dropped a beer machine on my foot and I accidently shut the van door on my leg. :lol: I'm trying to make it so that I can get hired as a mailman by next year sometime cuz they make $25/hour and with that money, I can get my own place and have Steph move in with me, that would own. ^__^ My mom's boss there knows me and sees me working all the time, so hopefully he can be my recommendation, cuz you need one.

I'm also going to the movies on the 18th to see the new Batman movie which will own, check that out if you can.


Bill's getting old.

So tomorrow July 1st is my birthday and I'm getting so old now, I feel like I've been alive for way to long now, been 23 years.......damn, that's to long, I should retire soon then pick out my plot in the graveyard.

I don't have any plans for that day cuz I'm very lazy and am not gonna wanna do anything after work. My cell phone provider has told me I get free incoming calls that day. :roll:

July 1st is also Canada day, I show my patriotism just be being born on that day. XD

Dedicated to all the girls on my friends list

Attention ladies, this Video is for you. ;) :o

Other stuff.

Finished my class exam, don't know my final mark and I'm to lazy to go and find out. Working right now at the local post office for this week and hopefully it carries on throughout the summer. :)

The new art that was promised

yeah so you can ignore that last rant blog, that was a 7am morning news blog. :P

The blog before it said I would be showing some more drawing that had been colored in PS. I only got one done cuz I'm still waiting for a scan of another one but I have 2 drawings, one was colored. :P

Bat thing Just a small creature.

Colored version.

Cyborg sketch I'm probably not going to color this one, I think it would ruin the look.

I hate the U.S Government

So on the Canadain news they said that very soon they will be "updating" the laws concerning music/movie downloading in Canada. The old system or system now is that in Canada, you can download music and other things for your own personal use, like listening to them on your comp or I-pod of w/e and it is not illegal as long as you don't try and profit off the downloads. (like burning 10 CDs and selling them on the street) The U.S. governent is putting pressure on the Canadian Government to change it's copyright laws and of course, they caved cuz they are French. So they are gonna change it so that it's probably gonna something similar to the U.S system. Talking about a $500-$20,000 dollar fines and crap like that now.

This is exactly what happened with our marijuana laws, we change them so it was legalized and the U.S was complaing and crying to us before the bill was even passed. lot of countries say that they hate U.S and how they always interfere, they should try living next to them. >.>

Series U.S government, this is why half the world hates you, because you are constantly sticking your fat ugly nose into other countries business and trying to change them to fit your way of life. Guess what, other countries are allowed to have laws that you don't agree with, U.S gov. always talks about all there freedoms but the second someone shows any sign of using those freedoms, they step in and put a law around w/e someone is doing.

It's not U.S fault entirly, it's ours to and those stupid French leaders our idiot people keep electing have no backbone to stand up to the U.S and tell them to shut up and get lost. >.> I wish we had Trudeau, he was one of the few Priministers that had the balls to tell the U.S to **** off when they *****ed at us for our laws. U.S government needs to worry about it's own laws and leave the rest of the world alone to do there own thing, come try to change the world once you've finish your up and coming recession period. >.>

P.S. - Please take note that I always said U.S Government. This is not an attack on it's people, I have lots of U.S friends and my gf is american. got no problem with the people, the people are's the people running your country that suck.

Canada rules! :)