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its been long since i

posted a bulletin, so i decided to post one :)

and talk about random things....

um. idek. but im bout to get a psp

pretty awesome if you ask me


Another drawing

Heres another drawing! :)

this one is not that great. i cleaned it up but im waiting for my friend to scan it

Telll me what you think

Check out theorem!

so... me and my friend decided we should make shirts :)

we have a couple of drawing and so far we love them

we havent made any shirts yet cuz we are decideing on which ones to make

we have a myspace with some of our drawings

check it out!

add us! comment ur favorite pic...

anything we would be super happy if yu did :)

if yu want a shirt msg us and wen we make it we will send it to yu...

we arent sure how much they will cost yett

Check it out

please! ;)

video me and my friend made when we got bored

please rate and comment on youtube :)

its pretty funny


i just added some more pictures that i just got done making

for me and my friends youtube account.

check them out. :)

tell me what you think

project final product

i printed out my box project.

and it is way! too big lol

this sucks :/

i hate this project.

and its due today.

so ill just turn it in like it is and hope for the best