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DMC (Develop More Carefully)

My venomous hatred for Ninja Theory is only increasing. Let's be honest, they are a terrible developer. Gameplay in Heavenly Sword and Enslaved was abysmal, and so far they have shown no respect to the DMC franchise or its fans, and give the impression they have no idea what they are doing. For example, the constant contradictions by development staff over where this actually fits. One interview quotes it as a sequel, another as a prequel, then another calls it a reboot.

As for Dante….when the backlash over any aspect is so great, they must respond in a positive way, not arrogantly disregard legitimate concerns. Sucker Punch had a similar situation with Coles redesign in inFamous 2, and managed to reach a compromise that suited everybody. Instead, Dante has been selfishly modeled on their very own Taneem Antoniades.Screw what the fans want. But ultimately, they will determine its success. So comments like "we are confident a few sheepish people will sing a different tune" is hardly appeasing the millions of angry Devil May Cry Fans.

The finished product may be great…but from the gameplay shown so far.... it looks very generic and uninspired.

Gearbox Answer My Prayers

Duke Lives! And is coming out in 2011! Cannot wait!

From the PEX interviews with Randy Pitchford, its clear that he's more excited about this than anyone. That utter fanboy love felt so re-assuring, and the news that hardcore 3D Realms staff (the ones that kept DNF going even after they were layed off) are there to finally see this thing through. Its not changed hands so much as finally having enough manpower to reach the finish line. The small company mentality is whats taken 3D Realms so damn long and eventually cost them dearly. For years, only a handful of developers were actually working on the title.

After being pronounced dead last year, I still cant believe this is actually happening! I'm not under any illusions either. Not expecting the greatest game of all time, just want it to feel like Duke Nukem 3D, and thats abundantly clear from the gameplay videos.

People are questioning if videogames still have a place for Duke Nukem. I have absolutely no doubt on the subject: The chance to play a shooter that doesent take itself too seriously is irresistible. It may end up a disappointment, but it could change the shooter landscape. It absence has led to a decade of (mostly) po-faced, serious FPS games. Kotaku mentioned this game was the most Tweeted about thing this weekend, showing the reaction is bigger than anyone could have expected. And lets be honest, more than it deserves after taking 13 years!

Ultimate Nostalgia Collection

Re-living my childhood with the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection!

Developers Backbone have done a great conversion in my opinion. Presentation is top notch, the games museum is a fine example. And the hidden Master System games just sweetens the deal. The ratings and save systems are very tidy, quicksave makes some of the crushingly difficult titles bearable. The old cheat codes and passwords even work, which makes some trophies a breeze.

From playing this, Comix Zone is crying out for an Earthworm Jim HD syle re-make!

Pure nostalgia, reminded me of a few others I used to love as a kid. Would have great to have seen Krustys Fun House, Robocop Vs Terminator and Boogerman on here. Oh well...

It's Naughty Time!

28 Platinum cups in Naughty Bear!

Can't believe how much this game has been slated. It's really quite decent.

Destined to be a cult hit!

RDR: Red Read Remaining

3 Red Dead Redemption trophies: Gonna finish this!

* Dodge this (Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any Advanced Co-Op Mission)

* You rule! (Complete all Advanced Co-Op missions)

* The mother lode (Gold medal all Advanced Co-Op missions)