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PS2 is Dead

After three cleanings its finally gone. It was a naturall death I had it for several years so what can I say.

back online

Man finally after a month of waiting my broadband is up and running!! (*U*) so now its time for me to take my MGS 3 Subsistence to the next level then worry how im going to get 45 dollars to pay off my KH 2 reservation in 24 when I had the res since last year man Im a procrastinator!!!!!

Conker and Samus: What A Day

Man yesterday was something else. I had my first opportunity to play conker: live and reloaded; that game gave me a headache at first, but I guess that was because of the bright graphics and my room was completely dark. Oh well the game is good I thought it would be mediocre, but it turned out to diffrent. The multiplayer does need a patch so badly! when it gets that it can be a 9 out of 10 or shall I say it a 10 out of 10.

I also got to the last part of metroid prime: echos yesterday. That boss battle was EASY then when I got to Dark Samus 3 I was thinking I had to holder off till a certain time, but at the 3 min mark I found out I could hit her so I died in the explosion:evil: