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The Darjeeling Limited - Film Review

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The Darjeeling Limited

Directed by: Wes Anderson.

After a tragic accident, three brothers embark on a train ride through India together in hope of reconstructing the bonds they once shared.

Wes Anderson has crafted his most complex and mature work to date. While slightly awkward to view the intimacy of Schwartzman's character early on, the accompanying short film Hotel Chevalier reflects the dark and painful subtext of its companion piece. We know that The Darjeeling Limited is indeed as much about relationships as well as a journey. The hilarity of the film though is heavily derived from Wilson who carries the film with his strong comedic presence and his timely delivery of many deadpan lines. Yet Anderson approaches the last third of his picture with a more serious and darker tone. He explores the culture of India with respect and authenticity, believing that spirituality can have a definite and lasting impact on the most flawed of individuals.