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S.T.A.L.K.E.R: A Loser's Marathon! *Updated!!*

Join me as I count down the final hours of playing STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: A Loser's Marathon has been brought to you by Gamespot, Windows Vista, PS2STONY, and Westcliff Juice!

If you would like to sponser me on my quest to finish the game then let me know here on my blog!

*Cue Chariots of Fire Music*

The game is going okay at the moment. I am up to a part where I have to turn off an Antenna or something. I have been told that this is nearing the end. Is this correct? I have focused primarily on the main campaign as opposed to that of the side quests.

A review of the game will be posted after I have completed the race! Who is excited about reading it? Raise your hand!!

UPDATE: Extra, extra, read all about it! Loser Beats STALKER! Goes mad in the process of the never ending portals!!

Wow! What a hecktic week it has been! We raised so much money from the STALKER fun run that it will all be donated to the construction of the new childrens hospital!

The Marathon presented a wonderful carnival like atmosphere and there were many great items to purchase from the array of stalls organised by the STALKER players. Stalker T-Shirts, mugs, spy-glasses and mini Vodka bottles were up for sale, while photos with Strelok also proved popular and should make the perfect gift for someone this year.

To those who donated: You've done yourselves proud!!

My Iron Man Film Review


Directed By: Jon Favreau

Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau, centres on a businessman Tony Stark, an irresponsible playboy, who creates weapons for the US Army. When he is captured by terrorists in Afghanistan he is tortured and told to develop a powerful missile. Instead he realises the misuse of the weapons and develops an armoured suit to escape.

While this may appear to be just another comic book adaption, Iron Man is lifted above it's source material thanks to the likable and charismatic performance of Robert Downey Jr. His arrogance, wit and precise timing of some clever lines adds both humour and a rare freshness to the superhero franchise. The action scenes are also equally watchable due to the razzle dazzle special effects and snappy editing. There is indeed a more serious subtext to the film about power, responsibility and militarism, but it never overshadows what is essential a very fun film.

Mfsa: A Tribute

As you may or may not know one of the personalities of the PC Forum has been banned from the Gamespot forum: Mfsa.

He was a man of his opinions and was strong willed in all his arguments. If you would like to say goodbye for one last time to Msfa please leave a (polite) message here.

In recognition of his efforts on the PC Games Forum here is a collection of photos from his favourite games:

Lest we forget.

Biggest Loser - 7 Silly Things You Should Know!

Here are some facts that you may not know about Biggest_Loser:

1. I elected myself recently as the Chancellor the PC Games Forum.

2. I am currently looking for my first GF: A real one, not one off the Internet, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Auditions are this weekend.

3. I am going to Sydney University, rated as the best University in the world. Even regarded as superior to Yale.

4. I was suspended for five days on Gamespot recently for calling someone Chuck.

5. I have never owned a console or handheld device in all my years of gaming.

6. I am worried about the Max Payne Movie.

7. I would like a new best friend. Audition, this weekend again...

If there is anything else you would like to know about me, the world in general, your life, where your cat sooty went to, etc, feel free to ask me!! xx

- BL (Chancellor For The PC Games Forum).

Biggest Loser: "A Moderator We Can Believe In"

Growing up as a slum kid on the streets of Gamespot I have seen many things and learnt the cruel ways of life.

It is time that I repaid my debt to society.

As the Chancellor for the PC Games Forum I would like to nominate myself in becoming a Moderator. I do not have the best record but regardless, like Malone from the Untouchables I know where the score is - where the hoodlums hide, and I vow to clean up this platform.

So who would like to see me - Biggest Loser, Chancellor For PC Games - become a moderator? Raise your hand! I would welcome any advice on how to acquire this role!

Orakk, Myself, Ps2stony and Nutcrackr

Petition - Close The System Wars Forum. Sign Here

Sign here if you would like to see the System Wars Forum closed - not just the threads, the entire board for good.

We should be celebrating gaming on Gamespot as a whole and in unity, rather than allowing for the opportunity to create division and conflicting in this wonderful medium.

Raise your hand if you've found Happiness!

If you would like to celebrate life and happiness with me then raise your hand!! :D

Now that my life is gradually getting better I am trying to promote happiness on Gamespot. There is too much gloom around here!

We need to liten up this joint! Life is worth living! Anyone on the forums who has found true love can go home early!

So c'mon: get happy and join the "Raise a Happy Hand Foundation!" I did and my life is great!! :D

First Day of College: Photos!

Well today was my first day of College (More commonly known as University).

It went pretty well and I only managed to freak one person out. The workload may be daunting but I can assure you that I will still find plenty of time for the forums here on Gamespot and most importantly gaming.

Here are some photos from the big day. Please leave a comment!

They told me: "Loser, you're special. You were born to do great things". You know what? They were right?

My family photo of Orakk, Nutcrackr and Ps2Stony.

At the Train Station: Leaving the Gamespot building for College.

Exterior of the College

My Arrival at College.

A New Friend.

An old Foe: The College Sweater.

The Loser, the College, his Life and his Sweater

Your ol' Pal Loser is going to Sydney University soon. I am a bit scared and skeptical about how it will turn out.

Will I really have to invest in a College Sweater?

They say this University is in the top five throughout the whole galaxy.

I would like people to list for me (in a humourous fashion) the do's and don'ts of starting University.

Get creative!