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Luigi's Mansion review

I am sorry about the Luigi's Mansion review... my sister stole the computer. I am so sorry if this makes me look like an idiot. Do not send me hate mail, please. Can anybody send me advice about deleting reviews?

PS3 or X360

I am going to get a PS3 or an Xbox to go on my yacht, but I don't know which to choose. The PS3 looks like it has better graphics and it's hi-def, but almost every one of my friends has an xbox live account, and there are better games like Halo, Gears of War, and Bastion. Please post a comment to help me with my choice. ;)

Wii U

The new Wii U console has finally been announced. I've been itching and scratching, waiting for the new console. It's finally here, and now I'm frankly confused. Is this a motion-style touch screen deal? Whatever it is, i'm not sure it will work well. The only thing that i'm anticipating from the Wii U are the games.