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.....I am back

Its been at least three months before i posted my last blog. I have been busy. I got hit by what people call 'Gaming Addiction'. The game is DOTA all stars, a map of warcraft 3, and i have been playing it nonstop day and night. I am thinkig of joining a DOTA league and forming my own team. I am totally hooked to this game and i have't touched my xbox for four months now. The game is superb and far more addicting that WOW(for me atleast). So i have been off from GS for this reason and live for this game. So, I gotta go now play more the game.... remember pratice akes pro gamers!

Off live for some days.....

I am having some Internet problems and i have to go off live for some days. The internet connection in this country is very slow and have constant problems and i might not be able to play properly till i get back to the USA. So thanks to the people who added me!

Time to finish the fight!(or start it)

I just finished halo 2 and played the multiplayer part(which was excellent). Now i am ready to move to the current batch of games and get up to date with the 360 really fast. I got gears and bioshock for my new elite 360 and after i finish the gears SP i will get halo 3 and "finish the fight" as they say. After i get halo "the third" i will get a new gamercard (my subcription just ended) and post my card here so i can pwn some n00bs here on GS. Time to really start this gen. Gamertag incoming......

Wow.....Halo 2 rocks!

Seriously, this game is amazing its the most fun i have had since i played CS the first time . I rank the game up there with Sonic adventure 1 and Super Mario 64 based on online fun factor. Man i really missed so many gems by not purchasing the Xbox(i was a PS fanboy last gen......yes its true). I am eating my words, as i once claimed, if you would believe me, Killzone was 10X better than halo 2(during release). Being a fanboy was lame, we should enjoy most consoles and not limit ourselves to one console. Live is excellent and i am glad i chose the 360 over the PS3. I don't know why people say its overrated and i also enjoyed the story(except its ending). Now just to get the 3rd one and "finish the fight" and oficially start my 360 gaming(i have been playing xbox games for the past few moths, to see what i missed last gen).

Now i see what all the "halo" hype was about. Though sony screwed up this gen, i will still get the console later after they release God Of War 3(maybe 09 christmas), as i said people should not limit themselves to one console.

GS is going downhill.....

Today, they took down SW wars bets union and the bets thread, as they tought it was some form of illegal gambling, when its just making fun bets with games and no damage comes from this thread. The "betting" is just harmless sig changing or sometimes leaving the site for a day or two....the most extreme is posting a picture if you lose a bet(like a owned pic with the guy holding a banner). Its not like we were betting money of items. But after a year GS suddenly has problems with it and closes down the union without a single warning and this single action caused great posters like Kcbp and tsung(who have been with the site for a long time) to leave. We have been making bets for a year and suddenly its wrong. Damn this kind of action makes me mad. Some of the mods are power trippin. Though i won't leave the site(i still like it) and won't stop posting, GS definately has gone down since Greg left and with Jeff's firring and alex and frank leaving, this site is left its glory days. Its now becomig corporate and emotionless like ign:P. Even if this thread gets modded i will have the message across. So i hope GS doesn't go that way anymore and the mods chill a little or GS will ruin its great community.
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