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For my Vacation my famil and I drove to Indiana. The first day we headed out we stoped in Utah at a KOA in a cabin. That was the worst place I have ever stayed!!! The beds might has well been totally made of wood. The air conditioning was well...there was none. Now before I go on you may say Utah? why didn't he go farther, well that my friends is b/c we didn't want to be rushed on vacation and we wanted to see the sights. So the next day we drove to colorado and stayed at a bed n breakfast, it was pretty kool and ALOT more comfortable it was kind of weird waking up and having another family cook breakfast for you. but it was GREAT! The next day we stoped in Nebraska, we stayed at a hotel there over night. The next day we drove to my grandma's in Iowa, we picked her up and stoped somewhere I do not remeber where. The next day we went to my great aunts house and spent a few days there. Then we headed to Holiday world. It was awesome there, it is a theme park with rides and things based on holidays. It may not sound fun but it has one of the best rides I hvae EVER been on. And I have been on a lot of rides. Then we went back to my grandma's house and spent almost a week there. It was fun I got to hang out with some of my cousins, I went to a really kool fair. Then we headed home. That was basically what we did I loved it b/c I got to see alot of family.

Gamer's Blog

Alot of people have these already so I want one too. So in this blog just write about whatever you want!

The Ultimate Personality Test

Alright when you read this you might say this sounds familiar so if you have seen the movie 16 Blocks and know the answer only because someone told you, WAIT UNTIL I SAY IT IS OK TO ANSWER! But other wise answr the question the way you really would handle it!

Ok you are driving away trying to escape a brutal tornado when you come to a street corner, at the corner sit a very old and very sick lady that needs to go to a hospital right away, your best friend in the whole world, and the love of your life. Your car has only two seats in it what do u do.  ..... Now Please Answer the question and that tells me what type of person you are! (there is no wrong answer!)

Rambo Movies

I do not know about you guys but i think Rambo movies are AWESOME!!! I think that one of the reasons I like them sooo much is that they seem so realistic, and i don not mean that the fact that he is like invincible i mean like how they depict how a battle would be with one man against an army! They are simply amazing, I can not say i have a favorite Rambo movie but I got soooo excited when I heard that they were making a new Rambo movie, but man was I ticked when i heard that Stallone got busted for using these illegal drugs that make you buff (not steroids)!


A blog all about me!!!

Information about me, BigDaddy9

OK here is some kool info you may or may not already know and if youy already know do not come whining to me about it!

  • I have many favorite movie but here are some that i can think of off the top of my head... Man On Fire, Starsky And Hutch, Walking Tall, and Jonson Family Vacation, just to name a few.
  • I like alot of different music i currently do not have a favorite song right now but my fav. types of music is Rock and Rap!
  • I have many fav. Video games also like Halo 1 and 2, Def Jam: Fight for NY, Half life 2, and Prince of Persia even though i get stuck on things that turn out to be really simple!!!
  • I like many different types of foods even from different countries but i am not crazy about vegetables! :?          

Alright that is all I can think of so yeah!!!

FEAR and God of War 1 or 2 and Sparta

Ok I am interseted in 3 games right now (not including Gears of War) ok one game is called FEAR it is basicly a horor video game it looks pretty good so i am just interested. Also God of War 1 or 2 looks good so if you know anything about the game tell me please. And lastly Sparta it looks really kool so same think ... spill the beans!


Gears Of War???

Ok i need some help... i am not sure if i should buy gears of war because i have played it twice. The first time i i hated it, it was just to hard with all the cover taking moves but... i was a beginner then and i played it when chris came over to my house and i was kinda getting into it. The more i look at/hear about that game i want it more and more. So i dont know it has been a while since i played so maybe i will like it more... I DO NOT KNOW SO PLEASE HELP ME!!! 


Halo 2

I think Halo 2 is way better than Halo 1 because of the many upgrades like dual wield!