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I hate growing up.

It's been a while since I've been on, I ain't had time to do nothing really. Kind of upsets me a little bit. I'm missing your blogs, which I love reading. Ain't been able to write any reviews, which I've enjoyed the ones I've did so far. regardless if they are good or not. Really I ain't even been playing games for about 2 months now, if not a little bit longer. That is simply killing me.

But I'm going to try and change that in about 2 weeks. I'm going to start playing them again. Only if I could find more time to get on here, that'd be really nice. I ain't in no way going to leave though that's for sure. Myself though I've been doing good. But nothing exciting has happened, I figured being 21 wouldn't be this bad. Maybe it's just me, but I hate getting older as time goes on.

I don't really know much to say, I'm sure many people ain't going to read this anyway lol. So I guess i'm out for now.

Over a year to realize it's greatness.

It's been awhile since I did my last blog, and through all the stuff I do. I thought I need to make a blog, now seems like a better time to do it than any other.

My blog title has to do with Dragon Age: Origins. I had bought this game when it had first came out, which I believe was in November of 09 if I'm correct. When I first played I rushed through the character creation, I was excited about getting it started. I choose the human story, played for around 7 or so hours and put it down. I just didn't feel like playing it, then a few months later i thought I'd give it another try. I started all over chose the Noble Dwarf story played around the same length of time. I put it down again, I mean the game looks good, and I'm hearing wonderful things about it, I just don't see it. Then about maybe two weeks ago, I picked it up yet another time, and promised myself I'd finish it once again. I yet again started all over, just to have a fresh start. I this time choose the Elf, I can't remember which once though, because I think there is two different kinds.

I finally beat it this time though, and simply put found this game to be amazing. I loved how if gives you choices at certain points. And just being able to have a lot of conversations with people. The biggest thing I didn't like about the game at first was the combat in it. It really bothered me, but at the same time grew on me fast. And I felt emotional at some points, and even got mad at myself for one decision towards the end. I'll defiantly play through it a few more times later on though. So in the end it took me over the span of time to realize how great this game is.

I thought I was losing my interest for RPG's for awhile, but this and ME2 really showed me I ain't. So I was planning on getting DA2 and was really excited for it, until I played the demo. Idk I think it was where I came fresh off the first one. I'll get it later on, but for now I decide to go with two different games. Eternal Sonata and Nier, I've played Eternal Sonata before on the 360. But that was back in 07, and I want to relieve this greatness of a game. As for Nier well I've heard the graphics ain't the great. I don't care about that, and I've heard some things about the combat, that doesn't bother me either. But I've got word from one of my buddy's on here that's it's really great. I trust him in his opinions on RPG's because that's what he mainly plays.

As for the 360 I ain't bought nothing for it lately, I've been to hooked on Halo Reach. This is the only online for that doesn't getting boring after about a week of playing it. If you want to add me my GT is Crazysnake513, and on PS3 it's Cantkillme513.

Video Games Live

I'd like to start off and tell all my fiends here that I'm sorry, I think it's been a week since I've been posting on peoples blogs. Over this last week I ain't been feeling good at all, and I've now started to feel better and so I'll start reading your blogs again real soon.

While I've been in bed taking a break and feeling horrible I came across this channel that had a show on called Video Games Live. Just from the name it got me interested as it most likely would anyone else who frequently gets on this site. At first thought of the name I thought it's be people playing games live or something similar to MLG gaming. I was wrong and actually got surprised at what it actually is. It's an orchestra, who plays themes of games, I've never listen to orchestras before, but I did this time.

Metal gear Solid

Kingdom Hearts & Final Fantasy

These are just some of what they do, I heard some Zelda, Mario, God of War, Castlevania and a lot more. This is also the site if you want to check it out, they have a full list of all the games that they pick as well. I thought this was cool and I wouldn't mind seeing this live either. Once again I'm sorry for missing your blogs, and I'll get to them soon.

Top 10 Games of the Year 5-1



Bad Company 2 is actually a game that surprised me at first, when I look back at the first one it was ok but nothing special for me. Bad Company 2 fixes all the things I didn't like and overall just seems like a lot more fun, from the singleplayer and defiantly in the multiplayer. Although the sp is shorter than I had hoped for the mp makes up for it with how much time I've spent playing it. Any fan of a FPS that likes team work this is the game for you, and with the newly released Vietnam DLC it only gets better.



Heavy Rain has so much that can be said about it, and if one wanted to they could probably go on for about an hour describing everything about it. In short this is one of my favorite story's I've ever heard in a game, and in this instance this is one of the reasons I feel like most movies aren't good anymore. I got so attached to the characters and really started to like most of them a lot, and seeing how everything happens and turns out can be emotional.



There is no denying Halo Reach was hyped by a lot of people, and it really sold a good amount. What can be said about it has already been said though, it in almost every way is like every other Halo game, but after all these years it is still a ton of fun. One of the things that make this game so good for me is how much it has to do on one disk, forge, sp, mp, and Firefight. As well as being able to do everything in co-op which has really made this and the series so good and fun for me.



How many western games are out there? Not many and the ones I have played are ok but they just miss something and that holds them back from being a fun game. This is Rockstar Games second attempt at a western game, and they really got it this time. An open world game that imo can actually for once rival the GTA series, it's got a huge map with a lot of things to do and see if you take the time to look around. Most importantly the story is a good length and has an incredible characters. This is defiantly one of those games that come out of nowhere and surprise a lot of people, and should be tried by anyone who likes these games.



And the GotY for me is Mass Effect 2, and it deserves it in every way imo. This is the first RPG that's really took me by surprise in a long time. Yes the first one was great but it had a lot of things I didn't like in it, but all of that is gone in ME2. The combat is more fun, everything from space to every world just looks a lot better. I like how you have to recruit members on your team and gain there loyalty. It's also great to see in the end how everything turns out for you, sadly not all of my team came back alive and that made me feel bad. And another things if your a PS3 owner you finally get to try it out pretty soon, and if you like RPG's don't pass it up.


That's it for this year's list I hope you all enjoyed reading and I think you for reading it. Sorry I put it so late but today has been a long day. So Happy New Year! Have fun tonight and be safe.

Top 10 Games of the Year 10-6

This list is my top 10 games I enjoyed this year, any game that I didn't play or finish want be on it. This list is just my opinion, so don't take it to serious.



The CoD series has been getting bigger with every game, and Black Ops is really no different at all. It's got an explosive single player, with a somewhat fast paced fun online mode. As well as a zombie mode that can be very addicting, when it comes down to it, if you like this game you'll spend a ton of hours on it before you know it.



Mafia 2 is just a blast to play through, a nice cover system with a story that didn't disappoint one bit. Great characters that before the game was over I started to like. Biggest thing holding this game back is it's suppose to an open world game right? Not really, once your done with it you have to pick on of the chapters to keep playing, then even after that there isn't much to be seen or do. That being said the game does go out in true Mafia fashion which is great, even if I didn't like it that way.



To be honest I was excited for Alan Wake mainly because it's made by Remedy Entertainment, they made Max Payne and that's an incredible series. I was also worried about it because I didn't really like the way the gameplay looked. In the end Remedy gave me an incredible story that had me thinking about what was coming next, and gameplay that was fun as well. Although it does seem repetitive towards the end, and the thing that really surprised me was the atmosphere. The atmosphere is simply great and reminds me of something I would see in Silent Hill, although the game isn't scary it pull that off really well.



I've been a fan of Splinter Cell basically since the beginning, and the series as a whole has been a blast. Some of the best stealth you can find imo, but Conviction takes it in a new direction. Even though stealth is steal there, action takes a huge step up. Bad thing or bad thing? For me it was actually a good thing, I didn't mind stealth tuned down. The story was also a step up being the best story in the series for me.



God of War from start to finish is simply explosive, nothing but action tearing people apart and treating them like baby toys. This is what makes this game and the series so great, GoW3 simply is a must play game for anyone with a ps3 imo, if you haven't played it you need to. My only problem with it is I was having a blast then it's over, a very short ride that left me craving the gods blood even more.


Also I'm sorry guys for not having the list complete yet, I never do this but I'm still trying to sort out the other 5 and put them were I think they deserve, especially number 1 & 2. I will have it by tomorrow though for you all to see, also thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there, and once again I invite every single one of you to come over for dinner tomorrow :P. I hope everyone has a very nice weekend, and if your traveling be safe.

PS2 is dead :(

Well the other day I was thinking about how I miss playing a lot of RPG games, I mean there isn't much this gen that are good imo. There has been some but not much, so I decided to pull out my PS2 and FFX and go through it once again for about the 7th time. Hook everything up and o no it want power on, ok I have few other power cords so I'd tried them no luck. Maybe a different power outlet? Nope no luck there either, it's ok though I bought this thing around launch and have spent so many hours playing it. Playing until the morning with friends and it's lasted me this long. I'm actually surprised thought I always thought I'd start having disk read problems sometime but never did. I guess I'll get a slim sometime soon I see them everywhere for cheap all the time.

This year is almost up I've played my heart out this year buying and borrowing games trying to play the best of the best. And there was so many good times, but as of now I'm looking into next year. Over the last few days so many big or huge sequels have been announced. As of now next year I'm just amazed Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Gears of War 3, and Mass Effect 3 (Which PS3 fans will get to enjoy as well).

That's not naming all the other things that we will get, might get, or haven't been announced yet. All those games I just said though are the 3rd one in the series lol. Are you all excited for next year? Also Christmas is coming up I know you younger ones get excited for that, anything your asking for?

I plunged in and came out with a Wii

That's right I did the unthinkable, no I couldn't have. I know I have said a lot of things about the Wii I dislike, but at the same time, I've been thinking about this for about a year. Over the last year I've been thinking would this offer me enough to justify getting it. After buying it on Saturday, and having the who week off, well lets just say I've put a lot of time into it. Before I start I bought the red one

Wii in rot Pictures, Images and Photos

Mine only came with Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. I also a long with it got SMG, and Zelda TP to hole me off awhile. One thing I really like about it is the WiFi it seems like it's really good, I know PS3/360 has it to. But 360 you have to pay for it so for get about it, the PS3 I had problems getting it hooked up then it was so slow for me. I ain't had no problem with this yet, the browser imo is better than the PS3, and I haven't had the browser LOCK UP ON ME lol. So far I've really enjoyed it and regret that I didn't purchase it sooner.

In other news I've been playing a lot of Black Ops on PS3, is it good? Better than MW2? I personally think it's great, beat the sp and really enjoyed it. Seems like the first CoD to even try and put a story in the game, zombies I've played a little of it. But I've never been a big fan of that mode, when it comes down to it everybody love the mp. I think I'm level 46 or around there somewhere, I like this CoD better than any other end of story.

Also heard Sony was going to announce an exclusive soon, one we don't know about. What could it be? Resistance 3- would mind that. Uncharted 3- also wouldn't mind that, since I loved the second one. Something about Metal Gear Solid- God I defiantly hope so, I'm not talking about Rising either. Sly 4- this would be great news for a lot of people, but I'd rather see something else. If not MGS then I'd really like to see some new IP it'd really be great if it'd be an RPG of some type.

That's about all, how have you all been? Hope everyone is doing fine, seems like I don't hear from a lot of people anymore. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone ;)

Did you see that?

It wasn't a bird, defiantly not a plane, but in reality I have no clue because I didn't see a thing. I looked at my last blog and noticed it wasn't really a blog. And since then it's be basically a month since I've addressed me good friends on the site. Games wise it's been awhile since I've update you all on it, ones I've been since then are.

Borderlands Pictures, Images and Photos Borderlands- Very fun game, highly addictive, best played with a friend or more to get the most fun out of it. Got to admit at first I didn't like it, but what makes it so fun. 2 things for me, my two favorite genres mixed together FPS and RPG. The FPS part is a lot of fun, tons of guns and everything. The RPG elements is great, it's a lot of fun to level up, it's got huge environments to explore. And the story as it isn't the best I really enjoyed it til the very end.

mafia Pictures, Images and Photos

Mafia II- This is defiantly the type of game I love, I mean it's why GTA is my favorite series. Played the first game found it interesting, so I knew I had to play it, thankfully my brother bought it. The game has good graphics not the best, but then again things didn't look great back then. I love the story though, except the last part felt it shouldn't of ended that way, but it went out in real Mafia fashion which is great. The only problem I have with this game is the open world part, it does it great except for one point, there;s nothing to do when the rides over with :(.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Pictures, Images and Photos

PoP: The Forgotten Sands- Was very excited for this game, as I loved the games that was on PS2. And by the looks of it I thought this one looked better than the last one. In short IMO it was better than the last one. I love running and jumping on wall, and just making it over obstacles. Nice story, good and easy to get used to controls, and overall very fun, easy platinum trophy as well. Only flaws with the game are short even on hard, and also not much of a challenge on hard. With this I do recommend it to fans of the series though, you should enjoy it.

Only other two games are Halo: Reach, just like the others I have enjoyed very much. and I also got the Platinum trophy in Uncharted 2 as well. But enough about me, what about you the people, how have you been? I hope your taking care of yourselves :) until next time I'll try and make it sooner though.