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It's been way too long!

Hello people who remember who I am :) Its been a very long time since I've posted a blog or kept in touch with some of you, I know I have some of you guys added or PSN or XBL, but still I haven't been posting on GS like I used to. So I wanna tell you all what I've been up to. I was in the musical at our school, we did Beauty and the Beast this year (Playing the role of Lumiere, the womenz loved my french accent ;)) I was also the lead in our school play "The Nerd" I played the title character, like I really needed to act for that part :lol: Since my last blog I've played quite a few games, the ones that are really worth mentioning are Dead Space 2, AC Brotherhood, MvC3, LBP2, and Crysis 2. I'm thinking I'll do a review on Crysis 2 and Dead Space sometime soon, god knows its been a very long time since I've posted one of those. Well thats all I really wanted to tell all of you, I'll try my best and post more often, schools just about over and that means I'll be spending my summer having no life as normal :P so that means lots and lots of GS time lol. See you all later :D

Back from a little break........

Well, not really a break; more like school is life consuming and I just dont get enough GS time like I would like to :P Yeah Ive been really busting ass to do good in school this year since I finally got an idea of what I wanna do in life and what college I wanna go to, the only problem; I have a 1.9 GPA :( My freshmen year I screwed up bad cause I didnt care about school at all and I didnt have an idea of what I wanted to do when I was older. But now that I got an idea Im definitely trying my hardest! :) I wanna go to a Columbia College to persue a career in Theatre or Filmmaking (Since I love both) I might have to go to community college to get my GPA up but it will be well worth it to fulfill my dreams :D So some good things have been happening since Ive been gone. I finally got a girlfriend after years of being single :) Her names Sara and Im very happy with her, we love the same music and can basically talk to her about anything. :) So wish her and I a happy relationship :)A few Mondays ago I got a new laptop and its friggen amazing :D Its a Samsung intel i5 with NVIDIA GRAPHICS! So that means some hardcore pc gaming 8) lol not really its only a Geforce 310m but I can run TF2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2 on it so its all good :) Well thats pretty much all thats been going on, Ill try and comment on all of your blogs and post in the forums more if I can find the time; but once all this schoolwork clears up that might not happen for a month or so :( Well I'll see you all later!

My Search is Finally Over!

For the past 8 months, Ive been searching, Ive been searching for a game made in 1998 for the Playstation, a game that many consider to be the best JRPGs ever made. Can you guess what it is............?










YES! I was browsing through my local game store, I was just looking through the Playstation section seeing what games they had, and I found it, I couldnt believe my eyes, I almost wanted to yell in excitement out loud in the store, but I dont think the manager would like that very much :P. This literally makes up for the months upon months of searching, and I cant wait to pop this in and see what all the fuss is about :) Well thats all I wanted to say, thanks for reading :D

Short little film review- A Serious Man

I just got done watching this for the second time, the first time I watched it I had some mixed reviews, I found it to be a bit boring and kinda confusing at times. I watched it a second time today and totally have a different opinion. For those that dont know A Serious Man is written by the Coen brothers, and is pretty much a modern day version of the story of Job from the bible. Its about a Jewish man named Larry Gopnik who has led an ordinary life, hes a physics professor at a college, he has a son and a daughter, the typical suburban man pretty much. Acting was really good, the story was interesting, and its pretty funny as well. My only complaints about the film is the beginning, which seems really unnecessary and random, even the Coen brothers themselves said they didnt know why it was included in the film. But anyways, I really enjoyed it, but its one of those films thats not for everyone, but I still say check it out, its a definitely worth the watch

A Serious Man- 9/10

I am Back!!!!!

So Im finished with my several week vacation from Gamespot! :D I hope you all didnt miss me to much ;) Im ready to do some posting! Well Ive got some things to say, first off is Bioshock. I just beat Bioshock yesterday and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere, the amazing story, and the moral choices made it a great playthrough. I had some nitpicks with the combat but its one of those games that doesnt have to have great gameplay to be a great game (If that makes since, I feel the same way about Silent Hill and Fatal Frame) So yeah overall I give it a 9.0/10, could have been higher if the combat was better. Another thing thats been going on is our school musical, "Beauty and the Beast" Ive spent pretty much all week practicing my auditions (Its 1 monologue, a song from the musical, and a dance number) Its been pretty tough but I think Im prepared. Tryouts are still one week away so I still have plenty of time to polish it up a little bit, its my dance number thats starting to throw me off, but other than that I think Im good :) What else, Ah yeah, Mafia II, I should be getting it in the mail tomorrow, and Ill be damned if I dont! Considering thats my only free day this week :P I had some pretty good hype for this game, I played the first one and thought it was pretty good, and after seeing Gamespots 8.5 I should be fairly pleased. Once I heard it was story driven I already knew I would like it :D Well I think thats it for this blog.

20 days 6 hours 5 minutes and 46 seconds until Reach comes out. You can say Im pretty excited!! :D

Games Im retrying

Some of you may know that two of my lowest rated games are two of the most critically acclaimed games this gen, Fallout 3 and Bioshock. I played both of these games last year and despised them, I didnt like Fallout 3 because of the slow nature of the game, and I dont exactly know what I didnt like about Bioshock :P But I bought both of these games yesterday, and so far, Im loving both of them! My reason for trying these games out again was the fact that when I had played Fallout 3, I wasnt familiar with any other RPGs such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Mass Effect, so you could kinda say Fallout 3 was my first RPG (Besides Final Fantasy VII and X, but I played those when I was younger) So when I played it, I wasnt really aware that it would start out that slow and that it would take time getting through, I thought it was just another FPS game. So I put about 2 hours into the game when I decided to return it. Fast forward a year later, I played through Oblivion and loved it, shortly after I played Mass Effect, and again, I absolutely loved it. And people started to tell me, "Well if you liked those two games you should like Fallout 3 especially since the same people made Oblivion." So I decided, well maybe I should play Fallout 3 again, and see if my opinion changed, and it has, greatly! I bought it last night and already put 7 hours into it! Sorry if none of that made sense Im tired and Im kinda in a rush (I wanna get off the computer so I can play Fallout! :D....:P) Now I have absolutely no idea why I didnt like Bioshock, so dont ask, I havent tried it yet (Again to busy with Fallout) But Ill definitely give it a try and see if I like it. Thanks for reading! Im still on my forum posting break but Ill be back soon, I hope you dont miss me to much :P

A phase that every Gamespotter goes through......

Ive seen this happen to several Gamespot users in my year of being here, and its happened to me. Im really starting to get bored of posting, reading and commenting on blogs, and making blogs of my own. Idk Ill browse through the forums for maybe 20 minutes and only post about 3 times, and as much as I love reading all your blogs, I just havent really felt like commenting on them. So Ill be taking a break from GS indefinitely, I dont know when Ill be back to posting and blogging, but Ill let you guys know. No, this isnt goodbye, I just think I need to take a break from this place for a little bit, and hopefully Ill be back to my normal self. Ill still be on the forums and post when I feel like it, and Ill still be on GS for gaming news, reviews etc. But I wont be posting like I used to. Thanks for understanding, I promise Ill be back soon :)

*Edit* I just realized I was listening to "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance as I was writing this blog, what a coincidence :lol:

Halo 3 and Half Life 2 Reviews are up!!

So my reviews of Half Life 2 and Halo 3 are finally submitted. Both of these games rank among one of the most engaging games Ive ever played, and I dont believe anyone should miss out on them. So you guys should definitely read my reviews, and give them a thumbs up damnit!! :x

The Person that Spoiled Red Dead Redemption

Can go to hell, I was browsing in the forums and I came across a thread that completely gave away the ending to Red Dead Redemption in the thread subject as well as Heavy Rain (Which I already beat so there was no suprise there) Yeah what sucks is is that I just got Red Dead Redemption in the mail today and played for about 3 hours then took a break, log into GS and this is what I see?? I hope he gets banned. If your wondering what the thread was called it was this [spoiler] John Martson dies and Scott Shelby is the Origami Killer [/spoiler] So yeah Im really pissed. Oh well I like it so far so Im sure Ill still enjoy it, I hope Alan Wake doesnt get spoiled for me, I would be really pissed then!

Nice Little Update Blog

Hello Gamespotters :) I noticed that "Update Blogs" Are really popular so I decided to make one :P. So where do I begin....


So right now Im doing my annual playthrough of the entire Metal Gear series, what better way to celebrate our countries independance by playing a game series that features a badass patriot that was made in Japan? Absolutely nothing!! 8) As most of you know Im a major Metal Gear fanboy, I love the series, its innovative gameplay and brilliant story make it so enjoyable to play, and I get foward to July every year so I can enjoy it every year. It seems that everytime I play the games I notice something that Ive never noticed before in either the plot or the game itself, especially in Metal Gear Solid 4, which is the reason I love playing it over and over again, cause its so fresh everytime!

We Salute you Snake!

Im also in the middle of playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and Im very impressed by how good it is. Its a western themed FPS thats very very underrated. I was browsing through Wal Mart when I found it for $20 bucks and just thought "Eh, it might entertain me for a week" And while I wasnt exactly wrong (It does take about a week to play) It has very high production values and it has a pretty interesting story.

Im also playing Mass Effect and Im loving it. Probably the best RPG on the Xbox, and Im pretty sure all of you are familiar with it, as a Sci-Fi nerd this is definitely my type of game. The story is really good the voice acting is very top notch and the combat is very fun and easy to get into. The only problem was at first I played it alot like a TPS game, I tried playing it like Gears of War or Uncharted, and I learned the hard way that your supposed to take your time and analyze everything, oh well, practice makes perfect right? :P Also as a not so big fan of RPGs Im suprised I liked it so much, I might actually have to try out Fallout 3 again......

Hopefully Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake come in from Gamefly soon, Ive heard so many great things about both and really cant wait to play, damn you gamefly for taking so long, they havent even shipped them yet :cry:


So Ive been really getting into the band Bring Me the Horizon lately, which is very funny because when I first listened to them I couldnt stand them. The vocals I just couldnt get into, and now Im listening to them at least once a day :D Along with them Ive also been listening to My Chemical Romance alot, which for the record Ive always liked, but its just now that Ive been listening to them at least alot also, and The Beatles, Idk why but Ive been really enjoying The Beatles lately, maybe its due to those brownies I ate......err nevermind!

We All live in a Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine, A Yello Submarine :D

So yeah Im a huge rock fan if anybody hasnt figured that out already.........


My Top Ten Favorite Bands

10. Iron Maiden

9. Megadeth

8. Green Day

7. The Beatles

6. Motley Crue

5. The Who

4. AC/DC

3. Black Sabbath

2. Led Zeppelin

1. Pink Floyd

Ohhh dont even get me started on Pink Floyd


So I have about 1 month and 2 weeks till Summer Break is over, Blahhhhh! Oh well, Ive had fun while it lasted, it just goes by incredibly fast, but then again so does school when you look at it in the long run, Im already gonna be a Sophmore man, thats crazy, because it seems like only yesterday I was a 7th grader getting ready for Junior High, its scary stuff man. Overall everythings been the same routine everday, Monday-Friday Wake up, go to work, get home, play video games, Post on GS go to sleep and repeat. The weekends are practically the same thing except no work and I get out with friends a little more. So, I know Im procrastinating greatly with this but I can assure you by the end of this month you will see my Half Life 2, Halo 3 (Yeah Im not doing Gears review anymore) and God of War III reviews, I promise :D See you all on the forums!