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The SupaBoy.

Man, I just saw the new SupaBoy SNES handheld player. Google it, it's awesome. 80 bucks sounds totally worth it to me.

How ironic.

So, I was playing pick-up basketball at the rec center in my city, and sprained my ankle pretty well last week. It swelled up and hurt to put any weight on it. After getting over my injury and wearing an ankle brace while going to practice and doing physical activity, I decided to go play some black-top ball. Well, I played 2 games no problem and was able to dunk again off my foot, which made an almost full recovery. But, then 3 stoners who reeked of weed played 3 on 3 against us. After a couple plays here and there, I pull-up for a jumper and this douche runs full speed at me and basically gives me no room to land, thus me landing on his foot and rolling the opposite ankle. Time to get another brace.

I love Sagat, but god does he get annoying...

My second favorite character (after Akuma), but he has the most awesomely annoying AI. How can you spam Tigers the whole entire round? Not to mention after i jump over one, he magically pulls a Tiger Uppercut from his ass, mid move. This is mostly in SF II Turbo, but he's notorious for it in others as well. Suffice to say, I suck using him without spamming myself, which makes me a hypocrite hahaha. Here's how most rounds go when i fight him-- ROUND 1- TIGER, TIGER, TIGER, TIGER-UPPERCUT, TIGER-UPPERCUT -YOU LOSE ROUND TWO- TIGER-UPPERCUT, TIGER, TIGER LOW, TIGER LOW, TIGER, TIGER KNEE -YOU LOSE