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GTA IV is numero uno here. It's not realistic, but the cars feel like they have weight to them.


Sleeping Dogs. The feel like they move proper enough, and the feel of speed is off the charts.

Boats, Planes, Helicopters:

Just Cause 2. Without a doubt the reigning king in this department. So many options to choose from.

In terms of "racing events", Sleeping Dogs wins by a landslide. I actually enjoy racing in this game opposed to the racing events in GTA IV and Just Cause 2. It doesn't feel like a chore in Sleeping Dogs, because the routes they choose and the feel of speed makes it a well rounded experience.

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Resurrecting troubled development and making sure the product you release with your name on it is pretty damn refined should be celebrated. It's not a one time deal. SE has a history of this.

Also, the PC development of this game was also strengthened when Square Enix picked up the rights. That's no secret.

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Motorcycles > Cars > Boats

How I rank 'em in enjoyment and function.

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Just Cause 2, Deus EX: Human Revolution, and Sleeping Dogs. All excellently optimized for the PC. One of the few instances where the PC versions easily tower over their console counterparts.

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How the hell could Rockstar let so much potential go to waste? The single player is fantastic. One of the better action games of the year. The multiplayer, at first glance, has so much potential. It could match the single player if it wasn't for so many bugs and terrible weapon imbalances. The connection drop out rate everytime I play the game is at least 10 to 1. 10 connection drop outs to 1 connection.


When you finally connect to a game you are usually met with a team that is losing due to the other team being well stacked with high ranked players. Let's get to my biggest complaint. DUAL WIELDING weapons are vastly overpowered. I have seldom seen such a terrible exploit (beyond spawn camping). Everyone and their mother uses dual wielding weapons because they amp up the hit detection. A guy with dual wielding pistols from 300 yards away can kill a man carrying an M14/AK47 with all attachments with no problems. Both have each other in crosshairs and fire at the same time. 90 percent of the time the dual wielding player will kill you before you can even get half way through a clip. IT MAKES NO SENSE. It defies any sort of logic regardless of how far removed from reality the game is.



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Note: You can't just simply select a harder difficulty for that specific chapter and checkpoint from the "Chapter" list. That won't work. You must start a New Game with the difficulty you want the achievement for. Quit. Reboot. Go to "Chapter" list, and choose the chapter/checkpoint with any difficulty you want.

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I know this works for Steam. This is for the Difficulty level achievements. It's very simple. Here you go:

1) Beat the entire game on Medium. Easy enough. This is to ensure you have all chapters and checkpoints available.

2) Start a New Game with any of the harder difficulty levels.

2) Play through the first level. Get through the first few checkpoints of the second.

3) Quit game entirely. Quit out to your desktop.

4) Reboot game.

5) Choose the last chapter and the last checkpoint of that chapter. You can even do this on the Easy difficulty level. Blow up the plane. Done. You'll get the achievement.

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I'd sign up, but as the poster mentioned above, it won't happen. Besides, I can deal with consolitis matchmaking when the multiplayer is this fun. It also has a considerable amount of people playing at all times. It's not without its grating issues, though. Matchmaking (in general), disconnected after waiting for server connection, host drop out (fffuuuu...), etc. Surprised Rockstar didn't expect this to be popular enough on multiplayer for ded servers.