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Too Long

Hey everyone how has every been and doing? I know I never get on anymore hardly but wow didn't think it would be this long. Well i'm sort of back, been super busy. But man I got ALOT to tell you guys. So If you remember my last post was me moving to Rawlins and with a bunch of my Co-Workers and such well. I moved out of that house back in August due to conflicts between them and me. So I had to move back To hanna. Why? Well There were no available place in rawlins so I had to stick with my Parents for a little bit but now im in my own place again! When I get some more Bookshelves and such I post all of my games cuz WOW I got way more!

So seriously how has everyone been? I've been thinking of doing a Blog for awhile now. But Just never did actually sit down and do one. Um lets see on non gaming news I did finally get to meet Slipknot! I went down to Arkansas to go pick up a old bud of mine (Jon Jon) and me and his LOVELY girlfriend went to Oaklaholma and went to Rockstar Mayhem Festival! I got to see Whitechapel, Asking Alexandria (which blows ass live), Betraying The Martys, As I Lay Dying, Slayer, Anthrax and a few others (BTW Motorhead I feel asleep to haha) Anyways heres me with Chris, Corey and Clown (on the corner there) and I'm also wearing a Mushroomhead shirt which got alot of love when they posted this on Facebook!


Anyways just want to say thanks guys for keep reading my stuff. Hope to hear from ya soon!

Where Is My Mind?

Hey everyone it's big_dude2010 here, so as you can see I have internet here and been just incredibly busy. I want to say thanks for being still here and reading my posts. I really do apperciate it! Anyways I haven't been playing games but if I do of course I'm all over Twisted Metal and been trying to beat it (it's not hard just Whenever I have time) anyways It's a Ton a fun! If You did not pick it up yet! DO SO! It's so worth it (well if you like intense violence, blood, gore, vehicles exploding!) I love it it's may be my favorite but we'll see. I hope they come out with some DLC and maybe they'll allow Kratos to appear in the Tournament!

So How's living outside of Hanna? Well pretty much the same but it is nice to have faster internet, being able to go to stores and get a soda or even a movie or two (but I usually rent them anyways). I am moving here soon again but it's still in Rawlins just this house or should I say my Housemates are getting on my nerves because they think they own this place which haha they don't. But anyways, So me and my friend/ex-coworker Colton are finding places around here. Which is nuts because he is the complete oppisite like he's a Cowboy and likes country music but he does play some games but only like Baulders Gate and a select few. But I think it's because he's alot of fun and reminds me of hanging with Pink and CLB (or Curtis Bundy). Anyways I'll try to do a better job of updating this a lil bit better! TTYL! Peace Gamerz

Moving Out!

Hello everyone, yep as the title reads I am moving out here soon out of this H### hole xP. It's just time to get on with my life and get out of my Parents house. I am moving over to Rawlins which is 45 minutes and also closer to where I work. I am living with my co workers which are Sean, Courtney, and Colton who strangely enough are all different :P. They are alot of fun and do enjoy playing Games! :D so who knows maybe i'll get to beat some haha. Anyways I didn't just want to talk about moving I also wanted to talk about a game that is going to be released Next Month... any Clue?

Twisted Metal

Well if you guessed Twisted Metal, DING DING DING YOU GOT IT!

As most of you know I am a Avid fan of the Twisted Metal Franchise and so whenever I see a new title release or even the old games for that matter I am always the one to look up tons of info on it. This one particularly looks very, VERY good. Chainsaws? Guns? Somehow Hot Masked Babes? Death and Destruction? Yep all in one game. The previews every time they release some new gameplay footage blows my mind into pieces or in the words of Egoraptor "I'm Going To Blow Your **** Mind With This ****" Anyways it looks to be promising and I am a avid fan of soundtracks in games so i'm hoping this one will contain some awesome Heavy tracks. Preferbly over to the Slipknot and possibly Skrillex side? Guess we'll have to see and also if you preorder the game you get a Voucher to download Twisted Metal: Black! AWESOME RIGHT!? I am very excited for that as well. Hopefully they'll put on the rest of the Twisted Metals on the PlayStation Store since only (so far) there's just Twisted Metal 2.

Well that's all I have for now, I don't know if i'll be on for awhile but once I get internet at my place I'll let you guys know!

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Oh also plz become a Servbot on Capcom-Unity for Mega Man Legends 3! We need more Numbers In There!


Thanks For Reading

Wow it's been too long!!!!

Hello everyone on Gamespot! I hope everyone still remembers me! I am so sorry that I haven't been on much and updating you all on what I have been up to! Well let's see...

I got a Wii! Yes a Nintendo Wii! It's black and it came with Mario kart so heck yes! Been playing it a little bit here and there and got some good games to. Including Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess (yes I did own it on the Gamecube but it's even more Bad A$$ on the Wii! I also got Super smash Bros Brawl when I bought it mostly because well I loved those games and heard this one was the best one so I picked up at Walmart. Um man I have been collecting alot of games lately I have picked up a few new ones for my PS3 as well. Including Dead Island (with the stradegy guide), Driver San Francsico, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (which sort of sucks in my opinion so far), Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition (I know SHOCKING), Borderlands, Splatterhouse, Final Fantasy XIII (with the guide), Homefront, Unreal Tournament 3, Valkryia Chronciles, Heavy Rain, God Of War Collection (the HD bundle of the two first games that were orginally on the PS2), God Of War 3, and that's it! I would take pics of them but my shelfs need to be organzied a lil bit better :P.

In music news, I have gotten a TON of CD's and it's still counting! Currently I've been listening to alot of Skrillex lately so I guess that's a good thing because he is really good for a Techno/DJ artist. Can't stop listening to his stuff and cannot believe he worked with one of my favorite bands KORN! On their new Album! :D that's so B A. Anyways bought some more Metal tunes to Heck Yes!

Um in the Anime/Movie department I have boughten pretty recently was an Anime called Burst Angel, and i'm on the last disc! Its so far really really good! It's basically these tag team of girls that go out and collect Bounties on people heads (so to speak). Anyways it's very funny and makes me go O_O because it's so damn awesome!

Well that's all I have for now! Please comment below! I may even try to start doing some Vlogs in the near future because I have Also purchased a New Camcorder and it's very good! So give me tips on that as well! Thanks Guys!

Got A Car, Got A PS3! So Much STUFF!

hello everyone sorry I haven't been posting much still been working like a dog :P. Anyways for those who read my blogs up til now KNOW that I have been trying to get myself a Vehicle. Well...

I Got One!


I know pretty sweet right? Well let me start of the year and model. It's a 1995 Ford Explorer XLT and the price they wanted was $2,900.00 I know alot right? Well I took my Dad and Mom with me to see if we could get a deal. We drove it around and my dad was making comments about it saying little things like oh the steering is a little loose (which it wasn't xD ) and when they asked us how much we would offer we said $2,600.00 they agreed! YAY! I am so happy now I can finally drive my own vehicle and not have to worry about my parent's vehicle being used no more!

So from the title you noticed I put the words Got A PS3 together. Well It's finally happened I GOT ONE!

I love it, it's like the best thing electronically I have bought-en besides my iPod of course :P. Anyways Here's the game Titles I have bougt-en for it

Grand Theft Auto 4:The Complete Collection

Duke Nukem Forever


Bioshock 2


Demons Souls

God Of War Collection

God Of War 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Brutal Legend

Also I have bought-en a crap load of CD's Ill post them up later xD

Peace Gamers!

(Random Gifs)


You Only Live Once, SO GO FLIPPING NUTS!

Hello everyone on Gamespot, It's big_dude2010 here again. So for the past 3 weeks or so I've been pretty busy. So let me tell you about it, all right from my last blog you know that I've been talking about going down to the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival with my bud. Jon Jon, We went down and such and I got to see Straight Line Stitch and Suicide Silence and not only did I see them perform I met every single member from the bands! (cept for SLS, didn't meet the Bassiest :P )Anyways here's the Autographs below



Now I bet your thinking I took lots of pics, well… Sadly I didn't due to the fact that I didn't know if they allowed Digital Cameras there. However I did try taking a few pics on my Phone and there ok Here they are


Here's Straight Line Stitch :D


Here's Suicide Silence m/

The concert was amazing. So going next year!!

Anyways Video game Related news as most of you that probably read the News Feed on Game sites. Mega Man Legends 3 was Canned :/. Which pisses me off mostly because of the supposed reason. SUPPOSEDLY Cashcom said the "fanbase" did not put in much ideas into the project… BS! They are just to Chicken **** to try and release this game because they're afraid it won't do so well. I bet between the fanbase and people sick of playing FPS games all the time the game would do great! Whatever CASHCOM! I'm done with your pathetic Company!!!!

100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3!!!!!


go check out this Facebook Page, they are trying to get 100,000 likes to see if it will show CASHCOM what Real Fans are made of!


(here's us after the Concert, Jon Jon on the left :P )

Well that's all I have for now, thank you again for reading my blog. Peace GamerZ!!!

Mega Man Legends 2, SS's New Album, and Mayhem!

Hello everyone it's big_dude2010 here again. I just wanted to tell you guys that I finally got back Mega Man Legends 2! I bought it on Ebay in such good condition, it was worth (get this) 60 bucks! Now You may be thinking O_O OMG! why so much! Well the game was pretty rare to find not as rare as the Misadventures of Tronn Bonne (your talking 100 bucks, and that's the cheapest!) Anyways here's some pics I took of it on my Camera.

Mega Man Legends 2






Yep totally worth it to me if you ask me anyways LOLZ

I am a Music junkie so OBVIOUSLY i have to tell you guys about the Newest Album I have right now which is Suicide Silence's "The Black Crown" Now for those of you that don't pre-order stuff then that sucks because if you did you got it possibly today or even earlier. The album is just pure epic to me, then again I been dying to hear some new SS music :P


Here's the CD


Now here's the T-shirt I also ordered with it Epic

A Signed Poster 8)


A passport thing? still cool!

Yep I know sweet as hell right? Well that ain't all. I'm going to!!!!



My friend and I (jon jon) are going the 17th of this month! We hope to meet Suicide Silence and such and for me (Straight Line Stitch) so I can meet Alexis Brown :3. She is so fine, anyways I'll try to take as much pics as I can. That's it for now Gamers Peace!



beavis and butthead

My Collection!

Hello everyone if you remember from like about two or maybe a year ago I did a blog about how much games I have well here's some updated pics! N also I recently got me a new bookshelf :P.


Here's my CD collection which for most of you don't know what it was before, well let's just say it was about like two or three cd's?


Here's my Movies/Music DVD's/Anime I would double stack it but can't :P. I had only about like 10 a year or two ago?


Here's my PS collection (PS2 PX1) Awesome is it not?


Here's my Gamecube Collection :D


Here's like my Stradegy Guides and books magazines ETC.


Here's the pic that i'm referinng to look at how much it grew O_O

Crazy is it not? if you read my last blog I was still laid off well currently I am but I did work again for about 2 weeks but now it's something truly dumb. I don't to repeat what I posted on facebook but basically it was something so minor and dumb and it's about Safety and OSHA -____- UGH. *headache* anyways but I do go back to work next tuesday so that's good!

In Video Game News I did buy some games from GameStop and well let's say that ONE GAME WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST A BUNCH OF FREAKING LIARS AND TAKE SCRATHED UP GAMES!!!!!!!! The Games I buy were

Jak and Daxter: The Percursor Legacy

Jak II

Ratchet and Clank (won't work >:( )

Ratchet and Clank: Going Comando

War of the Monsters

Also I did just bought games today on ebay but won't get them til Friday so *sigh* I'll post them on a later blog.

so yea not much with me and I'll try to read all of your guys posts here in a little bit.


Peace GamerZ!

You Take The Good, You Take The Bad and you get????

Hello everyone on GameSpot, hope everyone is doing well. Well good news! My comp is Back! :D So flipping happy right now you have no Idea, yeah it's been three months since I haven't had it back but oh well It's repaired. Yep both drives were toast from what my Teacher told me P: So I lost programs but remember the Data drive of it crashed? Well I guess before it rightfully did, she got to work for a lil bit just enough time to get all the stuff off of it :D So I DIDN'T LOSE ALL OF MY MUSIC, PICTURES, VIDEOS, DOCUMENTS ETC.! :D, But I ain't going to use this like I was. Downloading all the time, it was getting bad. Also it's been a Year since I graduated high school!

I'm still layed off but I don't think they will call me back anytime soon, so Tuesday I'm going a Job Fair and IDK y but i'm sort of nervous mostly because I don't know what's it like. Hopefully I can get a start there, if not then I'm heading to cheyenne and going to college so I can become something and not sit inside and play on Computer or Games. I do love it, but I would like to experience more things in life. So yeah that's my plan, we'll see.

Yes I did buy alot more music about 13 CD's and probably 2 albums on iTunes XD I know i'm bad. I did buy some movies to but too lazy to go and count them xD. so here's the Cd's I Bought if you care to know.

Sixx A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt 3/5

Seether - Karma and Effect 4/5

Mudvayne - By the People, For the People 4.5/5

Mudvayne - Lost and Found 5/5

All That Remains - Overcome 3/5 (haven't really listened to it yet :P )

All That Remains - The Fall Of Ideals 3/5 (Haven't listened to it yet :P )

Otep - Atavist 5/5

Otep - The Acension 5/5

Times Of Grace - The Hymn Of A Broken Man 4/5

Puddle Of Mudd - Famous 5/5

Seether - Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray 5/5

Pantera - The Best Of Pantera 5/5

(these are actual CD's)

Here's the Two Albums I bought on iTunes

Damageplan - New Found Power 4/5

The Black Dots Of Death - Ever Since We Were Childeren 2/5

I didn't buy any new games and the reason being, I can't find any around here worth buying. I'll look more on ebay but probably won't get anything for awhile due to the fact I aint working and I want to save the rest of my money :P. I did however bought the Stradegy Guide for Resident Evil 4 for PS2. Pretty cool, it even came with the poster so yeah not bad. Well That's all for now, Oh for those that don't know about my New AMV I've had before my Comp crashed it's right here.

Dry Ice - Elfen Lied

Go check it out! I'm going to release some new vids soon so make sure you subscribe! PeacE GamerZ!!!

bought some new cd's and currently laid off :/

Hello everyone, it's big_dude2010 again. Well I thought I should let you guys know that I got me some new music! The albums I've gotten are Below but if you can't read them, below (under the pic) they are


Gorillaz's - Plastic Beach - Deluxe Edition 5/5

SIXX: AM - The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack 3/5

Straight Line Stich - The Fight For Our Lives 5/5

Hollywood Undead - American Tradegy 2/5

Evanescence - Fallen 5/5

DevilDriver - The Fury Of Our Makers Hand - Deluxe Edition 5/5

LEVEL - Level 5/5

(yes that is my rating of all the albums xD)

I know most of you are thinking well what about any games? Well I actually bought Tatsonoko Vs. Capcom on the Wii xD. The main reason is because it has Mega Man Volnutt from Mega Man Legends series xD haha. I suck at that game so bad it's not even funny but like I told Curtis_Bundy practice makes Perfect! That is really it, I have a few more CD's coming in then that'll be it for awhile.

Well from the title you guessed that I must have gotten laid off for awhile right? Well I did. The reason is legit to, basically where I work at we work inside Oil tanks and convert them from Asphalt to Gasoline. To do this we have to have Permits since it's in a Confined Space and with these permits you got to do what they require. Well we do but the problem is I guess they couldn't get enough time between to get the permit for another tank before we finished one tank up. So they had to Lay Off a few employees so they wouldn't have a bunch of guys doing nothing. Which I understand, the funny thing is to is the day I was told they would call me again I was in a good mood? Weird right? I wasn't mad angry sad depressed I was like eh, whatever as long as I still have a job. I'm cool taking a few weeks off xP. So looks like I can play some games again xD. But man, if you guys could come down or up and see these tanks. You would DIE! They are so flipping HUGE! The first time I went inside one I felt like I was at a arena O_O. Haha well anyways I'll wrap this up. Ill try to comment on your guy's blogs K. PeacE GamerZ