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8 months... that's long

been plaaying dozens of games thanks for my secret weoapon i'd like to call backing-up games (don't judge me,please). anyway, i entered the mass effect universe and i liked it. it was a nice experience. in mass effect , i did something i terribly regret right now which is letting ashley die on the 1st one. the reason i regret it that my friend told me she will be more effective character in ME3. tell me if he's wrong.

also, iplayed dragon age II but to be frank i liked the origin more than it. shadows of the damned was a nice short game. oh yes, did i mention i got 360? i guess not. also got arkham city, AC:R and uncharted 3 and platiniumed them. infamous 2 was a disappointment to me. RIP infamous. and last but not least, played catherine and it was a very very nice puzzle game.

Long Story Short...

played eternal sonata and find it to be a good rpg game but too repititive. after that bought and played GTA:LCS and liked it too but im leaving the GTA series from now on because nothing new is coming over. also getting into 2011, i bought Dead Space 2 and this is one of the best sequels i've seen in gaming industry. then, took a little break from gaming and returned with Dynasty Warriors 7. there is an improvement from 6 but still somthing missing.

and in my wife's birthday, i bought her a wish she always had (wii) :) . and started playing some wii games. last but not least bought L.A. Noire and loved it and replayed Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. it has been 5 minutes since i beatboth of im not so sure what i am going to play. (;

its wonderful when you achieve those platinium, doesnt it?

of course, under one condition: enjoying it not forcing it. in my opinion if you want to enjoy a plat, u have to divide it on your time so that u dont get frustrated. many of u my friends noticed my conquest of plats lately. i've got6 so far in about 4 months. the last one was Resident Evil 5. i sure took my time with it. i also beaten two downloadable games on ps3: Lara Croft & GoL and Dead Space:Extaction. well, LC was good if u r playing multi but boring if u r playing solo. thats why i didnt give it good rating. and thats only me. on the other hand, DS:E was great as usual. now playing eternal sonata and stopped playing LBP. the reason i bought LBP is to play it with my wife. but my wife didnt like it so im stopping. she says its a kid's game with no action :) . im trying to plat demons souls (this will take a while) . anyways for eternal sonata im 6 hours intop the game and the game is a gem until now ill tell u about it when i beat it. for now that all folks.

c ya guys.

PLATINUM #5 (Dead Space) and some updates :)

finally, i made impossible mode in DS possible. i got my 5th platinum just now. i love the feeling of accomplishment. it was a very very nice game. definetly buying the sequel. also i watched the new DS movie. well, the 1st one was better in my opinion but it also good. it makes wanna play the sequel and serves as an opening for it. watch it if u want to get the maximum experience of the sequel. again, i thank my friend here DethSkematic for recommending this game for me long ago. done with dead space, lets go for some updates:-

*i bought three new games: prince of persia, lara croft and the gaurdian of light, and dead space extraction.

*i played prince of persia and it was in the middle of good and bad. some stuff r good and some r bad. i just felt like the game is just running around. gamespot's review do it fair. so if u wanna know my impression, just check the review.

*now going to start LC& tGoL single player. i started it on multiplayer.

*also downloading dead space extraction.

fallout 3

played about 3 hours and im not impressed. i feel that the story is dull frankly.i dont playing a game just wondering around. i think my next target is eternal sonata and i dont play two games at a time. im convincing to sell in about 4 hours. so ill play for the next 4 hours and try to like the game. if i liked it, i wont sell it and eternal sonata can wait. what do u say guys? should i sell if i dont like it and buy eternal sonata?

It's been a while :)

it's been a while since my mast blog. so i'll try to sum what happened to me all the time i was away.

1. i got married. that's sums my social life.

2. as for my gaming, those r the games i played in order:

MGS: peace walker

red dead redemption

silent hill 2

silent hill: shattered memories

resonance of fate

fatal frame 1,2&3

final fantasy 8

assassins creed: berotherhood

i also plat some games. 4 actually: batman:AA, uncharted, assassins creed:B and heavy rain. im now into my 5th plat: dead space.

thats my updates. missed u guys so much :) .

finished with god of war

nice ride. although i didnt like the ending. the best one to me was the 2nd. and i enjoyed the plot alot. im really thinking what is gonna be my next game. so if u could recommend something from my wishlist, it would be appreciated. if u have any other recommendation, please share. my best bet is final fantasy 8.

thanx from now :)

p.s. it must be a ps3 game or downable on ps3.

So Thats The Legendary Heavy Rain

just beat the game with all heroes alive. i should say that this a remarkable and a wonderful game. as u all know (if u saw the comment on my last blog) , i left god of war and decided to c the rest of it on youtube. i recommend this game for everybody who didnt play it. i was disappointed with saw but really liked this one very much. if konami had done this with saw , saw would have ended differently. it would have been something really special and fantastic. but , bummer not everyone wants to be creative. i thank the producers of this game for giving us such a wonderful experience and i hope there is a sequel to this. how to produce a sequel? give us something from your wonderful minds that produced this.

anyway, ill replay this game differently because i want to explore it more then move back for god of war.