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CS Source

Anyone play CS Source? My Steam name is bgres07. Drop yours here and I'll add you.

Emblem Madness: Another one this week


This emblem shows that you got into GameSpots Greatest Game Hero competition on the ground floor by voting for the 10 additional characters added to the main list. Rock the vote!

Thanks again to the Emblem Union for the heads up on this one.

TOTS Emblem


What? OTS is evolving!
OTS evolved into TOTS! This savvy user watched the first episode of our newly transformed On the Spot show called Today On the Spot; short for TOTS.

I don't really watch the show ever but I'll take the new emblem. Thanks again for the Emblems union giving the heads up.

WWF No Mercy

I fired up WWF No Mercy today for the first time in probably over a year. This has to be one of the best wrestling games of all time, and is far better than most games that come out today. I'll play old N64 games over most new game any day. I'm sick of playing these worn out stores that keep coming out on the PS3/360 (i.e. you're a grizzled muscular war man who has to kill 27 million pieces of crap yourself or the shovelware sports games that get barely any new updates every year).

At least when N64 games were coming out the developers were creative.

Gamespot: Your Rating System is Broken!

Is anyone else frustrated that Gamespot only ranks games in increments of .5? I wish they allowed users to still rank games in whatever increment they wanted.

Remember the days when you used to be able to define a great game from an average game? No longer does Gamespot allow that. Look at these three games for example: Animal Crossing City Folk, MySims Racing, and Madworld. All three of these games received a 7.5 from Gamespot, however it is clear MySims Racing should not have the same racing as Madworld or Animal Crossing City Folk.

Need more proof? Look at a few XBOX 360 games: Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2, Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution, Call of Duty 4, and Assassins Creed. Does any one of those games stick out like a sore thumb to you?! Should Geometry Wars be ranked the same as any of those other great games who no doubt give the players better visuals, gameplay, and replay value?

Come on Gamespot, give us back the old rating system so we can determine waht games are great and what games are good. We know you get money from companies whose games you rate higher, however your new rating system does no justice to the gaming industry. I used to come to this site to look for good games, however these days you just have to go somewhere else to determine what games are good and what games are great and worth your money.

Haha, got warmed for hating on G-Spot

G-spot never hits the spot (it really shouldn't be that hard for a website called g-spot to hit the g-spot, should it?) and were late on an article I already saw on IGN yesterday so I make a little comment about it and got a warning as a result. Gamespot is pretty lame at times, why are they so insecure?

I've always been a big fan of the forums and unions on this site but the articles and reviews not so much. It also disappoints me that they feel the need to moderate you for criticizing the website. Oh well, I'll stick to my unions and friends blogs and just forget that the rest of the site exists.