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They still make the most glitchiest games i've ever played, i mean honestly it's like the games don't even get play tested first lol. Skyrim froze on me 3 times just at the beginning of the game. 

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It's very early days yet, and at least they were brave enough to show them working on actual ps4's unlike xbone where they were on pc using windows 7 and a far higher graphics card than what a xbone will have in it.  xbone are being very sneaky with what their showing. rumour has it that titan fall isn't even an exclusive and will be coming to ps4 later it's a timed exclusive. still waiting to see any worth while first party games yet from microsoft. same goes for sony really, but like others are saying history time and time again the start of the generation doesn't prove nothing when it comes to games look at the last of us and then look at saints row 2 such a massive difference. and there loads. can't wait tho.

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Here in the UK, the ps4 is £349 and the xbone is £429. For me the ps4 Wins hands down. We don't get the TV guide or nothing over here and with it being a weaker system aswel i still don't understand the price point at this time. It's also rumoured that at E3 xbone games were running on a high end graphics card and on windows 7, and from what they have given us on specs the graphics card used at E3 is alot higher than what is in the xbone, so i'm going to have to wait and see whether it can live up to it's price tag because lets be honest, both machines are going to be pretty much exactly the same.

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Simple fact is nobody is going to be changing anybodies mind until people can actually see what the X1 is capable of.

Im picking one up day one because to me the PSbore looks boring. It cant do anything my PS3 cant do.


Wait what?? PS4 has all the tv apps stuff in it aswel. They just didn't make a massive thing about it. What has the xbox one got??? a tv guide. because thats all i've got from them, what other aspects do they have what the ps4 doesn't do. would you please explain to me, what a xbox one can do over a ps4.

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I actually agree with him, nothing really impressed me except the look of games, but for the most part their are alot of shooters this time around, didn't see much in the form of new idea's except about 3/4 the rest were what we've been getting for the last couple of years. 

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How can you call this game a rip off??? The Road is a book and a movie it isn't a game!!! Seriously i watched the road and thought how good would this sort of thing be as a game. it isn't a bad thing.

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Picked up The Last Of Us this morning, which the sneaker devils had hid them so it looked like they had ran out of stock only to find that they were behind empty game boxes crazy lol, not sure why they were like that, not sure if that was to stop the crowds rushing over but who knows. 

My next game will be GTAV unless i find out that it's going to ps4 otherwise it's beyond 2 souls and then thats it for my ps3 days move on to ps4

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I'm holding out until all retailers get all the information so that console bundles start being put together before i pre order it. 

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Big glitch being talked about around the forums so be careful something about the auto-save and you won't know unless you keep checking. Manually save all the time. Autosaving seems to stop working after so long and you have to completely turn off your console to get back, the problem is that you can't tell it's done this unless you pause and check. be careful 

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I should of done my research.and should of proof read what i wrote, sorry.  

I'm still holding to the fact that sony could do the same, in theory they could and if you read gaikai websites history they have proven they can stream AAA games and they started before microsofts project was about, they've even signed deals with EA, it proves nothing but they must know what there doing, they've even got a guiness world record for cloud gaming so to me theiralready proven. Onlive went know where but these have just been growing and growing. I honestly think microsoft Are relying on The Cloud to much.