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I'm still not convinced this is the righht more, i mean seriously don't we have enough circuit racing games out there already what are going to do something similar and seriously a better move would be to get working on a new motorstorm, which no one has copied since and is genuinely breath of fresh air from other racers. 

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It looks absolutely sh*te, I'm sorry but they ruined saints row, and to the people who say it was under GTA's shadow, saints row 2 was a far better game than GTA4 by far, it was a good close GTA san andreas clone, and yet they have gone down the corny path. saints row 3 was dissapointingly corny, and now this add on trash. back to GTA it is. 

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I really enjoyed the first one, it was a little bit tight lipped than the second, but that what makes the second one so dam amazing, it just took the first game and grew it perfectly. 3 was a let down for me, all though the funny stuff is funny there is to much of it and it ruined the game for me, i liked the second for it's down to rags and riches story and still had humour, but not to the point like in rs3. worth a play the first one just to understand the second. 

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Free? Free games? No, you are paying 50 dollars for whatever they decide to give you.


Of course there free, you just have to be part of PS+ and they don't give you them, they offer them and i'll be honest the games they offer are great games and newish games to, and the discounts are worth it alone and you get to keep them. there is no catch except you don't get to keep the free games if you leave PS+ but there always there if you ever go back to it and plus more free games. i mean xbox live, are you really paying for better online gaming really because on ps3 i found the free gaming to be very good i've never had any problems at all so what i don't get is what people are paying for on 360.

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the middle part of the disc what you are reffering to has nothing to do with the game itself the only purpose is to hold the disc and spin it inside the machine, the only thing i can think of is that it was a one off thing, or that the "crack" is big enough to disturb the disc's spinning function. is it cracked or scratched?? and discs i've very hard to crack esp in the middle. 

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I found the old one alot better looking than the new one, and them new sound effect every time you click back and forward and out of the store, it's like being back in the 90's basic web design. awful 

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This post took a lot of effort on your part......

I personally would suggest staying away from Sleeping Dogs. It is a failed version of GTA. Yes, I compared a compelling game to Grand Theft Auto. I have been playing GTA for years and this game tries to throw in some simularies. At first the gameplay is decent. I liked the fact that you could fight and throw individuals into random objects. After a few fights thrown in for good measure, it got extremely repetive and boring.


I really enjoyed sleeping dogs and i actually found the gameplay alot better than any GTA game there is, GTA hasn't been fun since san andreas. I mean whats the difference between gameplay. GTA you run and shoot a gun, Sleeping Dogs you run and have many different combo's to kick and punch people :S o and the driving is alot better than GTA4. and the story is enjoyable so are the side missions. 

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[QUOTE="Arach666"][QUOTE="ShoulderOfOrion"] Yeah, exactly. Why go through all that trouble to impress forum dwellers/hardcore twitter nerds?ShoulderOfOrion
Because those are the ones that actually care,the average consumer won´t mind if it´s online only or if they block used games,but "we" do,and they need to have that crowd on board,so in a way it could be just testing the waters to see if the core consumers and on board with it or not. I doubt it,but wouldn´t be surprised if that was the case.

And another thing - as much as cows wouldn't want to believe this, Microsoft is actually a company that takes pride in their products. No one like that would go "what's the best way to hype our next gen system? Have everyone believe it's shit and then shock them by telling them it's not!"

Your going in the completely the wrong angle, it wasn't to get anyone to believe it. They were testing the waters to see peoples reactions. Not to make it sound rubbish and then come out with something amazing. it's called market research. Maybe most of microsoft employee's have good internet connection and believe that an always on machine would be fine. So to see if it would be alright they let slip small details and see the reaction. it isn't for  hype. it sounds logical. whats the best way to find out peoples opinion then strike some rumours up, not just for forum users but we are the voice of the people when it comes to games, we know what we want. 

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I know having concoles is fine.. since they have many exclusives and you can play with many friends if that's all they own.. but people act like pc gaming is hugely expensive.. Let's see.. I bought my pc for 1000 dollars, and can play just about every game maxed out... yet people say that's too expensive.. but why do people forget it's a damn pc.. you can do so much more.. I can browse the internet, play games pretty much maxed out.. have steam ( which is amazing on the wallet.. I have pretty much every game that's a multiplat and have payed ten dollars at most each game... but.. you're not only paying a thousand for games. I can run apllications on my pc.. and it's going to be powerful for life. For example, I'm a sound engineer.. I can run a pro tools plug in.. with hundreds of plug-ins going at one time, and still have more room. I mean, doesn't it seem like the most positive investment since it's not only used for games. I can do a mass audio recording.. and then ten minues later.. Start gaming that looks two times better than consoles... ( I don't hate on consoles, as I plan on getting a ps4) ... but doesn't this argument seem kind of dumb? I mean you can build a pretty good pc for a pretty small amount of bucks.

- Not to mention you can pc game on televsions and with controllers if you want to.


That's the point it costs $1000 and your saying it JUST ABOUT plays every game, so some games can't be maxed out and you pay that much, esp whenj you think about that the new consoles are coming out at around $399, thats alot less than a grand which is going to playing top notch graphics and all the games will be playable for 6years plus at the highest graphics the machine will allow with developers pushing the limit of it. You can't garrentee that a $1000 machine will last that long with upgrades or a brand new build. 

You have to look at the gaming side when your comparing a console to a pc, you can't start talking about the other things a pc does, were buying a console for the primary objective of playing games.

The problem your always going to have is how long will a pc which costs $1000 last, i mean the next gen tech is coming out in the ps4 and xbox, next gen for pc is just around the corner so why waste $1000 when around christmas time the new stuff will be out and will cost $2000 to build, it's a never ending cycle of should i risk putting money in when the next big thing is always around the corner on pc or do i pay 400 and get a machine which will have great graphics and won't have to change anything except maybe the harddrive for the next 6+years. 

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The same reason people still buy DVDs of shows that are on Netflix.

Also, if strategy guides were 2 or 3 bucks I might get them more often. Books are more intuitive to navigate than a txt file, or a stapled printout of one, plus they have pictures.


DVDs and Blu Rays still have their advantages. Aside from the convenience of chapter selections and language selections, there's the extended viewing material from all the extras - deleted scenes, outtakes, behind the scenes production material, secrets of the special FX, concept art, director and cast interviews... yeah it goes on.

Not to mention a hard copy of the film and a great box which looks great amongst a good collection which when people walk in and go wow, which is far better than paying so much a month to have access to loads of films which aren't yours. 298 Blu-rays look alot nicer than just sticking the telly on and scrolling threw them.