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Amazing, it isn't the biggest step I've seen but what was people expecting, it's not like the jump was from standard def to high def like last time, I think it's a nice continuation of last gen and games look and run alot smoother so i'm happy, the games haven't turned up yet but this is always the case and actually in reality we have so many games already out, i don't even understand some people, they must be the one's who just want AAA all the time, but that's not how launches work it takes time. But we are getting all third party games coming out for all platforms so that's good and we have a great year next year.

The whole next gen gameplay people seem to crave for is, a myth, i mean how much more can be done with a controller what hasn't already been perfected, the only thing left is the animations to get better and the A.I for me needs to drastically improve to a more human state, Take TLOU for instances, you have hardly any ammo, but you get spotted and the first thing the enemy does is shoot, for me this needs to stop and a more realistic approach needs to happen, enemies need to have limited ammo to, I want a knew way of defeating enemies in games like this a more natural approach, maybe a knife fight or even a bargaining tool, and i want them to stop making out everyone you meet is an enemy, if I have no beef with situation people then I want it to act out that way and not just a dogfight each time, that's what next gen needs to be for me,

Everything else is great and so do near 20 million people all over the world counting Wii U, Xbox One, PS4 owners, I mean PS4 is the fastest selling console ever, even better than PS2, that must say something.

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All of the games listed were going stale they had run there course, they needed to either leave them alone or reboot them and some companies can't move passed there well known franchises, i wouldn't say Tomb Raider is more gritty, I think it fits what Tomb Raider is all about, I mean the original was a classic but it's great to have a story which shows where and how she became the Lara we already know and love, I honestly cannot wait when the phase out this long winded Origins story, seeing as the next one seem's like it's the same, and Honestly all i want is a Tomb Raider 2 style mansion with loads of activities, god i loved messing around in the mansion why did they ever take that out.

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It was a game which started out high on my radar and over time seeing more and more, it went more and more down hill, I enjoyed the fact he was meant to be a detective and then gets caught and he's stuck upside down and then once i saw how far fetched it went, I've sort of gone off it, and yea looks wise, it doesn't look that impressive but i'll wait to see how the reviews on this game now.,

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Yep I've had every Playstation Console since they began, and multiple consoles in the house when i was growing up got to the point we had a PS2 in every room of the house, was instead of dvd players, Playstation has always been the primary console but i've had all the others and I did used to game on PC and have just started getting back into it with a level entry PC which is just to tie me over until I save my 3grand i need to build my mega build pc, which by the time i come to build it, end of next year, PC gaming would be at a good place and onto the next gen hardware for 4K gaming so cannot wait.

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All well and good saying that the graphics are as good as CGI film but only a small minority will ever get to play it, in all it's glory, I mean to really the only people who will see it at the best it can be will be the small number who own 4K gaming rigs.

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DriveClub looks like a great racing game, not to arcadey but not to far into simulation, But not sure tho but The Crew does look better and I must admit Horizon looks great.

In my honest opinion i have no clue why the .... the developers of MotorStorm a fun arcade racer with a twist, decided to go for a pretty bog standard racing game, honestly it is baffling, the market is full of games like this, flooded, MotorStorm esp the first and second game were unique and in there own class of racers which was unrivaled. honestly don't have a clue why they thought the best thing would be to just follow the norm

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Was it a Mistake to make a Vita have a more complex control scheme, due to the games being quite unaccessable without vita controls. did they think to far out the box when it came to the vita.

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I have to many family commitments to invest time into many games but i do buy them lol I like to collect games, but if the game i'm playing does not grab me, i pretty much cannot keep playing, WatchDogs for example, I played up until I got into a car I drove for a few minutes, realized how crap the car controls were for me, because i don't want to have a challenge just driving a car when that's half the game, i put it down and have never touched it again, I did go round the city and realized it was bland and how my character was bland and yet everyone in the world seemed to be a weirdo or a criminal.

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I honestly don't think it's as bad as people are making out and any games A.I can be nicked picked down to there path finders, end of the day the PS3 was limited and it's about making choices, I didn't find that the A.I took away from enjoyment of the game at all, and Ellie is probably the best A.I side-kick i've ever had in a game, I mean she actually kills enemies for once, in most other games there just there to keep the story going in cut scenes, and I never found that, she was in many positions to be spotted and they even said they had to make it so the enemies couldn't see her because the A.I wasn't up to the level they could achieve on the PS3, so it just made sense to keep the game flowing, the controls and gameplay are solid and the story is amazing, I've seen far worse A.I in games before this one, i'm not saying it's great but A.I is really young at this sort of level, at least they flank and cover unlike alot of games which get praised and no one comments about there A.I

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Listen EA was and is being called all the names under the sun, with there dodgey and poor developed games which alot have become stale and cash grabs, and there free to play games are just cash ins and they were rated worst company and now all of a sudden everyone is in love with this, it's just a fad to get more money