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I've put the Wii not because it was my favourite console, but it was the one which gave me the most fun I cannot tell you how many hours I sunk into playing Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, they really need to bring it back and add alot more to it, all in favour of getting the Wii Motes back instead of the Wii Tablet say Mii!!!!!

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the OS was rushed to get it out early..... To be honest they are taking forever with these updates. Xbox One has had several updates since release and they keep coming. Sony is dropping the ball on this one. Oh well, I just play games.

I agree on this one, What are Sony doing over there system updates are way to far and few between and the little ones we've had haven't even dented what MS have been doing with there updates, i think there letting themselves down

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I couldn't choose, I'm in between, it's better than what's out there cough AC Combat cough but it isn't anything special, I found myself enjoying the games tho,

but combat is merely batter them with 1 button which for the counter attack animation or highlight and then hit another button, you can shape it how ever you want to but 2 buttons for the combat is quite dull. but it's the animations which keep you enticed.

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Of course every review is biased in some way shape or form, we all have different Opinions but the truth is, it's up to the gamer who reads it to take on board how the reviewer feels, but of course it is always blown out of the water by fanboys who seem to think that if their beloved game isn't reviewed the way they want it, then they blame the reviewer to be anti whatever game, gamers now want every game they love to be a 9 or a 10 non of the other scores matter anymore to many.

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I do agree it is a little fishy, some on here giving Ubisoft the benefit of the doubt, but the fact still remains WatchDogs has been on our Radars for 2years now, lots of footage leading up to E3 last year then a bigger trailer at E3 gameplay footage every week until 4weeks before release and then they delay it after everyone has pre ordered it or a console for it, and then go quiest. Release date is given only 6 or so weeks away and still no one has actually played it yet, PAX should of been it's showing.

and it's right a game which hasn't even got a release date yet is playable and yet a game which is coming in less than 2 months is no where to be seen.

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@Joedgabe: More than likely but I mean we don't even know what the game was, all we had was that trailer nothing more, so I don't even know what I'm expecting, but the fact remains they have not brought anything out on PS3 so they've completed missed a generation of consoles, so if there still going this is the only time they can announce it. we'll see, if however they don't announce it then i think we all need to ask what the h*ll has happened.

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I've lost interest in the game, plus something tells me they're just gonna push an unfinished game just so they can get some money back.

how can it be an unfinished game they been working on it for over 7years!!!! it has to be ready now.

On Topic, I'm expecting this to be the massive surprise at E3. I'm not holding my breath but honestly it needs to be shown now, or they really need to just tell us the truth because there just holding onto things and never even a word comes from sony.

Even i'm not that bothered to be fair, it looked good all that time ago, but it's been a bit to long i think.

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What the Wii U should of been and what nintendo was completely blind in seeing was they should of reinvented the Wii

it should of been 1:1 Wii motes similar to how the move works, they should of gone with a lot better hardware than they have, because I mean the price they started selling them at they could of easily done it. they should of never had the tablet controller and just had smartphone and tablet intergration. this would of sold to the masses o and the Wii U should of never been the name, they should of stuck with what they said in the first place, that they were not trying to play with the big boys and stuck to what they seemed good at, harmless fun gaming. now there stuck somewhere in the middle.

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hahahahaha sounds like me he does, just get over it let him gloat doesn't mean nothing, i have a game binder carry case, and I'm buying games for the sake of buying games this gen just to fill it and to show off, what games i've got :P hahahahaha

@Lhomity Why is it eww???? I have a big house, wife and kids, I have shelves and everything all in the backroom but my system and blu ray player and everything is in the front room. So I have my shelves to show off my collection to anyone who is interested but all my game disc's and blu rays are in the front room in a big CD folder so it's easy for me playing games just to flick through that (Alphabetical of course) no problem in it for me. plus it means my Collection is always pristine and in mint condition and so are my disc's.