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Vanquish and Fallout, pre game review?

That's right, based on what I know from the companys that made both games, their games they've made, and everything I've seen and had my hands on. Going to make a review on the games, and come back to them when the game is out, to tell you if the hype was true!

First off, New Vegas!

Alright, some background. If you didn't know obsidian is the new company of what got left over from the makers of Fallout and Fallout 2, Black Ilse studios. Bethesda gave them the go to work on New vegas, under them, in hopes it would bring old and new fans alike together, in my opinion. Back to the game.

Fallout is going to start you off a little older than just out of the womb like in Fallout 3, you've actually hit puberty before it starts too. Left in a 'shallow grave' you get brought back, essentially, by a doctor and his handy robot. The two run you through the ropes rather quickly, establishing your SPECAIL person just as quickly as Fallout 3. And finally, thrown out into the wastes to make a living for yourself, or do the story and find out why you were dead in a ditch.

So far the graphics look a little better, more vivid if anything, from any fallout game and following a upgraded engine from fallout 3. But graphics isn't everything, I greatly enjoyed Shadow of the Colossus, and it had rendering issues, but was still amazing for the ps2 if you ask me. Its audio and radio set a definite tone for the timezone of the drop, which I greatly enjoy and love to be frank with you, not many games manage to keep the music with the setting quite this well. Gameplay, looks similar to the 3rd installment, being first person or 3rd with VATS returning if you didn't know already. They've switched Karma around a bit to be more like Reputation you might have seen in Mercenaries 1 or 2. Though I like being able to be viewed as Good or Bad, in title, this offers more gameplay to be in a different faction, which I can't argue with.

Some other things they've changed but kept the same are bobble heads, while their not bobble heads any more, you'll find yourself collecting snowglobes. Another change to follow is big guns getting squished with small guns to make, well, guns. The empty skill was replaced with Survival which will be almost manditory for anyone going for the new, brutal, very challenging, hardcore mode. Speaking of which, this mode will make the Survival even more realistic and hard for those seeking a tough gameplay, while not mandatory to play one, if you're more casual. There will be a perk that gives you random events in the wasteland as well, which I highly look forward to.

Between the features, gameplay, audio, and visual, my hype review score for this game is 9.5/10, keep in mind, my 9.5/10 is practically a perfect score in my opinion, because there will always be something better, you need to leave room.


Some background for those not completely following this game. Platinum games and Sega have teamed up for 4 game releases, this being the last one, and the all famous por- I mean, action game Bayonetta being another, which laid down some good standards for this kind of a genre, and kept to the good old stuff we knew and loved. There isn't alot to share about the two companies backgrounds, but know, their the reason you have sonic, and other classic games. P.S: You can trust these guys! P.P.S: The director for Resident Evil 5 was the director for this game too!

Now, to the main note, they've taken that extreme they made in bayonetta, and essentailly replaced angels with an array of enemies, & replaced combos with guns. Do not fret though people! They put in their own style of combos for this game. And if you are even slightly amused when you played Gears at any time, this is going to feel familiar. If you're a strong sony fan and haven't touched that Microsoft console or any of its exlcusives out of hate or preference, you can compair it to Lost planet 2/ Quantum Theory/ and even resident evil in some ways.

I'm going to get audio and video done as short as I can, mainly because its so amazing. I believe this game shows the best out of both consoles graphics cards, while the ps3 can go higher than the 360, I'm glad the 360 showed its true colors with Reach recently. This game though is very detailed, and looks great. The sound for everything is great too, the voice acting seems a little fuzzy for the main character as he sounds more general like, than the almost solo bad arse he is. Though everyone else seems to fit their role quite well.

A story back drop is someone has infiltrated a US satellite that uses solar energy to destroy anything it wants, like the deathstar divided by 100, devastating, but not quite world ending. Well, who would deal with the satalite if the US goes down? Russia, but their the buggers who hijacked it, so you can assume once the USA gives in, the worlds boned. Sam is a US agent given an amazing suit, and sent to take back the satellite, thankfully not alone as you will have AI doing near to nothing, but, at least you're not the only target.

Now again, the AI isn't something to brag about from what I've seen in the demo's I've played and watched. Their not complete idiots, but don't expect them to get your job even remotely done for you. Though, your weapons make up for it, you can have an array of things to shoot; shotguns, heavy machine guns, rifles, the list goes on with general classes instead of specific models. This is mainly because, you upgrade guns by scanning guns that you already have when you find them laying on the ground or in boxes. Now I believe this is going to make quite the strategy at harder difficulties. More ammo during a fight, or gamble with a possible upgrade when you're already full, hoping you get more capacity and damage.

Your suit also allows for something you might refer to as "Bullet time" where a combination of sliding and aiming slows down the world for pinpoint accuracy moments. This can also be achieved by hitting the roll button and the aiming button quickly after, the same as sliding just rolling. Now they implemented something that activates this bullet time when your health is low or you take a hard hit, this way you can run to cover, or deck it out in your 10 seconds of Chuck Norris fame moments. To be honest, Sam feels like Commander Shepard (Mass effect), with master chief (Halo), and Sev (Killzone 2) all crushed together. This is because you feel to have that get it done aura and armor design from Shepard, the attitude and armor of MC, and you kind of have the face of Sev and the fact you're the only one who can apparently do anything on your whole team without dieing...

The story seems to be decent, and with a capcom director on the case, the boss battles are going to be just as fierce as anything in Lost planet 2 you might have seen, just, not the size of skyscrapers 24/7 thank god. In the meantime the audio, controls, and graphics help play into the feel of the game, though many tryouts claim a better control scheme should be reached. Quite frankly, I'm used to FromSowftware and japan studios messing with my controller schemes, so anything is better than that, I thought it was alright and took only a few moments to grasp. There is a point system relative to Bayonetta/ Lost planet/ Resident Evil, which should bring us back for more, even when we finish.

My Hype Review for this game, is a fair 8.5. My reason for this is story and that I don't know how long the campaign will be, if there is co-op/multiplayer/ or even bonus modes. If I find the story is long, and it brings me back to play again, possibly co-op and or multiplayer, I'll raise the bar.

Wow!... Just wow...

I think I have commitment issues or something, because its been how long?! Everything thats happened in a nutshell is as follows in the best order I can remember.

Managed to break the red snare drum off of rockband in november, and the footpedalvibrations set out projection screen's lights out of focus.+ played alot of fallout3 and rainbow six, played some monster hunter: FU and played ALOT of demos on the psn.> God... what happened in 09... Passed school, oh I bought operation flashpoint: DR, infamous, beat KZ2 on elite(biggest pain in the butt ever) along with a bunch of other games.+ Then in 10 I bought MAG and Demon souls, both my friend who now lives with me beat before I did, and in march our landlord said that he wanted to sell the house when he said he wasn't going to for another 5 years or so, broke the contract, and kicked us out. I picked up perfect world when we got into the new place, which is my top 2 MMO and I suggest you try it, its not amazing, but free to play its okay. Um, platinumed RE5 finally, then fallout, and a third game I can't remember off the top of my head. Just picked up Rappelz because a year ago it was USA only, so I'm glad to see its gone global finally, going to review it and pwi this afternoon. Oh and I passed grade 11 with the least absences I've ever had, where as grade 10 was the exact opposite.

Thats two years in a nutshell that I remember x.x Going to be posting 2 reviews today, currently wait 44 days for Fallout New Vegas, then I'm excited for Masseffect 2 on the ps3! finally Brink will be the next shooter I pick up, when I have a job.

To the MHU I an sincerly sorry for being a lurker for 2 years, I did get mhTri, and I specailize in slashaxes, with minimal friendly fire instances, and amazingly bad item luck. Need one Gigganox maw, killed 40, not one -_-

Also! Since I've tried so many Mmo's, rpgs, forum sites, you can find a little Bew everywhere. Just look up bew199/bew198/Yoshifuma/Toyukai/Yurikun in a character list and you might just find me. ALSO I'm online quite often on my ps3, my username there is Bew199, and I do have an alternate Bewford, for USA only and Yuri199 for japan, and something for england I can't remember. If you have a ps3 and a psn, feel free to contact me with a friend request STATING you are a person I know or don't know from Gamespot, otherwise I will not add you or consider, I'm in a clan that was called ARC and now the good guys carried over to BnF So my friends list filled pretty fast with all the members, a bunch of stoners for the most part, but their funny as hell.

My apologies...

Well, as my friends probably know and my guild(s), I had taken a leave of absence. In short, alot of $hi7 been happening in real life and my virtual one has been taking the damage :(

An update on my gaming achievements and intrests:

Beaten: Resident Evil 4...3 times, Starwars: the force unleashed 2 times, finishing off killzone (I don't play killzone often...),Starwar:renegade squadron 3 more times and made the ultimate set up for a chatacter, Republic commando one more time (but with thetime cheat only. aka the matrix just got better), mercenaries 2 once with and once without cheats, almost done Ninja gaiden (don't know if thats spelt right) but glitch on xbox has be stuck on the stairway of doom, Gears of War on casual'hardcore' and insane, Starwars: battlefront 2...again,Mercenaries again, almost mastered expert in Guitar Hero 2 and 3. Really just the fact i don't fail songs anymore, and then theres Dark Sector i'm almost done.

Acomplisments: all the offline achievemens for Gears of War, foud over 150 holocrons in The Force Unleashed, did all side quests in Mercenaries: 2, perfect renagade squadron setup, got the Scar/ most expensive assault rifle in Dark Sector and it rocks, Played mass effect and loved it as well as kicked @$$, found a glitch on Mercs:2 than makes you fall through the celing when you jump on boxes, found half the lightsaber hilts in TFU along with maxed force powers, got 80% of notes hit on Devil Went Down To Georgia, hooked up 3 televisions with stereo systemsalong with our computer 3 times and set up a wireless gateway for 2 laptops wich have 'retarded' users that need me to hook them up to the internet everytime...

Current obsesions: Fallout 3, Rockband, Dead Space, still MH/F/F2/F2G (note i didn't download it and i support capcom by BUYING the english version...when it comes out, unlike all you impatience downloading scum:evil: ), Resistance 2, NFS games, Sins of a Solar Empire, the songs: Chop Suey, The Ultimate Showdow, Mercenaries 2; Oh No You Didn't (full version), Good Mourning/Black Friday, Indestructable, Clouds over California, Destroyer,

And finally I've been obsessed with Role Playing (where 2 or more people write stories) ha-ha, corny right? well atleast I'm increasing my literacy and not using 'txt' talk like some $hi7 heads out there who laugh at me. Mind you if I told the people I RP with those 'txt' peoples opinions...well their a serious bunch that would find you and beat you happened to me...never will I say it was stupid again...

So yeah thats my virtual life in a nutshell, if you really want to get a hold of me (which i suggest you do) contact me on msn email: When I add you thy will be bombarded with countless questions to prove I know you from gamespot, so be prepaired!

I'm so sorry


to all my friends on gamespot especailly the MHU :'( we haven't had internet television or phone for a moth because we moved and my mother didn't preorder ourservice for the new psp and i have never been closer ps2 was turned on! but yeah....I'M BAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!!!

Oh nooo...

Oh noo...

Oh nooo..

Oh noooo!

Yo, yo, yo...

Oh no you didn't!
Sucker tried to play me but you never paid me, neva!

Oh no you didn't!
Payback is a coming, people being runnin foreva!

Oh no you didn't!
Till I get my vengence, I will never end this mayhem!

Oh no you didn't!
I'm a mercenary, you ain't got a prayer, you owe me!

Mercenaries 2. Rated T for (T)een. Comes out August 31st!

It's stuck in my head!

MHFO / Monster Hunter Frontier Online

OK after 4 days of staying up day and night i got the bloody game to work after countless hours of; translating countless paragraphs, and mutple languages, creating accounts, asking for help, messing with setting, yelling "WHAT THE F^CK DO I DO NOW!", passing out on the keyboard, and trying to figure out what Squiggle, smilely, squigle box with line scwoogle means... its very infurriating when you sign up for a quest and find out you have to kill an iodrome solo in the swamp and you don't know the controls! Didn't help that the launch window was originally all in question marks along with thier errors! I went through so much (rap to play this game only to find out its a free trail up to HR 2 (HR is gained through Guild Points earned through quests and failing CAN and will cost you points (-49)). Its also very confusing when you spontaniously gain 5000z from talking to a shrivled up deaf guy and you had no idea what he was saying...or any of the over 30 npc's for that matter....

I would just like to say...PM ME IF YOUR HAVING PROBLEMS! I do not want anyone going through the 4 days of hell installation i did let alone the 2 days after trying to figure out how to move and make stuff...and find your house...and figure out what buttons do what, i can't tell you how many settings i messed up hitting random keys XD

Thus is the past 6 day no parent 6 sleep over holiday ive had so far (yes i had 6 diffrent friends over every night for sleep overs and not one of those nights a slept i just kept trying to get this bloody game to download and work with no adult supervision(...that alchohal was gooood)) ! Back to the drawing board, to think of way to convince a parent to pay $14 on a month of member ship...

B0r3d0m ensues!

well this summer has been....interesting so far? No actually it hasn't ive been sitting on a computer hanging out at friends houses and having them come to mine ect ect. I have racked up 800+ hours on mhf2 alone totaling 33.33 days approximately thus i've wasted a month of my life playing a game and im sadly but frankly proud of. I aologize to my unions for not being more active in them but i have been caught up Roleplaying (not that way for you sickos), anyways 3 weeks of vacation left and hopefully my mother and her boyfriend will leave for one of them so i can be alone to party....Also any one who has played Prince of persia: Two thrones, and has a glitch where on the first boss the glowing knife doesn't show in the sequence tell me if you've fixed it or not and how. My friend got the game and when trying to blind the monster the knife doesn't glow he presses the button but it doesn't register no matter what he does...we think it may be something on his memory card because i beat it on mine just fine.


Yes bew199 has no life anymore i will be residing in an amusementpark for the whole summer on a full time job making mini doughnuts, hotdogs, serving pop, chilli, pretzels, corn dogs, fries. And i will come home reeking of all these foods as tonight coming back from training i reek of mini doughnuts and fries. This being said i work fridays saturdays sundays and holidays like victoria day next week then every day of summer XP. But i have this ingeneous plan! I get paid $9 an hr and work about5 hrs minimumps3 wii and xbox 360 you are mine! since its a summer job i will hibernate playing videogames all fall winter and spring :P

I hope im on somewhat...see you all around! my hotmail is thats like the only way for anyone to get ahold of me recently so yeah... add me if you havent to msn or email me i would be more than glad to converse that way too just make sure you put your relation to me in the subject....i wont answer otherwise


Y35 ! W45 50 B0R3D ! 700K UP 1337 N07 P3RF3C7 47 !7 7H0UGH B3C4U53 ! 4C7U41Y U53 GR4MM3R

now if you could read that you really need to get laid as do i XD

sorry about the abscence hooked on sc (Star Craft) whenever i am on r diablo sometimes Role Playing on gaia online depends on the mood that or um curlled up in my room whispering **** noobz shoot em **** teh hell" playing Star Wars: Battle Front for the ps2 on medium difficulty **** computers on my team dont know **** on how to shoot someone with a grenade launcher let alone a blaster rifle freakin N()()BZ. then the enemy dosent miss a freakin shot...for those of you who own this game i cheat is make a profile and enter the name of it as "jubjub" makes everyone midgets except for droidakas which looks really cool ecause you cant to a lord of the rings gamplay and your the good guys and their the enemies with giant trolls...yeah that was a geek moment.

not my time on the computer is being limited from 10 hours (when sick/weekends)-6 hours(when i go to school) to about 5 so i dont know where to start on the computer sc brood war takes a long time diablo II lord of destruction dose too once you get to level 30 (levels take for fing ever then) but i want to be on here but half the time i spend waiting for something to post on i would go to my other sites but im wanted for many things on those if i show my face im freakin banned on spot so i have to stick to private threadsT.T and to amuse myself ive been chewing on sausage skins (the plastic stuff to help preserve it) mhf2 is slowly loosing its catchy gameplay as i get more weapons along with every other game on my psp (psp in general) ps2 is what ive resorted to ... PS ****ING 2 playing games made in 2001 i would have more fun watching the world trade centers fall down on repeat than playing this $h!t mind you i did think it was offense to the USA but bush screwed you over and is the reason for it thats why i laughed. ive missed 2 days of school now dreading tomorrow when i have to go back

(shivers) homework time.

Suffer from withdrawl

ok ok i calmed down enough to tyoe this

i lent my psp to a friend in exchange for gh 3 but i skipped the guitar battles and practically beat the rest of the game (5*'s on almost every song) only down is i did that in about 5 hours and i dont get my psp with mhf2 mhf or any of my other games till tuseday!

im suffering from psp withdrawl as i just realized how much i play it. ive racked up 600+ hours on mhf2 and 400+ on mhf i dont even wanna talk about the other ones... but yeah when im not at school at a friends or in a shower im playing my psp! which is kinda sad but hey its my hobby besides kicking my friends @$$3$ on gh.

can you guys suggest something else for me to waste hours on till tuseday?