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Why are you even asking this? You said so yourself, your parents only allow one system. Get rid of the 360. Buy new system. I don't get what your hang up is. Is the problem that you want to keep the 360 and get a PS4?

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Agree with TC. I wish there were more games out and coming out that allowed for sweet fun couch co-op. I really don't see it happening much in the future though. Somebody already mentioned processing power, which makes sense, but I think it's a money grab as well. If my buddy comes over and plays Rayman with me, he doesn't need to buy the game or even have that system possibly. If couch co-op is gone, then two people each need to have the game and console. Extra sales.

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I'm not sad to see them go. Their reviews always seemed to have some kind of agenda. I could never really put my finger on it, but if I read a review by either of them, I would always check 2-3 other reviews from other sites. Carolyn and Tom consistently nit picked stuff other reviewers glazed over, didn't mention, or flat out said it wasn't worth fretting over.

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Americans are getting married later and later.

Read the first paragraph. Don't post things that sound like fact when it is just your anecdotal experience.

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@anarayan said:

I have 140 games, and 14 pages of edits. I need to see at least 50 editable games PER PAGE, hopefully 100, if not all.

edit: And I'd like to see some sort of ordering in the edit page so that I can easily identify the games I want to edit and not have to go (an average of) 7 pages for every game I need to find.

This. Exactly this. 10 games per edit page? That's crazy small. Most of my game pages are under 50, but clicking through 4 pages is a pain. Especially when I couldn't figure out how the games in the edit page were organized. It sure wasn't alphabetical for me. I couldn't change it to that order or organize by platform or rating or my rating or etc. I'm glad that the edit feature is working. Thank you. But the GS staff members can't be happy with this system either. I could be wrong.

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All the suggestions thus far are good. I'm cool with all of that. What I want to know is WHEN we can expect some sort of change that makes the stacks usable. Right now, they are not. Can't edit. Can't add. etc. Slow loading. etc. GS's games list capabilities was the number 1 reason why I have an account with this website. Right now, I only check in maybe once per week to see if any progress has been made on the stacks. Please fix, so I can start using GS more often than I use every other gaming site.

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Same problem. Please fix.

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Could we get a way to organize a stack by platform? You can do it by rank, game title, release date, etc. but not by platform. Please add.

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Just did some stacks perusing. It's better. Nice work GS. On the other hand, in the games I own stack, none of my ratings show up in the "my rating" column. I know that I've rated those games, and when I go to my ratings section of my profile, all of my ratings are there.