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Could we get a way to organize a stack by platform? You can do it by rank, game title, release date, etc. but not by platform. Please add.

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Just did some stacks perusing. It's better. Nice work GS. On the other hand, in the games I own stack, none of my ratings show up in the "my rating" column. I know that I've rated those games, and when I go to my ratings section of my profile, all of my ratings are there.

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@anarayan said:

Are stacks considered front-end or back-end? Any idea when there is going to be more functionality added to the stacks? Like sorting them according to platform, or release date, or rating etc?


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@leon2365: Okay fine. But WHY is it taking so long? Does GS just not have the employees to do it? Or is it just that low of a priority?

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At any game's page, I can't add a game to other stacks.

Exemple: I've played Duke Nukem, I have finished it, BUT I don't have Duke Nukem (cuz I borrowed from a friend)... So I can add only in "Want to play", "I'm playing" and "Finished" stacks.

I want to add the game at any stack what I want... I can play A game without finishing it, right?

Agreed. I brought this up awhile ago, but I couldn't get a screenshot in there. Thank you.

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Slow browsing yes. I haven't had the other issues. FIX THE STACKS!

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Notification are broken. I haven't gotten a single game related notification since the new site started up.

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TC, you nailed it.

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@estugarda said:

I don't agree. As a graphic designer with 10+ years of experience, I can without any hesitation state that this is not sleek. Besides being non-user-friendly, hard to navigate and nonfunctional, it's also generic and derivative. As I user I can't find any point to justify the redesign. Everything seems to be worse to me.

Same here. The front page is cluttered looking and the site is not user friendly, add all the bugs in and you have a poor running website.

Yeah, I do not like the side by side different news update. The old site's chronological was better. My biggest complaint is with how completely non-user friendly the new stacks system is. I haven't updated anything in over two months, because it's too much of a pain. GS if you need more specifics, contact me.