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I don't know why i'm here...

Yep just what the title says. why am i here ? maybe nostalgia. ? who knows..

Lately i don't feel well. i feel sad , lonely. i spend my days gaming, researching, chatting with friends on Facebook. whatever else. i don't feel i have many friends anymore then i start remembering some past memories of school life before high school started then memories of this site and the people i met that i still keep in touch today. in all though it's not the same like it was 2 to 3 years ago our of the 4 years i have with this account. anyways hopefully i'll get out of my sad phase and start to be happy and get ahead in life like many are.

other than that i got a PS4 last month or so starting with Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4. then got PS Plus then i got Minecraft and several other games, oh and recently Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag.. i'm really enjoying it when i have some alone time. there's plenty of games that i can purchase on this console , i got to say it was worth it. well it has to . next games i'm getting are Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (releases November 3rd) maybe Diablo 3 or Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition next week and Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed sometime later November. so for Christmas that leaves me a pretty decent sized gaming wishlist. hopefully i'll get most of what i'm wishing for.

anyways i guess i'll wrap it up. nostalgia is a weird thing, that's why i am passing by... i guess. anyways...


500th blogs later.... i am out of here.

4 years and 500 blogs later..... i am still here somewhat not too active but still here just passing by and i will type this, but i will know no one will read this so this is my 500th and my final blog, the era of Gamespotting for me is over.

Hello everyone and welcome to an end of an era . this is my final and i mean final blog here and after i go silent.

It's been a very long run, 4 years , countless friendships , 500 blogs and numerous forum posts later. yep its a long run alright, not as long as others but still long enough for a veteran user of this website that seen it all. i miss the old days a lot, the days where every morning i come on to GameSpot looking at the inbox for messages and updates on whatever and i come here look at the latest blogs, comment to others, well i did that for the first two and a half years then i comment whenever i felt like it. union forum posting with my fellow friends here that now moved on somewhere else and lastly general forum posts... oh yeah everywhere in GS. i do miss the old days until they changed this site up, the good ol days..... god 4 years a lot changed.... just knowing things won't be the same again but i will cherish any good memories i made here and carry my community experience to the world on Facebook, IGN and wherever else i am at today.

I thank everyone for the good times, whoever is still here that commented on my blogs and spend some time as a friend thank you i will never forget all that. but this may not be the end though. before i go i will leave my contact credentials to reach me. here they are now.

Skype- berto64x

Steam- berto64X

PSN- berto64X

Facebook account

My Twitter profile

IGN profile

MyAnimeList profile

that is all ....

*turns off the lights*

Sayonara. :)

It's been awhile i guess.... let's see what im up to...

Well well i am blogging again......

It's been awhile for a proper blog i know... but i know GS changed too much over the past year and many of us went out separate ways. but there are a good amount of my friends i met here that i keep contact with. (thanks to Facebook, Steam PSN etc) however i haven't really been in forums anymore due to the fact i am on Facebook every day lol . so here i am giving a blog even though i guarantee not much will read this, still if you do hi. :). let's get started.

My life so far has been ups and downs as always, finishing high school (home school final year), gaming a lot more now, talking to my international friends on FB. i had a girlfriend but she and i called off the relationship . and im always up staying late and sleep in the mornings.... story of my life right now, 18 years old finishing school, stays up to talk to my friends globally and whatever else. to be honest im not too happy with my life now, but it will get better i'm confident it will. and my goals in life hasn't changed as much, im still pursing a career in the U.S Military and then become a police officer after its finished but i am planning to go to college as well but we'll see i'll be working on all that soon but i should right now....

Yes i was in a relationship like i said. i met this girl on FB late last year, she is 15 from India, a nice, caring, understanding girl. it's a long story and i won't say but she and i got in a relationship and then days later she had to leave for exams, in which it was a month and then came back.... however she didn't feel like her usual self and left and then came back apologizing and i ended up forgiving her, and then she said that she and i should take a break from the relationship therefor she and i ended up agreeing and we'll be friends for the time being. now she rarely goes online for unknown reasons so maybe another chance with her won't happen but i'll just live my life right now, but then there are these two Filipino girls that are focused on me and i fell for one of them already so maybe this time things will be different. ok enough with this for the time being.

Ok onto gaming. i currently have about 40 PS3 retail games (digital and disc) and a good amount of PSN only released PS3 games as it is and the Vita 5 retail games (3 digital and 2 card) and a few PSN only released Vita games and plenty of PSP games so yes my collection grew a lot but i won't really blog on it... i'm lazy :3. right now i'm playing Far Cry 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Ghost Recon Future Soldier Raven Strike DLC. i'm considering to continue a JRPG but idk which one so yeh... anime now, i have a huge backlog but i finish several as well. im all up to date on Chuunibyou demo Koi Ga Shitai and i heard another volume of the novel is releasing in Japan this month so i feel a season 3 will be coming maybe next year or so. lastly i am a huge fan of Shakugan no Shana now hehe, i will start the second season shortly .. lastly i need to finish Sakura Trick (friend asked me to and she and i will discuss it), Danganrompa and Attack on Titan.

ok that wraps this blog. im out of here.

bye :)

Testing.. maybe i'll come back....

*Pops right in*

Hey. hmm just passing by i might come back depends on who notice this and comments still. and i guess i'll type my impressions of this site.

At first i hated it, as soon the new site was online there was a plethora of problems and im sure many of us seen that i guess. but over time and problems here and there from the looks of it i guess it's starting to improve and become much more stable to use... however they still need to work on adding more features we had in the old GS web page and try to have comments on user's post. yes i know it sounds so Facebook esque, but think about it.. if GS allows us to post what we feel, think or just a random post about gaming or other topics should they allow our friends to comment on them too ? to me yes i mean if they want to create a new community or what not then add that feature or maybe they're working on it already but we'll see. anyways forums are alright to me in all it takes time to get used to, but after awhile the site won't be a problem to use.

Other than that i guess im ok, i won't explain much on life yet but i did meet some new friends while i keep in touch with my older friends. and gaming... i got a lot more games . im working on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix and just random shooting at things in Far Cry 3 (but that get's bland already :P ) anyways to those that got the PS4 enjoy it i'll be joining you guys there soon and i hope you all that got it aren't running into problems with it.

Ok im out i might make a return but we'll see.

Bye ^^

My last blog. dedicated to everyone.

I can't believe its now though.

Hey everyone!

Well this is it, the end. after 3 years of blogging and visiting this site and the circumstances we all are in right now this will be the last blog i'll be doing here for well i don't know, im pretty much going to leave the site when everything goes to the new site but i will give it a try for one day to check it out but i know a lot of you will be gone by then so i will follow along. but for right now instead of talking so much on the negative, this last biog is dedicated to everyone. my closest friends, and everyone else i crossed paths with in the website.  so without further do this lets go! :)

Over the course of 3 years being in this site and engage in a community no other. I met some really great and wonderful people. my first thought when i joined in this site. "I don't think i'll meet anyone here" but that thought i put it to the test and i lingered here for a few months and well... i was wrong. And well look now i met and became frieds with a good amount of people. and right now im going to mention you all the best way i can so be ready. lets start!

PiscesAnimeGirl: You're my closest friend here. I remember the day we met here two years ago, and that day i know we will be close to one another. we first spoke in GS a lot since you were in high school but over the course of a year we went from here to Facebook and since then we talk everyday having a good time and all well you know. We both are always there for each other in good and bad and tragic times and we held on to one another supporting one another. you understand and accept me for the person i am and show that i can be myself while not caring what other think and well i learned a lot from you. You're an amazing girl like i told you on FB but in a different way but you know how happy i am to meet you. you changed my life for the better. you have a special place in my heart and every moment we have i will chersh it and never forget. we're planning to meet in 2 years from now and im so looking forward to that day. lets see what the future has in store for us, Thank you so much for being there for me i appreciate that a lot and 'll be seeing you on FB as always ;).

Megamannt123: You're one of my closest friends here. i know you for over 2 years now and never realy a dull moment when we talk. I know you've been busy with work and other things in your life but i understood and we still kept our friendship strong and everytime we do have a chance to talk i enjoy those chats now and then and im sure that will continue here on out. you're one of the users that i know that got me much more interested in the Kingdom Hearts series and got me into The World Ends With You and a few other games that i'll try soon. and really got me back nto watching anime. in all you're a awesome person man and im glad i met you. and i hope our friendship will last for a long time. thank you for being a wonderful friend to me and i'll be seeing you around!

Fablesway: Another of my closest friends here. I met you around the same time frame as your boyfriend. we became friends rather quickly and made a wonderful friendship in a short amount of time and held it on very well to the present day. we talk about relationship stuff to video games to off topic things like life etc. everytime we get a chance to chat for abt i always enjoy chatting with you. you're a wonderful friend i enjoy talking to you . im glad i met you. and i hope your friendship lasts for years to come . be seeing you around and i hope for the best for you and Mega :).

Kairikh: You're one of my close friends here. A very nice caring person throughout. im in her awesome FB group with other GS members and other people and ts a great place to visit, sometimes a little crazy but in a fun way XD. but i enjoy talking to you when we have th chance to catch up but most of our interaction is in your group and  some of my posts on FB. you really got me interested in KH lke Mega has and Uncharted and LBP and you got me addicted to K-op and introduce me to Korean Drama shows like Dream High and another one i can't remember but you're a great friend like i tell you on Steam time to time and im glad i met you. I hope our friendship lasts for years to come. see you around!

FojMohsin: A old but close friend of mine . we use to talk a lot back in the day in GS and Facebook a lot of conversations are funny and entertaining yet we have some disagreements about things here and there but by the end we make up and move forward. you're a awesome friend im glad i met you and i should start keeping touch with you more . i hope you can see this sometime man but i'll see you around!

AvatarMan96: One of my great friends in GS. we talk quite a lot in PSN and sometimes in GS via PM. you make interesting blogs even if i don't comment i read them notherless and keep doing what you're doing dude. you're a cool guy, glad i met you dude . i hope you will do well in the new GS. see you around on PSN!

DCShark/twinturbo: I remember us meeting sometime ago in GS, im not sure where exactly but i remember when we played Counter Strike on Steam that was fun but man i was laggin though haha but you're a cool guy and a cool friend. i hope our friendship will grow as time goes by. see you around FB, Steam, PSN and the forums!

ShadowofSonic: I remember meeting you sometime last year in a union i believe. you're cool to talk to even sometimes we have some fights but in all you're still a good friend to talk to about gaming or whatever is in our minds. i hope you return to PSN soon. but i'll see you in the forums!

Other friends and readers to mention


I hope thats everyone i can remember to thank, if your username isn't listed. im sorry don't take anything personally but i thank each and every one of you that made my 3 years possible. without you guys i may have been gone and this blog woudn't be made. you all are very wonderful people and i hope many of us can meet somewhere. i'll provide my contact info one last time in a few.

As we head to our post- Gamespot leras in our lives, everything may feel different at first but i know we all can get used to it and be in contact wth one another in any means we have.well everyone just remember it may be an end of one thing but there is a beginning to another in which i sort of made this quote "With every ending, there is always a new beginning" some of us may not know what would be the new beginning but over time we all will know what could be. just remember that. :)

Last thing to make clear , 'll be lingering in GS after this blog, but i'll be reading blogs and just wait till the new site appears and when that happens, i'll look around t and afterwards i'll leave.

One last time guys if you wish to contact me outsde of GS, here is where you can reach me at.

PSN- berto64X
Steam berto64X
Skype: berto64x
Tumblr: berto64
DeviantArt: berto64X
MAL (MyAnimeList): berto64X
Facebook: send me a message here if you wish to add me there and i'll provide you a link or tell me by the comments here and i'll send you a message wth a link.

Well this is it, the end of the blog i hope you all enjoy this. sorry for making it very long but like i said its dedicated you you all so it had to be this big i guess. anyways i can't say good bye since most i'll be seeing you in the other side but i'll say this instead.

See you around :). 

An end of an era... (unions and my future in GS)

Hey everyone!

Well im here again, and i know today is a sad day in GameSpot since our unions are being phased out by tomorrow. today when i logged on i read the artcle and a few of my friend's blogs about it. my initial reaction was "why" i was speechless at first but now im sad to see it go and i know you all are aswell but i guess everything must end someday huh...

Seeing the unions go is like they took something from us away to use in this site. well its what we pretty much come for anyways and reading blogs by others. I been here for over 3 years now and all along i met some very wonderful people and many of them i became friends with and held many friendships till now. the unions to me were a place where i can go talk to others about anything and everything and just be random and goofy, it was like a escape to my problems in life and having friends from any corner of the world there n a forum its amazing. i had many good memories in those forums and with you guys and girls so im going to treasure that a lot! in all the unions were a place where we can gather and talk about anything or just be silly and even when things end. there will always be new beginnings well lets hope so.

Well apart from the unions, they're also going to rset our levels, emblems, and other things that we achieved so hard and well over our course of time being here and make us start over. well thats bullcrap but  know they're starting over and thats their point starting from scratch but to me they should keep that, its pointless to start over everything but well thats how way things wll be now. and my future in GS now ? lets say its very uncertain, im sure i'll be leaving when my friends leave but for now im going to stick around for aslong the old site is still around and when the new site takes place i'll look around it, see what it has but i'll pretty much end up leaving by then, till then even the unions will be gone 'll try my best to blog but i decided i may do 3 more blogs after this one but we'll see  hope most of us can lngr tll atleast a few more weeks.

Ok before i end this blog, here is where you all can reach me outside of GS i know i have many of you added elsewhere, but to those that i haven't like on PSN, MAL, Steam and Facebook i'll leave my contact info now.

PSN: berto64X

Steam : berto64X

MAL: berto64X

Facebook - send me a PM or comment that you're intersted and i'll send you a message to a link to my FB profile.

Oh and last thing, to anyone that made forums in Zetaboards or other forum site can you please link me to them or just tell me their name and i'll go join right away. thanks :).

Ok bouncing out. peace!  

Its been awhile.

So guess who's back?

Hey everyone, i'm back :D.

Yeah its been awhile since I did a blog, i guess i sort of drifted away and got to caught up on other things. but im here now so i guess i'll run through here talking about games and what i been to so um here we go!

 Gaming wise, well first of all my slim PS3 broke on me over a month ago, how ? i think someone dropped t and seems it ended up having a form of a video problem... after a certain amount of time the PS3 starts experiencing video problems like it would glitch up and freeze and i see a rather glitchy screen and no its not the TV it works fine, but the console is now out of commission, however i did get a new one to replace it and i'll talk about that now.

 The new PS3 is the well you guess it the Super Slim model. i got the 250 GB Uncharted 3 bundle and it also came with Dust 514 (already activated the voucher) and a 30 day PS Plus membership so i'll talk about the console now. The console is smaller and i was actually surprised how small and lightweight it is but of course it doesn't beat the compact size slim PS2, but this PS3 is quite small stll for the seventh gen console not counting the Wii but its not that bad at all. ok so my further impression is it looks nice it has a glossy finish on the top, a matte finish on the bottom of the console and the middle with the disc tray being located it has a rigid grill finish. and the disc tray and the disc loader itself. the tray is a slider so its like a retrofit to a modern console and afte ryou slide the thing the disc loader is like of the slim PS2 (put the disc in there and close it) and to me im not a big fan of them anymore specially of a modern current gen console but i know Sony did this to cut costs to make the console but it will be easy to get used to though aslong it works, i won't complain. other than that it works like a charm, the console is a little more noisier but its not to a bothersome rate though but other than that it works fine. and Uncharted 3 Game of The Year im sure i'll enjoy it i loved the other two games so i hope this will bring a good concluson to the story. i guess thats all on the new PS3 now onwad to some other games.

 Other games, besides the new console and Uncharted 3 and Dust 514 i got some other games over the past nar 3 months, so those are Far Cry 3 and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising for the PS3, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates of Infinity for the 3DS and Mortal Kombat for the Vita. i played these games they're great but i won't go detail on them right now bt maybe in the next few blogs i will most likely. well thats all on gaming i'll wrap the blog up with other stuff i'll talk about and next blog i'll focus on the games i have whenever.

 What else is happening, well a lot is or has happened but im allright, i just been struggling a lot in everyday life and why. well for one, i think i mentioned this before or i may not but i have a autism spectrum disorder and the one i have is Aspergers Syndrome and in which its a form of Autism and i have problems in social, speech and language, motor and sensory issues, i have sleep problems and a there s a lot more i suggest reading all about it. bt yeah due to ths im struggling in life tryng to communicate well wth others on and offline, im very clumsy in whch it just happens and im dealing with problems and i feel depressed a lot lately and i get meltdowns frequently but im ok i lived through this every day but it can be overwhelming but i don't let it stop me.i can go on and on but in another time if anyone wants to know about how life is for a autistic person and so for. other than that i have problems here and there but i deal with them and home life the usual really, so in all alost the same as always except my everyday struggles. im sorry for writing ths segment .

Anyways i hope everyone is doing well. till nect time. bye :) 

An Overdue blog, a special someone in my life.

Hello Gamespot ^_^

Im back with an overdue blog and i been busy with um stuff you all will know by the end. well lets get started.

First up 2 games , i won't say much but i'll leave a short description though ok. first off...

Black Rock Shooter - I finally got it, it released nearly a month ago but got it in early may. haven't played it a lot but its great, graphics look alright but the best but don't mind and go for the gameplay, story and all the fun stuff so i'll be playing it more in June. second game...

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - Also got this in early may (download). this gae uses the same physics and stuff as FC3 in which i haven't bought or played. but this game isnt a DLC to FC3 its more of a standalone game so if anyone is interested go buy it its about 14.99 on PSN and Steam i think, not sure for Xbox Live but go get it whenever. butt he game is good, the game theme and story is a 80s like futuristic action movie and it will have a nostalgic feel if you're into the 80s culture (like i am) but if you just want a game to play go for it. oh and its open world. in all its a good shoter for 15 dollars i recommend it.

Ok moving onwards to some other stuff and theres something good thats happening in my life.. well remember in the last blog 2 weeks ago saying abot a crush well thats been developing so heres the story.

I have a crush on a girl i met recently, shes from Australia and just letting you all know she not in GameSpot so yea, anyways i met her over a month ago but recently we been talking more often and stuff on FB but we both know that we have a lot of similarities between each other however she may have a interest in me from what im possibly seeing. however she has now became a part of my life :oops:, and if you say are you a couple yet, not yet but soon when im ready i will confess to her. but for now im going to take it slow but jsut be ready when the right time comes.  anyways she is amazing and cute :oops:. ok i'll shut up and move on to a final thing and m off  :).

Lastly im watching Black Butler, and the anime was recommended to me my her haha :). well i got to say one of the best anime i watched ever. story is wonderfula dn sucks you in wanting more and the music is nicely composed, characters are interesting and likable and hate. so hmm i seriously recommend it to everyone if you haven't watched it ... its badass ^_^

Ok im better end this and go now, sorry for being shorter as usual im blogging at 5 something am and im sleepy.... derp.

Bye :)

I'm an angel with a shotgun!!

Hello :)

Ok i'll explain my title. anyone lstened to Angel Wth a Shotgun by The Cab, theres a nightcore version aswell in which i listened to both but i prefer the Nightcore version. i have it stuck in my mind right now but its a good song i'll link it towards the end. and aslo i haven't blog in awhile so why not an random title? lol.

Anyways im back again just want to give a blog about what i been up to and stuff. so hmm lets begin.

Gaming wise, i been playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory,  and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 as my primary focus for now. but i baraly put like 3 hours of gaming now but so far Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory im on Chapter 4 and clocked in over 30 hours now . the game s really great, and the story isnt bad at all i enjoy everything the game offers and nearly a month later i still haven't finished it but i will very soon. I hope the game will continue to captivate me. and Dynasty Warrors Gundam 2 just beat one campaign but im working on others.. its a lengthy game yet its enjoying in a way. i love gundams ^^. 

Games to purchase, next month im aiming to get Black Rock Shooter for sure but PS3 wise im not sure, im not interested in other types of games as much but i may consider picking up Borderlands 2 or Far Cry 3 or Atelier Ayesha.. well see on that. welp thats all on the gaming front .

On the anime side. i been watching some new releases on Crunchyroll. like Majestic Prince, Valvrave the Liberator, Aiura, Oreimo season 2, The Hentai Prince and The Stony Cat theres 2 more i can't remember their names . the anime here are good but i recommend Oreimo season 2 and The Hentai Prince and The Stony Cat. Oreimo season 2 continues the anime so i prefer you to watch the first season if you havent and HENNEKO its a new anime . its a little hard to explain but if you heard about it give it a watch ^^.

Alright i'll talk about my personal happenings then i'll call it a blog. Lately i been abit more busy taking care of things and beng busy on other areas of the internet.its a long explanation but now i have more time to do anything again but yet im  making a story right now so 'll share the details soon. What else. well life's good  i would like to say something though, its not bad it may come at a surprise.. well here goes.

Well ... uh i think im in love to someone. and i have a few crushes but in all i started to fall in love with a girl i met recently.  know this could be surprising since i broken up with that person months ago but now im sure im ready. im not in a relationship yet but i just kind of feeling abit lovesick these days. well if anyone would like to talk to me about t i don't mind it may be best. anyways sorry for a somewhat awkward paragraph :P.

well im out heres the song link for you guys :)

Nightcore - Angel With A Shotgun

Ja-ne :)

3 Years on GameSpot.

Yep my 3 Year Anniversary has finally arrive :).

Its been 3 years since i joined this site. its a big milestone yes but im not surprised that i made it this far, well ok maybe i am a little surprised that i made it to 2013 and i have to say im happy that i made it to now and being able to blog about my 3 years here. so without further ado lets begin! (note you don't have to read the next few paragraphs)

On April 13, 2010 i made this account at school after finishing my exams. so i was on the computer browsing GS so then i made the account, afterwards i didn't know what to do i had a 360 back then so i just started tracking 360 gaes and adding some games on the list that i own back then to joining unions, but all that made me think when will i finally meet people, when will i finally blog and share everyone my thoughts to opnions to just a random blog.. well that didn't last for long. Then  had my first friend in GS. After time pass, i met more people in GS in the unions became friends but communication with them wasn't so easy i guess i just hav to know them more. well then by the end of 2010 i ended up meeting some of my closest friends, but the journey of being a GS member wasn't over yet.

Then into 2011, this was the year of which i met the most of you guys. early 2011 was quiet but by mid to late 2011 i met a lot of you but my memory is kind of vague on how i met but i know by unions and Fuse but im sure you know who you are. but 2011 was a harsh yea rin life but 2011 was one of the best years i had in GS but 2012... different story.

Into 2012, i already met many of you guys and girls that i talk to today. then i had a relationship with a certain GS member in which we were all aware about . but i was a little more absent from blogging and forums but i did my best to be active . then in the late in the year i was fully back in the forums and started being more active. 2013 just the usual things in GS  i guess that sums my 3 years in a nutshell.

Well you all don't have to read all that. but thanks to everyone.. my friends are the reason i come to GS everyday even if the site glitches and crashes, but i still come and bare it and just hang out wth you guys as always. the three years of me being here was not only possible of me but its was made possble to my buddies here. and to you all

Arigato Gozaimasu (Thank you so very much) :).

Im hoping i'll be here for 2 to 3 more years, unless something turns up but f nothing turns up i will be around for as long as i can. but till then i'll enjoy the time i have in GS posting and blogging whenever. well this marks an new era here, i will try my best to be active here makiing blogs to read, posting in unions and i do have a union plan in which i will talk on the 16th, so stay tuned to that. well to end this  again i thank everyone so much for making this possible and i hope we all have good time for months to years to come.

Ok before i go i'll pinpoint what i been up to, like a quick summary.

  • Gaming side of things - im still on the strain of Neptunia, lol. playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and mk2 and this will keep on for awhile just to say that , but i will start centering focus on a few other games i have .but i haven't decided what games to play besided Neptunia but i will eventually start something on the handheld side. 
  • Anime - completed Little Busters! season 1 and saw the teaser for Little Busters! Refrain (season 2). not much has been announced but the teaser can tell what may happen on finishing the girl's arcs then well the "secret of the world". the i completed Hetalia Axis Powers and currently watching Baka and Test season 2, My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute (Oreimo) and another anime can't remember the name but i'll update that when i do.
  • Music - Recently listening to J-rock, J-pop and then 80s music (new wave, synthpop) and then some modern rock when i feel like it. but im really been addicted to One Ok Rock - there a Japanese rock bandthat sing in japanese and english. there popular in Japan and gaining a lot of popularty in Asia and soon m hoping the US. but there amazing i will leave a link at the end .
  • Avi and Sig - my avi and sig right now is Blanc (White Heart). my favorite CPU now . she is cute in human form but when she goes to White Heart.. shes rough but she is only that when others make her mad. well only to Neptunia fans but White Heart FTW :twisted:... please dont kill me...

Till next time. have a great weekend .

bye :)