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The Colbert Nation Rules

If you know what the Colbert Report (pronounced repor) is than you are one lucky individual. Not lucky in the "you just won a prize" lucky, but lucky in the sense that this show is AMAZING! Now I can't type too much, remember only one hand can reach the keyboard for 2 more weeks. Anyway, every night at 11:30 EST, 10:00 PM down here in Texas the show airs on Comedy Central. It ive iis reminescent of the Daily Show except Colbert himself puts his own spin on it. Just give it a chance and I promise you will be begging your parents to let you stay up. Been watching him this entire year and it never gets old.

Also, the one book I have actually wanted read is written by Mr. Steven Colbert himself entitled I Am America And So Can You. If you watch the show the title doesn't seem so quirky.

One more thing, since this is a video game website I might want to mention them. So when exactly is there going to be another Star Wars Battlefront game because I really loved that series? Not to mention it it the highest selling Star Wars franchide of all-time.