R-A-M-P-A-G-E Jackson

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Just for those of you not quite up to date on your UFC facts, I am here to tell you just what happened at UFC 71.

Chuck "The Iceman" LidellIceman Liddell was to fight Quinton "RAMPAGE" JacksonRampage Jackson for the UFC Light Heavyweight division and the BEST FIGHTER in the UFC.

Liddell was by far the favorite, but Jackson had been an amazing competitor in the PRIDE fighting, and still had a very good chance of winning this fight.

The fight began with your typical strikers dancing around the Octagon taking pot shots wherever they see fit. Chuck decided to go in for a hit, and when Jackson reared back, his hand got the Iceman PERFECTLY square in the jaw and he hit the ground hard. It wasn't over at that point, but Jackson managed to get about three more hits before Liddell went completely limp and McCarthy had to step in and call the fight.

It was an upset, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't that surprising after witnessing both St. Pierre and Cro Cop breakdowns earlier in the year. I just wish for once the predicted victor, would actually become the victor.

See ya.