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Not Again...

Before I start I'll give you guys a bit of back ground information, during my junior year in High School I managed to tear the labrum in my left shoulder. Obviously this led to surgery, and about 5 months before I was back into playing shape. Not to mention the countless hours of rehab.

Anyway, as ya'll know from my previous post that I have been in the middle of Spring Footbll for the past couple of weeks so it has been a little more difficult for me to post, but I do my best. During our practices, a couple of times my shoulder would feel as though it is coming out of it socket causing me excruciating pain for a few minutes, before it starts to subside to a level I can deal with. I told the trainers about this and they set me up with a cool shoulder brace that goes underneath my shoulder pads. Then, the day before the Spring Game, I had an MRI to get a definitive on what was going on. Just yesterday I get the results and you'll never guess what the results were.

Yep, another torn labrum, but not quite the same. This time, it is in my dominant right shoulder, meaning that finishing up school is going to be a BEEEEOTCH. I get surgery this Thursday at 11:30am, so wish me luck. Since this injury is in my right arm, it is going to be nearly impossible to post here. Don't worry though, if I can I will, and I will never forget about the UVFU. I hope to listen to some podcasts to, since about all I can do is click with my left hand.

This will take just about as long to heal, so I probably won't be ready by the time football season starts back up, but oh well. Hope to talk to ya'll as soon as I return. DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!!!

P.S. These posts are getting bland because every time I try to add a picture, Gamespot says the Tag img may not have attribute title, even though I put a title. Oh well, I'll figue it out eventually. See you guys.