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It's That Time of Year Again.

Well, March 3rd officially kicked off Spring Football here at the Hilltop. It was about 80 degrees the day before, but seeing as we're located in Texas, the weather tends to change quite often. Of course, the last thing I expected was SNOW. Yes, literally snow fell that night the day after the high was about 80 degrees. Didn't help that our coaching staff is mostly from Hawaii, so practice was out of the question.

Anyway, back to Spring Ball. It's been great so far, and my o-line coach is actually a cool guy (something you wouldn't assume given his look). I can't wait for Fall so I can get some playing time, but for now it's just nice to learn the playbook. It's the simplest playbook I've ever seen, yet nobody in the country has ever figured it out. By the way, I'm not going to give away any secrets, June wouldn't like that.

Also, on a gaming note, I preordered Rainbow Six Vegas 2 this weekend, so I can't wait until March 18th to pick it up. Plus, if any of you own a 360 instead of that other terrible system, I'll definitely have to get your gamertag so I can pound you in front of everyone on Xbox Live.

Hopefully everyone is going to have a great Spring Break, and I'll definitely try to post my blog on a more regular basis. Of course, over 4 hours of football everyday is going to make that kind of difficult. Unfortunately I can't get the image thing to work for my blog, so this one is just going to have to be pictureless.