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Got myself a new GUN!

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Ok it's an airsoft gun, but it still qualifies itself as a gun, so I will refer to it as such to make people think I am really important. Actually, I ordered my MP5 airsoft gun on a website, I think it is, anyway it is electrically powered and shoots at 250 FPS.

MP5 SMG airsoft gun

That may not be a whole lot to some people, but it is more than enough to play around in the backyard with and shoot at my brother with. On an even better note, Modest Mouse just came out with a brand spanking new album titles "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank". It is great and you can even get their best song on their "Dashboard" on Xbox Live Marketplace. It is well worth the absolutely free pricetag to download it. I couldn't actually get the CD at any store because it was so good it just sold out. was more than happy to send me one though after I gave them a measly $13.00. So if you have any taste in music I suggest you go out and get this CD as soon as possible.

Modest Mouse

 See ya.