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Aloha Indeed

Well, you knew SMU was going to be in the Hawaii bowl, but unfortunately, 91% of America thought we were going to lose the game. Sorry to dissappoint everyone, but we've had some pent up anger over the past 25 years, so we had to take it out on someone. Coming in as 14 point underdogs, we ended up putting on a pretty good performance, beating the Nevada Wolfpack 45-10. Also, that 35 point Margin of Victory is still the biggest in the country, and so far it looks to stay that way.

On another quick note, I recently picked up Borderlands, and I have to say it is an amazing game. It would be even better if my friends would quit ruining it with all the dang glitched weapons they seem to pick up, but still an awesome game either way.

Aloha Anyone?

Well it's only been roughly a year and half since my last post, so what the hell.

Anyway, as im sure you've read in my signature a thousand times, im a football player at SMU (Southern Methodist University) in Dallas, Tx. We haven't exactly been a powerhouse, posting a whopping 2-22 record the previous two seasons. Well, things changed this year, and thanks to the help of June Jones and all the coaches, we are going to Honolulu, Hawaii this year to play in the Hawaii bowl.

This may not seem like much to you guys, and maybe even less to those of you across the pond, but SMU used to be a national powerhouse, winning multiple National Championships. That is of course, until the NCAA decided to effectively kill our program for 4 years, and making it damn near impossible to get a decent team together after that. So ever since 1984, SMU has not gone to a single bowl game, this being the 25th and final year, since Christmas Eve you can watch whoop up on somebody over on ESPN.

7-5 this year was great, and I can only see us getting better from here, thank coach Jones, and I hope people tune in to watch us on Christmas Eve. I can't think of anywhere better to spend the holidays other than the great state of Hawaii.

By the way, i'm the starting Left Guard, #77. Happy Holidays!!!

The Colbert Nation Rules

If you know what the Colbert Report (pronounced repor) is than you are one lucky individual. Not lucky in the "you just won a prize" lucky, but lucky in the sense that this show is AMAZING! Now I can't type too much, remember only one hand can reach the keyboard for 2 more weeks. Anyway, every night at 11:30 EST, 10:00 PM down here in Texas the show airs on Comedy Central. It ive iis reminescent of the Daily Show except Colbert himself puts his own spin on it. Just give it a chance and I promise you will be begging your parents to let you stay up. Been watching him this entire year and it never gets old.

Also, the one book I have actually wanted read is written by Mr. Steven Colbert himself entitled I Am America And So Can You. If you watch the show the title doesn't seem so quirky.

One more thing, since this is a video game website I might want to mention them. So when exactly is there going to be another Star Wars Battlefront game because I really loved that series? Not to mention it it the highest selling Star Wars franchide of all-time.

Not Again...

Before I start I'll give you guys a bit of back ground information, during my junior year in High School I managed to tear the labrum in my left shoulder. Obviously this led to surgery, and about 5 months before I was back into playing shape. Not to mention the countless hours of rehab.

Anyway, as ya'll know from my previous post that I have been in the middle of Spring Footbll for the past couple of weeks so it has been a little more difficult for me to post, but I do my best. During our practices, a couple of times my shoulder would feel as though it is coming out of it socket causing me excruciating pain for a few minutes, before it starts to subside to a level I can deal with. I told the trainers about this and they set me up with a cool shoulder brace that goes underneath my shoulder pads. Then, the day before the Spring Game, I had an MRI to get a definitive on what was going on. Just yesterday I get the results and you'll never guess what the results were.

Yep, another torn labrum, but not quite the same. This time, it is in my dominant right shoulder, meaning that finishing up school is going to be a BEEEEOTCH. I get surgery this Thursday at 11:30am, so wish me luck. Since this injury is in my right arm, it is going to be nearly impossible to post here. Don't worry though, if I can I will, and I will never forget about the UVFU. I hope to listen to some podcasts to, since about all I can do is click with my left hand.

This will take just about as long to heal, so I probably won't be ready by the time football season starts back up, but oh well. Hope to talk to ya'll as soon as I return. DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!!!

P.S. These posts are getting bland because every time I try to add a picture, Gamespot says the Tag img may not have attribute title, even though I put a title. Oh well, I'll figue it out eventually. See you guys.

It's That Time of Year Again.

Well, March 3rd officially kicked off Spring Football here at the Hilltop. It was about 80 degrees the day before, but seeing as we're located in Texas, the weather tends to change quite often. Of course, the last thing I expected was SNOW. Yes, literally snow fell that night the day after the high was about 80 degrees. Didn't help that our coaching staff is mostly from Hawaii, so practice was out of the question.

Anyway, back to Spring Ball. It's been great so far, and my o-line coach is actually a cool guy (something you wouldn't assume given his look). I can't wait for Fall so I can get some playing time, but for now it's just nice to learn the playbook. It's the simplest playbook I've ever seen, yet nobody in the country has ever figured it out. By the way, I'm not going to give away any secrets, June wouldn't like that.

Also, on a gaming note, I preordered Rainbow Six Vegas 2 this weekend, so I can't wait until March 18th to pick it up. Plus, if any of you own a 360 instead of that other terrible system, I'll definitely have to get your gamertag so I can pound you in front of everyone on Xbox Live.

Hopefully everyone is going to have a great Spring Break, and I'll definitely try to post my blog on a more regular basis. Of course, over 4 hours of football everyday is going to make that kind of difficult. Unfortunately I can't get the image thing to work for my blog, so this one is just going to have to be pictureless.

We actually do have a coach.

And his name is.....June Jones. Not ringing a bell? Well he did just take Hawaii to a Sugar Bowl appearance, not to mention they had an undefeated regular season. So if you still don't know him, then you don't know jack about football. Also, my O-Line coach looks like an identical twin to Jesse Ventura, except even bigger. Looks like I'm gonna have a blast.

At Least Try to Pony Up...

So things here on Hilltop haven't quite been going the way I had hoped. Not only did we manage to go 1-11 throughout our season, but our head coach was canned just about halfway through the season. Oh, well, at least I was red shirted, so I will have four years to learn our new coaches playbook. That is of course if we are ever able to get a new coach. Honestly, I don't see what the problem is, I mean how hard is it to find someone to coach for $2 million or more.

Anyway, as far as games go, Halo 3 is still the best FPS to EVER come out. COD4 is no jewel, trust me, it's just the old one's with a different look. Plus, the multiplayer is beyond dumb with the addition of airstrikes and a helicopter that DOESN'T die. Seriously, those two aspects alone RUIN the game. Also, I went out and got Mass Effect, and I have to say that it may just be better than oblivion. Of course, I have always liked the space theme better than medievel, so that probably has a lot to do with what I just said. Other than that, not much else to say other than.......PONY UP!!!

Mass Effect Group Shot

Mr. 3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just yesterday, my beloved Astros, along with my favorite player Craig Biggio, were in Houston to play against the Colorado Rockies. Biggio Started the day out with 2,998 hits, only 2 away from what only 23 other players have ever been able to achieve. Not to mention every single one of em' were all with the same team. Early in the game, he is able to get a single to knock his total up to 2,999, and only one to go. Next time up, he rocks it to center field out of the range of the outfielder. He gets past first and proceeds to go to second only to be thrown out. Total now 3,000. Yes, even though he got out it was still considered a hit. It was AMAZING to say the least. Later in the game he gets a single to increase to 3,001. Now it's bottom of the 11th, bases loaded, with the Astros down 5-4. Up is Carlos Lee, and even though he ain't Biggio he is still a damn good ball player. First pitch he just RIPS it out of the park.

What a way to end a game, and CONGRADULATIONS to you Craig Biggio. All you need is the Doubles record and a World Series Championship and you'll be set.

First Day at HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you didn't know already, I am going to SMU (Southern Methodist University) SMU

in Dallas this fall on a full football scholarship. Today we started our first workouts, and I have to say it's the most intense workout of my entire life. No lifting, just running, running, and more running. It sucked to say the least, and whatever I had for dinner last night is now all over the trash can in the locker room. My weight is a little high, but it'll come off seeing as we have the best Strength and Conditioning Coach in the country, Vick Villoria.

By the way, it all burnt like HELL coming back up. Should've eaten strawberries.

R-A-M-P-A-G-E Jackson

Just for those of you not quite up to date on your UFC facts, I am here to tell you just what happened at UFC 71.

Chuck "The Iceman" LidellIceman Liddell was to fight Quinton "RAMPAGE" JacksonRampage Jackson for the UFC Light Heavyweight division and the BEST FIGHTER in the UFC.

Liddell was by far the favorite, but Jackson had been an amazing competitor in the PRIDE fighting, and still had a very good chance of winning this fight.

The fight began with your typical strikers dancing around the Octagon taking pot shots wherever they see fit. Chuck decided to go in for a hit, and when Jackson reared back, his hand got the Iceman PERFECTLY square in the jaw and he hit the ground hard. It wasn't over at that point, but Jackson managed to get about three more hits before Liddell went completely limp and McCarthy had to step in and call the fight.

It was an upset, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't that surprising after witnessing both St. Pierre and Cro Cop breakdowns earlier in the year. I just wish for once the predicted victor, would actually become the victor.

See ya.

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