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Top 50 Games of All Time Part 1

So I went though many days making a list of my favorite games of all time. I thought about being really organized as I usually am and choosing my top 10 in each genre, but in the end I said screw that, I'll name as many games as I can in 5 minutes. I did that and I sort of came out weak. So I extended the time and continued on writing. Then I organized each game into the genre where they belonged in and started thinking above else what games gave me not only great experiences, but the most important element of a game... that is fun. Thumbs up for small pictures to make scrolling easier :D I present you games 50-41.

PS: I might have mentioned some flaws with some of the games, if I felt the need to address them. I also asked you guys some questions on some, as well as tell you some fun facts about them. Thanks for reading!

50. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 (Dimps): Xbox, PS2

Best DBZ game ever period. SS4 Gogeta is wickedly awesome. DBZ fans finally got their wish in 2004 when the addicting DBZ Budokai 3 was released. Featuring tons of characters to play with it was easily the DBZ game with the most characters up until that time. The teleportation was perhaps what provided the evolution the DBZ series needed. It added that DBZ TV show's fast paced speed to the game; characters that were strong could do this more and have more energy, but beating Omega with Krillin showed that skill above else was needed. Using the special was something that required skill and perfect timing and those versus button presses were fun as well

Flaws: Limited amount of time in fusion. Teleport system is fun, but overusing it frustrates both players and your thumbs will begin to hurt eventually.

49. Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (Bandai) : Xbox, PS2, Gamecube

You might think this is a joke, but it isn't. Cool transformations and lots of fun combos, Digimon 2 was a really fun game. It's similar to Super Smash Bros, but in someone ways it's refreshing. Lots of orbs and crazy power ups place this game at number 49

Flaws: Bosses are cheap.

48. Midnight Club 2 (Rockstar) : Xbox, PS2

Great racing series, the first one had ****and very cool personalities. It really felt like a smart racer as most characters were interesting and M2 did an even better job at keeping the same formula while adding ton's of new features to the gameplay to freshen it up. It's a fun ride, one of the better series made by Rockstar, racing fans check this out.

Flaws: Some maps don't really guide you that well in some races, causing you to wonder where the hell you need to go.

47. Red Alert (Westwood Studios) : PC

The hours played with my friends were great and the story was ridiculous enough to make you laugh. Even today, I find myself playing this game with friends, it's easily a timeless ****c and it has everything that makes an RTS game enjoyable to play. Get ready to defend!

46. Crash Bash (Vivienda) : PSX

This remarkable party game received poor ratings from the critics, but I had so much fun playing this game with friends. Strangely enough this game wasn't made by Naughty Dog, yet it offered addicting gameplay with lots of variety. Bosses and challenges are all a blast to play through. I feel it is a very underrated game as this was just so much fun. So much variety, there's bound to be something for everyone in here. I was a fan of the polar push levels, which one's were your favorite?

Flaws: Those pinball levels can be a pain.

45. Grand Theft Auto III (Rockstar) : PS2, Xbox

The original 3D Grand Theft Auto was the most memorable, the most fun I had with the GTA games. The blood, the violence, the destruction, GTA was everything that could go wrong with society in a case. It's debut on the PS2 was the best version yet, and who makes a list without GTA, I don't think anyone does.

Question: What did you first do when you played GTA III? I got on the fire truck and cause a little bit of mayhem.

44. Killer 7 : Gamecube, PS2

I recently played this game, and wow, it's a really good game! How did I ever not run across it was the exact thought that came into my head while playing this game. The story is deep, the characters are messed up, and overall I felt like the game really tried to mess with your mind. Gameplay was also great to go along with it, and overall I really enjoyed this game.

Fun Fact: Killer 7 is a gun in RE4, the director (Shinji Mikami) who made Killer 7. No More Heroes is another game made by the same director.

43. Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (Insomniac) : PS2

Insomniac made its finest Ratchet & Clank game with part III. More weapons, great comedy, fun story characters, and a mean villain make this charming adventure the best of the 3. There is something about these games. They are just crazy at that. Each game returns with more guns and more blazen fun, but this one made it for me. It's humor, the characters, the brilliance in platforming, make this an awesome game.

Question: What's your favorite game by Insomniac? Mine will be revealed later on.

42. Gears of War (Epic) : 360, PC

Lol, just thinking about this game makes me lol. I mean how can you not, I love the cheesy dialogue, the big macho men acting like there so cool, I mean it makes you feel like a kid, back in the day when you saw Captain Planet, and you just wanted to be soo cool, like Captain Planet. That's what I thought about when playing this game. Gears of War is about fun, it's about the **** bad ass moments, Gears of War is soooooo fun to play, this game definitely is one of the most fun games, I've played this gen. The evolution of the third person shooter, could not have come in such perfect way

Flaws: I suffers from looking like the typical shooter this gen, with its brown and grey art design. The story.

41. The Witcher (CD Projekt Red Studio) : PC

This game is underrated this gen. It's for the PC, the console version never made it, which is a shame because this is a unique game. It is a deep RPG and with RPG's rare this gen, it is definitely one people should play. The story is deep, and the character and story show mature themes that set the overall mood and setting of the story. What I really loved about this game, is how each of your choices actually made a difference for a change. It made you feel for the character; the game was well executed and you should definitely look into it. I also really like the stances you could use.

Fun Fact: Pick up the Enhanced Version, which like the title suggest features many new fixtures and add ons. Basically it's just better version of the game.

Prototype Review

Prototype arrives and if you thought of mayhem when you first saw this game, mayhem is exactly what it is. Mayhem, soap and many other things are what make Prototype a worthy gaming experience. It offers pure fun adrenaline gameplay, which is the core of Prototype. Fun addicting gameplay you haven't experienced in a while.

The best thing about Prototype are the powers your given. Each power and abilities make for fun and addicting gameplay. Everything that Alex Mercer is given truly makes the player feel unstoppable. And since it's rather easy to acquire experience to buy powers, one truly feels like a boy with too much candy. You don't know what to do with it all. The player is given countless powers and abilities to use that there won't be much complaining on there not being enough. Because in this game there is more than you can chew on, you'll find yourself like a cat with a feast of rats everywhere, not knowing where to start at. Transversing this sandbox game is made more fun with the abilities you gain; like for example begin able to upgrade your speed and jumping abilities, multiple times. Traveling through New York is filled with lots of excitement, as the rush and speed of Prototype goes well with the intense button smasher gameplay.

The missions are fun, but get rather repetitive after a while. Enemies and environments seem to not change that much throughout the game. The game gets slightly harder towards the end, which can be a bit frustrating. I found myself just roaming around the city more than actually doing missions as this is what Prototype mostly excels at.

The weakest part of Prototype is perhaps the overly generic story. In fact the story does more to keep you confused that help answer many of the questions one has in mind. More often it's just easier to skip the cut scenes to get to the amazing and fun gameplay. Seriously Prototype easily gets worst story of the year. The most important thing you need to know is that the main character is Alex Mercer.

The graphics aren't all that impressive either, about average. However this is not the most important part of the game, and doesn't undermine the experience. Only problem with the look of the gameplay as mentioned before was New York itself. It is rather bland and not as eloquent and unique as let's say GTA's New York City was. On the other hand they did a good job with Alex's character design and shape shifting powers.

Overall where Prototype lacks in looks and story it makes up with the most fun gameplay experience this year so far. The controls are easily accessible and you'll be amazed at what the character you see on the screen is able to accomplish and do. The mere barrage of combo's that can be done with the scythe, iron arms, and the gooey long hands is downright awesome; simply said without being too verbose about it. And there are tons more powers and weapons that can be bought if you think that's it. The many flaws in the game can't make me forget the long hours of fun I had with this game. Perhaps a sequel could address on the issues, even though it doesn't seem likely. The game certainly had a lot of potential, but the end result is still to its core a fun experience. While it's not memorable in its story, it's certainly memorable for its gameplay.

Gameplay: 10/10

Story: 1/10

Sound: 8/10

Graphics: 6/10

Replay Value: 7/10

Overall Score: 8.0/10 or B (Not an Average)

Verdict: Buy! Gets the job done and accomplishes what games are meant to offer at its core: Addicting fun, and intense gameplay! If you're a big story person you will be disappointed. Its replay value is not that high, but you'll see yourself going back just to wreak havoc on the citizens of New York, if not to actually do any of the missions. A flawed, but great game.

As for which to get, inFAMOUS or Prototype? Both are worthy of purchasing in my opinion. While there are some similarities, they offer completely different experiences. InFAMOUS is more story driven and organized in that way than is Prototype, but Prototype is more about pure excitement in the gameplay rather than for watching story. The speed and feel of both games are quite different as well.

•· 7.0 or C is equal to an average score


Review System

10/A+: Impossible how is this even possible

9.5/A: Wow almost perfect

9.0/A-: Outstanding 8.5-10 is must buy!

8.5/B+: Superb

8.0/B: Great Rent or Buy

7.5/C+: Above Average Party Game

7.0/C: Average

6.5/D: Good

6.0/D-: Ok

5/F: Skip it

1:Worst Game Ever Made! Don't even!

InFAMOUS & Prototype

So after playing both games I can say that they both were a blast! 2009 is up and running again with 2 awesome game releases. Most have seen that I gave InFamous a 9/10, but how did prototype fair? Lets just say it exceeded my expectations! A written review of both games will soon be put up on the site.

My list of my favorite games of 2009 as follows:



-Killzone 2

Eagerly awaiting more from Uncharted 2, and 2010 will be spectacular with God of War III. Have an awesome dayGamespot users!

Half Way Through 2009

So we're already almost half way through a fun year of gaming. It has been a fun relaxing year in gaming. As E3 is near approaching we get more excited for announcements as well as gameplay footage of our most anticipated games of 2009.

So the best game of 2009 so far... Killzone 2! I haven't had as much fun with a game as I've had with Killzone 2. The multiplayer was awesome, graphics, sound, and atmosphere all made it a wonderful shooter to add to the PS3 library.

Sure I've come by some disappointments this year, but no other game comes to mind other than Resident Evil 5. In fact it's still fresh in my mind, but not in a good way, perhaps one of the most disappointing game releases ever.

However, more is still to come, the following games look to be potential great hits or GOTY nominees as some may call it.

Uncharted 2 is at the number 1 spot on my list for 2009. Earlier in the year God of War III took the spot, but with Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Diablo III, and God of War III all set for 2010, Uncharted 2 easily takes the spot. No other game this year has left me wanting more with each preview.

Another game that looks to be a fun ride is Brutal Legend. From the creative mind, who brought us Psychonauts, Tim Shafer looks to bring another stunning masterpiece to the table.

Batman Arkham Asylum is another that has impressed from the footage that has been shown. The Unreal Engine 3 looks to still pack a punch, and the recent playable Joker announcement has us even more exited for this superhero game.

The developers who brought us Indigo Prophecy return with Heavy Rain. It already looks to be a hate or love game, but considering I liked Indigo Prophecy, I'm looking forward to what's ahead.

Star Craft 2 a ten year long wait has come to this. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of this ultra competitive RTS game. One can only expect perfection from such a respectable company, and one word comes to mind: BIG.

And finally we're hoping to hear more from Alan Wake. Hopefully E3 will be the big reveal this year for this game. The story looks great; now we just want to see some gameplay and then we'll really be biting our nails waiting for the release date.

So Gamespot users, what are you eagerly awaiting this year?

Mathew Mcconaughey Rumored to Star as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

Actor Mathew Mcconaughey to play Nathan Drake in the Upcoming Uncharted Movie

Rumor has it, that actor Matthew Mcconaughey will star as Nathan Drake in the rumored Uncharted movie. The news was first teased to the world on this afternoon. There has been lots of talk about making a movie recently, but the actor was teased today.

*Playstation Network about the rumor,

We've received a tip off about casting for a possible Uncharted movie and it sounds...reasonable.

Our anonymous tipster has informed us that Matthew McConaughey is being lined up as the star of a movie based on the Uncharted franchise. Now obviously, we aren't a movies site but an Uncharted movie is definitely of interest to us.

It seems a little bit of a long shot, but after perusing IMDB, I can definitely see how the Wedding Planner actor could fit the role of Nathan Drake. Our tipster couldn't give us any more information, but the game definitely has the feel of a movie and I wouldn't be surprised if this was true.

We've contacted Naughty Dog about this rumor, but are yet to recieve comment. Hopefully they'll respond soon.

Currently Uncharted has sold 2 million copies and a sequel is set in development as of now. Its possible we shall see a release date for this steller sequel in the fall of 2009. The original was compared to a summer blockbuster with its action packed story telling and high prduction values Unchartedisa great game for the PS3 released backin 2007.

The Upcoming Uncharted 2 Game which has recently been rumored to include co-op and multiplayer.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune,an Indiana Jones esqetypestoryfeatures Nathan Drake the main protagonist who goes in search of gold and in his adventures with his buddy Sully. Nathan Drake is known as a very good looking guy, with a kind of an awkward type of personality. He's funny charming and makes us laugh with his humor.

Judging Mathew from his previous works, I actually think he would make a great Nathan Drake. His work in many comedies along with his charming looks and sense of humor will make for a great Nathan Drake. Mathew is a pretty good actor and is known for his greatlooks as well as his great sense of humor.

Nathan Drake, the popular hero as seen on Sony's Playstation 3. Created by Naughty Dog studios.

Well so far these are all rumors and have not been confirmed; we hope to hear more and keep you guys up to date with any other details on theupcoming, Uncharted movie. We hope it's good.

Any other details like multiplayer and everything else Uncharted. So what does the Gamespot community think of all these rumors.

Sources of information include:

12 Reasons Why God of War III, Might Be The Best One Yet.

 Desktop Wallpapers · Gallery · Games   God of War

God of War was a masterpiece it was one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever gone through. It was the first game where you could truly say you felt like a God. Today we take a look at what God of War III needs to create a similar experience to the original or even surpass the original. I say the original because most would agree that GOW II didn't feel fresh like GOW. It felt like a solid sequel, but nowhere as groundbreaking as the original.

The story of God of War is one of the most memorable stories in gaming. The fact that it can easily be tied up to revenge makes for a start. After you realize how much revenge takes place, we ask ourselves. Why does Kratos want revenge? Forced to do the work of a God and forced to do the ultimate sin. To murder his family, Kratos developed a deep hatred for Ares, who by saving his life with ultimate power from the blades of Chaos, gave him his deadliest flaw, a consummate work of brutal destruction Kratos, and is only able to realize his dirty deed when it is too late. The white ghost symbolic of all that he has lost and all the weight he must now carry. A huge change is felt when Kratos because almost humble to find a solution to his horrible nightmares. The complex character of Kratos will then commit many more brutal acts to save his family and to rid himself of his nightmares. The irony being that he must be consumed in rage to succeed, making Kratos a deeply conflicted individual.

While God of War was an amazing development for the character of Kratos, God of War II, didn't really give us that conflicted Kratos we grew to know in the first game. Kratos became pure insanity wanting revenge for what seemed like almost no reason. Just to kill Zeus, his father who has betrayed him. The story of GOW II seems too rushed and not well explained.

In order to achieve the impact GOW had in its original form God of War III, must be able to include the brilliant narrative of the 1st game. Know that it's the end and where The End Begins makes it easier, but the developers need to know Kratos is also a conflicted character and need to bring more of the well told narrative back in God of War III.

Graphics. Graphics while most would believe to be just a bonus is not a bonus a God of War. Since God of War was first released back in 2005, critics praised the game for pushing the PS2 hardware to its limits, God of War II really proving the legacy of God of War as a game that pushes hardware to the max. Wishing it to be much better than Killzone 2 is not something unexpected because its expected God of War not only to play well, but to provide that same groundbreaking hardware powerhouse that we have all come to know as God of War III. Some have said that in order for God of War III to succeed that legacy it must look as good as good as the E3 2008 CG trailer. While I would laugh at any other game following these claims, God of War is different type of game that has broken the realms of possibilities for hardware multiple times and to say this is an understatement could prove to be just that. God of War truly is one of the only games I would actually believe this, because of its history as a game that pushes beyond limits.

Who can forget the many openings of God of War games, along with the boss battles. The Hydra battle was considered one of the best boss battles of all time, along with the Minotaur. God of War II had an opening so intense that it shook the very gods themselves. A great entrance usually sets out how the epic scale of the game will be. The boss battles of God of War have all been memorable as well. Whether if it's Zeus and getting to beat the **** out of him, or the Minotaur, or to murder a GOD, GOW is known for its boss battles. While God of War II had many boss battles it has already been said that GOW III will have more boss battles than GOW, but less than GOW II. Not bad a good balance is always better.

This will leave more room for more epic scale bosses like the Infamous Temple of Pandora puzzle. More puzzles like these will definitely keep a balance after all that blood.

The scale of GOW has always spelled epic, but since some part of the game will partake on these massive Titan's, who climb Mt. Olympus, the scale and immersion will add to the quality of the game. How Kratos and his surroundings change depending on these creature's movements will be an awe to witness. For example we have already seen how some of the environment changes in the epic scale trailer which shows Kratos and the enemy having to fight vertically with the enemy. It brings some similarities between Shadow of the Colossus and its sense of scale. How the developers decide to implement this will be very interesting.

God of War is also known for the moves. In God of War holding L1 and square would make Kratos spin around like a top, which was one of the favorite attacks to use with Kratos. L1 X would pick the enemy up into the air and launch it back down as well as letting you grab the enemy in air. L1 O would also allow you to do some cool moves. Triangle being the move similar to the second game.

Holding square would make you spin around like crazy a shorter version of the crazy automated combo kill used when pressing square and holding it when in Rage of the Gods. You could also jump and hold O to create a kind of Earthquake attack with your blades. Every attack went smoothly and you could create lots of juggles and keep the flow going. However that's where God of War II was weaker in that it had significantly dumb downed moves; square not feeling as satisfying as before like the helicopter version and some moves completely taken out as well as some juggle moves. Maybe this was to make it easier for new players in God of War II, but less moves was annoying. God of War II did implement the wings as well as being able to swing with your blades.

Another problem was that because there were less moves it was harder to identify which moves would prove better usage for far, close, and medium range.

If God of War III is able to fix some of the mistakes in game play moves the action would flow much better like in God of War 1, providing for a better game play experience. The good thing is that you should be more into the action this time around as with more juggling moves and walking on walls will certainly create better fighting scenarios, especially for those looking for more variety.

magic attacks were also similar in both previous games and we will definitely be looking forward to which magic attacks will add to the flow of combat in God of War III. What didn't work in God of War II was the two close range attacks the earthquake magic and the thunder magic. The thunder magic was obviously overpowered and would still be used more than the worthless inferior counterpart which was given by Atlas. Medusa's gaze made a great return, but we were missing more effective magic moves like the Hades army and the way better to use far range magic, Zeus's Furry. The bow and arrow doesn't suit Kratos and it wasn't as fun to use as those amazingly fast thunderbolts that Kratos was able to use in God of War 1. In God of War III, going with magic moves similar to God of War would be better because they all provided a good range of moves all useful for different situations, and range.

The rage of the titans proved to be weaker, than the Rage of the Gods. The rage of the gods again had more moves than rage of the titans and provided more effective moves and damage. Rage of the titans on harder difficulties especially proved weak as you would still take damage and die. Rage of the gods allowed you to use infinite magic as the last move it unlocks as well as GOW II, which will make return in GOW III. Having good move list for it and making it effective will show the audience if the rage of whatever it is really packs a punch.

Another important thing is to make the alternative weapon... well a good alternative weapon. In past games the alternative weapon hasn't really had a good transition with the blades of chaos. In Gow III, making at least one solid alternative weapon will prove useful. So far we have seen the lion gauntlets which can be used for close range, providing a great alternative for the far ranged more agile blades of chaos. And since you will be able to use medium attacks with the gauntlets, it will be interesting how they keep the flow of combat with the blades of chaos. We can probably expect another alternative weapon, but I don't think more than 2 or 3 is necessary.

The most important thing God of War III will need this gen is to know that were in a new gen, and that many games this gen have decided to make changes for the next gen of stay the same, like RE5, which proved to be a mistake on their part to not be able to keep up with the times. It must use its history to improve upon what has worked and to rid of what hasn't.God of War must stay true to the formula and listen to the many fans around the world, who have made it such a powerful franchise. With a new director who is sure to bring new ideas to the table and David Jaffe continuing to update us on the current builds of God of War, we can expect a worthy sequel for the next gen. That along with the brilliant work from Santa Monica studios will keep one of the most anticipated games this gen, a consummate work of art, or as some have called it, "A painting coming to life." Whatever it is it will be epic.

The End Begins...

Final Fantasy XIII to Use 100% PS3 Power

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy is said to use 100% of the PS3's power according to producer Yoshinori Kitase. In his statement he states that the PS3 demo (unveiled yesterday on uses about 50% right now. The producer states the goal of Square Enix is to use 100% power. Just like in DBZ, we just might see 100% final form.


The images of Final Fantasy XIII are said to go through drastic changes over the past few months. Like Frieza the game might use up 100% final form of the PS3. It is yet to be determined what would happen to the 360 version.

So far the game looks very good, the fact that it doesn't have screen tearing like the many issues that plagued RE5's visuals, makes it look all the better. As of right now though, looking better than Uncharted 2 hasn't happened. Maybe on par with MGS4, with a different visual art **** but all in all impressive.

The only problem is what about the 360 version. 50% of a Final Fantasy XIII is equal to 100% of the 360's power. So this might make a difference in which version consumers decide to buy, since one might turn out to be better than the other.

Already it is said that Final Fantasy XIII will be on multiple discs, but all that really matters is that all gamers will be able to get their hands on a fantastic franchise.

Final Fantasy XIII Screenshot

Producer says game will use 100%

Pertaining to the footage that I saw here are my thoughts:

-Good sound


-Familiar gameplay we're used to

- Quality story

What might turnout bad

•- Well RE5 suffered from a more polished experienced that didn't really focus on gameplay, will this be the case, as games with good graphics and game play are harder to perfect, a recent game that did a good balanced job on this is Killzone 2, but will FFXIII succeed.

•- How long will it be, will the short length of games this gen affect it. Will it be a Fallout 3 type of games ranging from 30-40 hours on a normal play through.

•- Final Fantasy and weapons.

Final Fantasy japenese Advent Children with Final Fantasy XIII demo packaging, set for release exclusively for the PS3, June 7, 2009.

Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled for release Winter of 2009 in Japan exclusively for the PS3. No release date has been confirmed for the consoles around the world, but early 2010 is possible. A demo is already available in Japan April 16 2009. Expect a demo exclusively for the PS3 June 7th, 2009 with the purchase of blu-ray, dvd version of Advent Children.


Breaking News! Call of Duty 4 Hacked! Ultra Speed, Slow Mo, and Low Gravity!

The highly acclamied shooter Call of Duty 4 was hacked today by a person on The infection is rapidly being hosted by many users playing Call of Duty 4 (360 version) today, as the infection continues to progress quite rapidly. The good news is the servers should be fixed in about a week.

Call of Duty 4 has just been hacked and someone has just placed a video of iton This news is striking because anyone who plays with an infected host will automatically obtain the infection, however by then end of the weak the weird Call of Duty 4 hack infestation will be over. As I write this Call of Duty 4 games all over the world on the 360 are being hacked. This hack was caused by a person known as Cheater 419, which he posted on I advise you not to host an infected because you may be banned for hacking into the system. To get rid of this hack, just turn off your 360 or play with a host who isn't playing an infected game of Call of Duty 4. I just turned on my Call of Duty 4 game and you will experience a very fast version of the game as well as slow mo, and low gravity in which it takes a long time to shoot the enemy. I encourage you to check Call of Duty 4 out because you will surely be stunned, amazed, and will surely have a laugh.

Click on link posted today April 11th as the hacking of Call of Duty 4 continues.