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MGS4 Trophies 'Unlikely'

Thats the word coming out of the GC in Germany from a Konami rep according to 'Computer Video Games' (CVG). Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 will feature trophies and will be the first Konami title to support the system. However the rep goes on to say that a trophy patch for Mgs is "unlikely".

Bad news i guess. But this is a consistent trend with playstation3 games such as GTA4, Cod 4, ratchet and clank tools of destruction to name a few confirmed to not or not likely receive a patch update. Now from an mgs4 fans standpoint i can not understand why the hell the game isnt confirmed or even being considered for trophy support. The game came out 2 months ago for christs sake! and there is a huge fanbase crying out for a patch. It will add more replayability to a grateful community and might attract more players to buy the game. There really isnt any excuse; Uncharted has been out since December and thats been patched, Burnout Paradise has been out since january and that will be patched...

On a positive note though trophies confirmed for pro evo yay!..or nay if you really couldnt give a toss about football games


Ahh the joys of being a gamer...

E3s gone by and Leipzig is now in fullswing and to be honest it really is a great time to be a gamer. Im a ps3 owner which at present graces me with the issue of a lack of games. But e3, comic-con etc have really highlighted what awesome games are on the way in the not to distant future; thats right ps3 owners not just an awesome game. Many! Here is my personal list of upcoming releases i hope to get my hands on...

LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, Mercs 2, FarCry2, Fallout 3, Fifa 09, Cod 5, Prince of Persia, Starwars forceunleashed,

...and they are the confirmed ones. A slight problem. Hmm how much will all this cost me? well a fortune obviously. I suppose what will most likely happen is ill only get at the most 3 of those games because quite frankly i dont want to blow all my money on games lol i mean im not that sad.

This usually happens every year, you look at the release list and get giddy with excitment only to find theres like a dozen of these releases. Its a definite problem with being a gamer your spoilt for choice and the chances are you'll miss many gems of games. Im not saying the spoilt for choice thing is really a legitimate problem with the industry (only a personal gripe and a slight problem for people who arnt blessed with infinite cash) quite the contrary, we gamers are very lucky to have constant supply of great products. Im saying the isue is with the high cost of games seemingly going up every generation of console due to obvious development costs. I mean the new releases of current gen games usually are in between the £40-50 each. Thats a lot of money, im slightly worried with what ill be forking out by time playstation 10 arrives. But i suppose its the burden every gamer has to embrace if they want to keep playing games and experience the joys of being a gamer. Lol when theres a lack of games im complaining. then when theres an abundance i still complain, yep im a hard guy to please ;)

The Dark Knight my fav film of all time?

The film blew me away no doubt about it. The plot was clever and thrilling, the acting, the action and the characters; all amazing. I knew i would love the film before i saw it earlier today on the UK release date and it didnt disappoint. The joker (Heath Ledger) was obviously incredible, the definitve joker so i wont go into that much other than to say Ledgers portrayal of the joker is both chilling and funny. But i was probably most impressed with the handling of Harvey Dent and Two-Dace. Aaron Eckhart i think exceeded my expectations. He was awesome, Dent grew on me as the film progressed so i really felt for him during the scarring and his decent into madness. The Two-Face characteer was awesome i have to say. The scarring was awesomly gruesome and all aspects of the villain was so true to the source.

The film has to win some Oscars surely. It is most likely my favourite film of all time. This is because i sat in that chair for a solid 2 and a half hours and not once did i look away. I was totally immersed in the story and the characters and it has left an impression on me. I will definitly see it again during the week and there are not many films i would see twice at the cinema. I also want to credit Maggie Gyllenhal. She really did fit the character of Rachel really well. Cant believe *..SPOILER* (lol).

Im an instant Nolan fan now. I was never really a fan of batman before Batman Begins. I saw all the previous films, the cartoons etc but i wasnt blown away by any of them (lets forget Batman and Robin shall we). Nolan's re-imagining of the series is just a masterpeice. Nolan has somehow made a superhero film into so much more. This film is more like a crime drama as it is a very realistic portrayal of a fictional universe as it is both dark and gritty. The otherwise campy villain known as the joker is a complete brutal crazy person here! Gotham symbolises todays society and the film deals with all of todays society's issues such as terrorism and crime. This sort of intelectuality in a superhero is incredible. This is not just a brilliant superhero movie, this is a brilliant movie fullstop and definitly ranks up there with the best films ever made. The fact The Dark Knight has surpassed The Godfather as the top film on imdb's top 250 says it all.

I recommend everyone to see the film. It is just amazing. Words can not express how good this movie really is. Cheers to all involved with making the movie it is a classic masterpeice!! (Cheers Heath R.I.P)

* Edit

Just saw it again on monday. Even better the second time round. The first viewing was tainted by the hype and in turn i think tht did effect my initial opinion of the film. The second viewing however gave me the chance to appreciate the film a lot more for what it is as i know what to expect and theres less insane hype effecting my judgement. I managed to understand the story a lot better this time round aswell as appreciate the performances a whole lot more. I still jumped at scenes as i did before aswell as laughed. I also noticed the different themes and important real life issues the film deals with such as an neat invention used to locate the joker. I wont delve into it for spoiler reasons but lets say it does nod to the issue of invading public privacy 'Big Brother' style. Awesome film, cant get enough of it.

united deserved the double

Ok as a lifelong manUnited fan theres obviosuly a degree of biasy wen it comes to the issue of did United deserve to win the champions league final and the double. But i dont see how anyone can deny us and say we didnt. The premeiership i dont think any fan can dispute united were the best team in the league throughout all the 38 games played. we were the most consistant team, we scored the most goals and conceded the least meaning we had the best attack and defense. we had the premier league top scorer and the best player in the world in Ronaldo. Ive heard Chelsea fans argue that we 'scraped' draws against Blackburn and Middlesborough which i find unbelevable. Chelsea are the biggest 'scrapers' in the league; you guys sit back and practically defend wen you go a goal up often 'scraping games. If you want to become champions you have to get the points wen your playing badly and we did, thats what champions do. We played the most attractive football all season unlike you chelsea game spoilers (FA Cup final anyone?). No arguments we were the btter team.

As for the champions league final. You can argue Chelsea deserved to win it in the 2nd half but what about United in the 1st half? We creamed you blues and deserved to be 2 or 3 goals up. you got a lucky break with a scrappy goal and that fired you up for the 2nd half. We didnt perform 2nd half and Chelsea did, im not disputing that. But you can say you should have scored 3 or 4 goals because you hit the woodwork twice but the fact is YOU DIDNT. Ok? If those shots were 3 inches in the other directions they would have been goals but they werent so why argue it? We could argue the same thing in the 1st half and in extra time might i add wen Giggsy missed that chance. We have been the best team in the champions league all season and we were undefeaten throughout conceding only 6 goals to chelsea's 8. Many say we deserved it because of chelsea players lack of respect, you whined about every decision given to you. Argue that the ref was on our side go on feel free - but please! you had some ridiculous decsions go your way throughout the game. Some of the freekicks you received outside the box was ridiculous oh and Drogba desgraced himself thoughout the game with his antics and deserved the red. Michael Ballack was another culprit.

I agree, it was ashame the great game went to penalties but both sides on balance were equal throguhout the game. You had your chance to win it Chelsea but you blew it wen JT missed. i feel sorry for the guy because he is a great player but if drogba had behaved who knows he could have put away that last spot kick and won you the game...but again its all 'ifs' and 'buts' and the fact is what happened happened. Van der sar saved anelkas shot and we won the cup. And another thing, ive heard some scousers say if they were in the final it would have been more exciting obviosuly referring back to your cup triumph 3 years ago-but the fact is guys you wernt good enough to get to the final in the first place so er...shut it.

Anyone who wants to further argue or dispute against whatever i said feel free and pm me. But the simple fact is united are Englands and Europes finest offcial.

CoD4 Beta!

Well, first things first ive just activated my one month free trial on xbox live. Its great, ive been playing Gears of War none stop and i cant get enough of it. Second, i've just registered for the Call of Duty 4 beta! Thanks to Gamespot whos offering a few beta placements-which i was luckily enough able to get. I know im planning to get it for PS3 but playing the 360 version will give me an idea of what the multiplayers gonna be all about. Its the first time ive been apart of a beta so its prtty cool. Im officially on the waiting list so hopefully ill get in it.

My gamertags benGUNNER001 if you want to add me

Few personal updates

A whole host of new footage of some of my favourite games has just been released primarily due to the Leipzeig Games Convention.

Firstly the new MGS4 trailer has just been released. This trailer reveals some possible new Metal Gear bosses in the form of a metal canine supporting a rifle, and a lady like 'metal medusa' thing to name a few. They can be seen butchering lots of guards while snake hides in the darkness. Watch it for yourself here...

Confirmed names for these bosses are: Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Cryine Wolf and Screaming Mantis

Interestingly enough these names are the same names from the original FOXHOUND unit that occupied Shadow Moses all those years ago. Infact they also have some pysical resemblance to those very same MGS1 characters. This is just a thought but interesting anyway.

Also a new Unreal Tournament 3 trailer has just been released showing off Unreal's visuals. Awesome


"My's so shiny!", they were the first words i managed to conjure up when asked what do i think of the PS3 after my first go on the celebrated console. Yep, finally i managed to play a PS3! I know, few months late but my god it was awesome. My cousin showed me the online store (fantastic), the multiplayer options etc and it was by far better than Xbox live. Being a former 360 owner myself i thought the PS3 clearly matched up to the Xbox and definitly surpassed it in terms of accessabiliy, quality and generally.

I managed to get a few games on Motorstorm which was amazingly addictive using the new sixaxis but it was hard to use at first. I'm loving the new trigger buttons on the new dualshock, very nice but i can't help feel that the controller is missing the rumble feature-but hey, they're apparently developing the rumble/sixaxis controller so it will all be good in the end. I played Resistance Fall of man which i found visually impressive and loved the enemy units but it felt like just another shooter to me. saying that, i only played campaign so i'm sure multiplayer is a blast. I also managed to get my hands on Rainbow Six Vegas which was OK but really wasn'tmy type of shooter-Too fiddly and because it was a straight port from the 360 it looked a bit rough round the edges.

I also played some demos my cousin downloaded from the online store like 'Heavenly Sword' which looks very promising indeed, lush graphics and great combat. Also played that insane downladable game 'Calling All Cars' which was a great laugh. Also downlaoded the new MGS4 trailer featuring Vamp and the new kickass Raiden ninja!

From what i've seen PS3 is amazing and overall it definitly offers alot more than 360 in terms of quality and innovation. 360 has a stronger line-up of games but when PS3 kicks into gear it will set itself apart and pull away from the 360 making it the best cosnole on the planet. With MGS4 on the way aswell as Killzone 2, Heavenly Sword, Haze, Unreal Tournament aswell asnew upcoming online abilitiesand much much more the future looks bright.


...Im bored so ive decided to start this blogging thing. I've seen many blogs and they're all pretty cool so i have decided to start my own personalised blog, soon hoping to do some videos. Speaking of videos, Im level 10 now so i can upload my own user videos which ill no doubt use in the near future.

     Ive been watching Mempf's video marathons for Oblivion and KH 2 which has inspired me to start my own, but i need to decide what game i will be playing through. I am desperate for a 360 and im desperate to play Oblivion, it looks so cool. I have now resorted into selling all my PS2 games(30 of them) and my PS2 and my mountain board which i never use, hopefully it will be enough for the premium package and Oblivion. If not ill probably get a part time job at TESCO's stacking shelfs, not too fancy but it will be earning some cash.

             Nothings going on much, im down here in Cornwall on my holiday, enduring 30 degrees of heat, drinking endless glasses of orange juice. Hopefully soon i will start my video blogging and soon enough will be doing a video marathon which will be very to whoever is interested keep a look out on this space where more blogs(which will actually have purposes unlike this one) will be posted.

            Just wanted to start this blogging thing off.......