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You got a Layton in my pumpkin

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I know that Halloween is only a week away and with people buying pumpkins for their kids or something to put on their house for Halloween. Your forgetting that there are many good pumpkin carvings out there even based off video games, even I had a go at making on the other day based on the Professor Layton series

Not only that it's also the last week for the Downloadable Puzzles for Miracle Mask (3DS) which was released almost a year ago, surprised that's been over a year since I've first gotten the game at launch and cosplaying as Professor Layton as well when picking up the game at GAME Newcastle.

Here's another one without the lights, anyone plan on doing a pumpkin caving based on gaming this year?-



I never even thought about doing a video gaming pumpkin.  What I cool idea.  Nice carving BTW!