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This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

So with Halloween being this week and I'm guessing that some of you on Gamespot have got plans? I've already carved a pumpkin last week based on video games for change but if you've missed my blog on that you can find it here- You got a Layton in my pumpkin

Speaking of Halloween went to a Nintendo Themed Party last Tuesday night and that was a lot of fun, I went with a few friends and even got quite a few StreetPasses along the way. I have been attending some of the StreetPass Meets in Newcastle and most of them have been really fun especially the Animal Crossing Launch Party back in June. The Halloween party was fun too bit of Animal Crossing, a lot of drinking and my friend was dressed as Solid Snake brought Cards Against Humanity and ended up playing a game of that which was a lot of fun. Not only that I even won a runner-up on the costume contest as Professor Layton, got myself a Pikmin plushie-

Already my Red Pikmin has made friends already :D Everyone I know including my friends had a great night and I look forward to their next Nintendo-Themed Event at their next StreetPass meet Event in the future.

Posted two more game reviews on Gamespot feel free to have a read of my reviews first one is- Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix: and the other is Crazy Market:

And before I go only 1 more week til Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy-