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The Good and Bad moves for the Xbox One

Back in May 2013 Microsoft announced the Xbox One which is the third console in the Xbox family, at first the idea seemed a little silly calling it the Xbox One and also the console itself looks like a large VHS machine. However at first mentioned about Xbox Kinect which I'm guessing that no one really cared about it on the Xbox 360; they did mention that this version on Xbox One would improve its systems and your body's movement. They also mentioned that's all in one package for the console which does look like a VHS machine on the size if you think about it but it won't play games on VHS tapes; kidding in that part. Microsoft said that you can watch and flip through TV channels with voice you can easily say "Xbox Sports" or "Xbox Channel 3" if it access all channels.

The console itself was released back in November for both UK/Europe and US so far it seems it be selling well but however during the console since then the PS4 seems to be selling more systems. There have been a few good games for the system such as Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport, but the problem for Microsoft is how are they going to sell more and more copies of their system? Well to answer your first question they've already started doing an offer telling gamers to ditched their old PS3 and get $100 off towards getting an Xbox One in retail stores, the idea itself is a silly move specially as the PS3 itself has had a great line-up of games and supports Blu-Ray but if you ditched your PS3 you are pretty much getting rid of your collection and pretty much starting having to re-buy the odd games you would want to play on an Xbox One like Assassin's Creed IV or Fifa 14 but you can easily get games like theses on any system meaning there would be no point. If you were one of those gamers that didn't want to buy an Xbox One and wanted to get another console like the Wii U or PS4 you could easily trade your PS3, get the $100 off towards an Xbox One, then buying the console and then selling the Xbox One and pretty much getting your money back in one go making you either choose in purchasing another console like the Wii U or PS4 or maybe wanting the money in general; I mean this would be a smarter way around it if you wanted to do this move for yourself.

Yet already Microsoft have been mentioning a new cheaper Xbox One but if you were planning on buying one of these cheaper models you are pretty much being ripped off in the end with it not having Blu-Ray drive and a Bluetooth adaptor but these are just rumors for now, very likely that there could be changes later on or likely to be mentioned at the next E3 in June. Then also heard rumors that there could be an update for the system bring back all of the old features that were going to be added in the system in the first place on having your Xbox hooked online 24/7 and saying no to playing Used games. If these rumors are true in the end it's very likely that Microsoft would be burning even more money in sales and falling even more behind then Nintendo would when it came to the predict sales of the Wii U after its launch on trying to sell more than 9 million systems worldwide after the first few months.

I can tell that Titanfall is going to be success once it's released in March 2014 which will have online support for its multiplayer and most critics and some gamers have kept saying that this could well be the next Call of Duty multiplayer killer on the 8th Generation of Gaming but we will just have to wait and see what will happen after the game will be released. There was also rumors that Halo 2 Anniversary being released this year for the Xbox One, I actually thought that this would come on the 360 as well but so far it's only going to be for the Xbox One and releasing a sequel that was released in 2004 selling millions of copies and strong multiplayer it's very likely that Halo 2 could well be that game that could save the system.

Overall most of these moves made by Microsoft are both good and bad moves when it comes to the console and the future games being released for it, but you do wonder what they will do next.



I feel like MS is trying to shove Kinect down gamers' throats and 99% of them want nothing to do with it. For me, I have 100 reasons I'd think against buying an Xbox One and toward the top would be the Kinect. That, and I just do not respect MS's business model.

Titanfall looks pretty cool, I hope it does well. The guys who founded Respawn deserve it.

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@dylan417 I would agree on that part they do want to give Kinect to gamers at any way