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Square Enix what have you done to Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI recently got released on the Google Play store for Android and will most likely hit iOS as well, the most recent trailer that just got posted online a few days ago Square Enix really have changed a lot of things for Final Fantasy VI especially the main character sprites and visuals for the game-

There have already been a lot of good and bad comments about the mobile version which I do agree with a lot of Final Fantasy fans out there that the mobile versions of the game have always been a little disappointing I can understand why people want a Final Fantasy on mobile if they don't own a handheld console or even a classic console like the SNES or PS1. I did had this game on the PS1 a few years ago and everything about it was almost perfect for a classic RPG game especially from a classic franchise I even tried to get my hands on the GBA version however not many places were selling and online sites were charging double the price you would pay at a retail price.

Final Fantasy IV got ported many times from the PS1, GBA, DS and even the PSP; IV does remain as a classic on its memorable story, soundtrack and characters, it even had a sequel on the Wii called FF IV The After Years taking place a few years after the events of the main story. The Complete Collection was released for the PSP in 2011 with both games making it a great idea for fans of the series to have in their collection and another money-grabber title. The DS version was released back in 2007 in Japan and 200 for the rest of the world and everything about the DS version had charming visuals and graphics including voice acting, most fans of the series have mentioned that this has been the best port version of Final Fantasy IV.

With the DS version being successful fans did wonder including myself will Square Enix thought about releasing both Final Fantasy V and VI on either the DS or even the 3DS, I mean think about it if they were released on either of those consoles it could have used the same graphics, visuals and animation used for Final Fantasy IV plus it would really help sales for Nintendo but over the years the thought of these ideas are likely that this will never happen in the future. Hopefully one day that both either V and VI can hopefully get port a release or even a really good remake on the 3DS or possibly the PS Vita maybe plus this would be very handy if they used something like online support or StreetPass feature for 3DS user just think of the same idea they used for Bravery Default (3DS)

With all these ports and odd HD remakes of every Final Fantasy game that has been released over the years, it does make me wonder what was the best port/remake of a Final Fantasy game? Or would you rather see Square Enix working on a new title when it comes to RPG games or maybe bringing back Vagrant Story perhaps? Let us know in the comments below-