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Should Nintendo move away from the hardware

Nintendo has been around for a very long time and has pretty much made most of our childhoods awesome with games being released on various consoles like the NES, Nintendo 64 and the Gameboy, a lot of my friends grew up playing games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Legend of Zelda. But seeing the most recent news that the Wii U has only sold around 2.8 million systems since launch which is a huge problem for Nintendo you would think they would sell more than 9 million but half the gamers around the world say that there isn't any good games for the system, I mean that not true the Wii U does have a good line up on games even Gamespot has given you a good idea why you should buy one- Why Should you buy a Wii U in 2014

There was talk about Nintendo making a smartphone but the idea on that might be a terrible one if you think about if it's both a phone and game console it be something like the N-Gage or even the Sony Xperia Play nice idea but the sales for both phones weren't that huge when it came to sales. The 3DS is still selling well plus the help of the 2DS seems to be helping on sales too for gamers who can't stand the 3D effect on a handheld console, the games that have been released for the 3DS since launch has already got a good library with games like Zelda: Link Between Worlds, Pokémon X and Y, Bravely Default, Professor Layton and Animal Crossing. Plus its StreetPass features has played a huge part for the 3DS, they are becoming really popular across the world like London, New York and Tokyo all of these are local community events. This is where gamers like you could meet up with other gamers and pretty much have fun gaming, I even covered a blog about it- Local Community Gaming Events are starting becoming popular?

I can understand that the Wii U will not be perfect to what the Wii was between 2006-2013 because it was family-friendly easy to play and of course it also had a backward compatible support for Cube games, you can play Wii games on the Wii U if you still want to keep your Nintendo collection. There are still games being released for the Wii U this year like Bayonetta 2, Watch Dogs, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, and Super Smash Brothers.

But I really can't see Nintendo going third party for the likes of PlayStation and Xbox it just wouldn't be the same without Nintendo because most of their games really do shine out on any Nintendo console even if you are not a hard-core game you do see a huge difference and comparison from all three consoles from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. This is a huge step for both gamers and Nintendo if the worse comes to worse do we really want Nintendo making this move like Sega did after the Dreamcast? If Nintendo can announce something good at E3 2014 this might turn things around on sales if they announce something like a new Zelda game perhaps.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo, would you like to see a Mario game on the PS4 or Xbox One? I know I wouldn't, let us know in the comments.


The 3ds is a good handheld but the 3d feature seems almost like a useless feature.