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Professot Layton and the Azran Legacy Impressions- 5 Hours Later.....

After spending a weekend at the Lake District over the weekend for a family birthday but did spend some time playing the latest Professor Layton game during the weekend-

Picked up Azran Legacy (3DS) early Friday morning before heading to the Lakes, but before picking up the game a few days before managed to complete all of the Daily Puzzles that were in Miracle Mask (3DS) which I've picked up on launch last year I'm actually amazed that it's been over a year that I've been coming back to the Daily Puzzles on the Professor Layton series. I do remember playing Miracle Mask throughout the first weekend when I first got it and even some of my friends tried solving a few puzzles when I was out in Newcastle one Saturday afternoon.

Story picks up where it left off after Miracle Mask and plus the story around Spectres Call, Eternal Diva (Movie) and Azran Legacy all take place before the events of Curious Village (DS) and of course Pandora's Box and Lost Future. Some of the puzzles that you'll come across through the main story and in the Daily Download section some of them will take you back down to memory lane and some puzzles are very straight forward to solve.

I don't want to spoil the story around Azran Legacy if US gamers or fans of the series who haven't got around to playing this game and having to wait til early 2014 by the time it gets released in the US. Plus Nintendo would have to change the text and odd voice acting in the US version of the game. But most of the puzzles I've come across are a little challenging and took some time to think on how to solve the puzzle. What made the game more fun was that some people in my family were asking what I was playing and showed them a few puzzles and what to do plus a few drinks as well. Listening to the soundtrack while playing Azran Legacy is impressive too especially when it comes to solving puzzles the music in the background make a great touch to the series; there will be a full review on this by the time I've completed the main story and of course most of the puzzles as well.

Before I go back to playing more of Professor Layton, pre-ordered the game at GAME in Newcastle and of course cosplayed as Professor Layton when I picked the game early Friday morning and the funny part is that I went as Professor Layton for Anime Attacks (Anime convention) last week.