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Pretty Deadly #1 Review

It's very rare that you'll find me doing reviews based on Comic-Books, I have started coming back to the Comic-Book department I have started reading the X-Men series but I've also started reading a new series which has just been released this week and already been given good reviews on it. Thought I'd do a mini review myself based on the new comic-book series: Pretty Deadly

With most comics based on Superheroes or even based on a TV series such as Adventure Time or My Little Pony, Pretty Deadly will easily transport you into another world as fictional and imaginative as any fairy tale and mixed ghosts stories think of the terms of stories coming from the Netherworld. Even flipping through the first early pages can suck you in especially the very beginning of the narration of the story seeing the art based on a conversation based around a bunny and a butterfly. Emma Rio's illustrated art is both yet violent and richly detailed with a mix of Western and fantasy mixed in together.

Kelly Sue has also done a great job keeping the story going, it may confuse you to begin with but when I read it twice I can see where this is going for both its story and art. Based around two characters one a vulture-cloak wearing girl named Sissy; And the other one is a blind gunman named Fox telling the fabled tale of Death’s daughter, Deathface Ginny, to an attentive Old West town. In the first issue DeConnick also weaves a questionable onlooker named Johnny with an important binder in his possession, a shotgun-toting stranger named Big Alice and some vague character relationships creating a touch of intrigue but not a clear sense of which character will be the series’ focus going forward.

There is still a lot going around the series in the future and I'm like people like myself will be waiting in line for Issue 2 to be released in the next month or so, Issue 1 is worth the purchase.