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Own a 3DS? Buy Bravely Default

I recently got this game for Christmas and since then I've been playing Bravely Default non-stop since then, you can download the demo on the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS, the US release is only a week away for those who want to get their hands on Bravely Default.

I know there have been mixed reviews but if you like the old school Final Fantasy games you should totally check this game out if you own a 3DS. Has the same similar gameplay you would expect in a Final Fantasy game which is a mix of turn-based combat and multi-hit combination moves, Brave can be used to have up to 1-4 turns when it comes to combat in battles or you can use Default which is your guard/defence and that will can be used for BP (Bravely Points) which be used in combat or used for a special attack thanks to BP.

If you've played Final Fantasy III or V the job systems is very straight forward you can select back and forth on choosing job classes for your 4 characters from Knight, Black Mage, White Mage and Ninja. The more side-quests and job classes you'll get after defeating certain bosses this is where the game can really be addicting for an RPG game on the 3DS, plus listening to the battle music also makes a great impact when it comes to random battles making you want to listen to it all- Bravely Default Battle Theme (If you've watched Attack on Titan the band "Sound Horizon" are behind the music for it)

Even the graphics are impressive to look at on a handheld console where most of the art and visuals look a little similar to the DS version of Final Fantasy IV and plus also Final Fantasy IX when it comes to landscape environments and airships. What also makes it great that the StreetPass systems makes a great way when it comes to battles where their own avatar can be summoned this can either help you restore health or pull over a powerful attack on enemies, this is a great idea for the 3DS when it comes to games like these once you've Send your own Attack/Move during a random battle this can be uploaded and sent to other players when it comes to StreetPassing; however you may want a good set of friends for this when it comes to certain boss battles because you may need it.

I have stopped caring about the Final Fantasy series soon after playing through Final Fantasy XIII make it feel that it wasn't a Final Fantasy game anymore but when it came to playing Bravely Default I was hooked and this should be checked out by anyone who has played a classic Final Fantasy game or wanting something new on their 3DS.

Already released in UK/Europe and set to be released on Feb 7th for the US.