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My Top Favourite Games for 2013 Part 4: GAME OF THE YEAR

If you've missed part 1 and 2 you can find it here- My Top Favourite Games for 2013 Part 1: 10-8 and My Top Favourite Games for 2013 Part 2: 7-5 and My Top Favourite Games for 2013 Part 3: 4-2

You've all have been wondering what has been my favourite game for 2013, most you actully thought it was The Last of Us (PS3) or something else most of you guys were wrong on that one :P Lets quickly take a look back on my List on past Game of the Year-

My past games of the year were-

  • 2006- Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)
  • 2007- Okami (PS2- UK/Euro release)
  • 2008- The World Ends With You (DS)
  • 2009- Uncharted 2 (PS3)
  • 2010- Persona 3 Portable (PSP)
  • 2011- Uncharted 3 (PS3)
  • 2012- Journey (PSN)

My overall Game of the Year is......

1- BioShock Infinite (PS3/360/Steam)

The last time I've played a really good FPS game was a couple of years ago with Timesplitters 2 and Halo 1; I loved the first BioShock (PS3) back in 2008 being set in an underwater city. BioShock Infinite takes it to a whole new world set in the early 1900's in the sky city of Columbia. I really do like the Steampunk style idea for this set before the 60's during the events of BioShock 1 and 2, Infinite takes place in 1912 where Booker DeWitt heads to the lighthouse which transports him to Columbia with the mission from Luteces to "bring us the girl and wipe away the debt". Elizabeth plays a very important role throughout the main story; she is not like other people you'll meet in Columbia. Throughout the story you'll be escorting Elizabeth and finding out what is really going on its story.

The fun part is when riding the skyline and shooting at enemies at the same time, you can also grab on to hooks which can help you get across various building and areas you can't reach; you can also assassinate your enemies from above if you see a star icon when they are not looking. I loved the moments when you are riding the skylines and trying to take down a juggernaut who is chasing you down or even trying to shoot down the Patriot bots which are robots of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln carrying a rail-gun, or as I call them Nixon bots if you are familiar with the Futurama series.

Elizabeth is just one those characters you do care about as you progress through the game, she can be a big help to you by finding money, ammo, or even health packs. The first time you meet her you don't want to forget that moment and listening to her sing makes you feel that you really care about her and you don't really need to protect her throughout the whole game like you would do in other games like in Resident Evil 4. As I got towards the ending of the story you really do end up in a shock and wonder what the heck is really going on, I actually dropped my PS3 controller and my jaw just dropped as I found out the truth during the ending, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't played this game yet.

Plus playing the game again on 1999 Mode is a real challenge for any gamer, even I tried to play through the game on the hardest difficulty setting so far only got up towards the graveyard scene and encountering Elizabeth's mother, the clever thing about 1999 Mode is that money is your continue if your money is all gone it's game over just like in the real arcades. Speaking of BioShock Infinite I even cosplayed as Booker DeWitt for a few Anime conventions and of course at NERG (North East Retro Gaming) as well plus used the blue material I had left from my Prinny cosplay (Disgaea) as blue bandages just like in the game.

If you've still haven't picked up this game do yourself a favour and buy this game or even pick it up for free on PSN Plus next month if you have a PS3. You will not regret it and it's one of those games that stands out in the 7th generation of gaming on my list which I've mentioned in my past blogs- End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 7 Final Blog

What was your Game of the Year for 2013?


Excellent choice! I love this game. For me it's either between this Tomb Raider and Dota 2.


It got a lot of hate, but I loved every minute of it. Great pick!

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@Garrison_Ford Thank you I still need to play Tomb Raider but what I have started playing the other day is Dark Souls