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Might as well get used to the changes

I'm still getting used to the new changes on Gamespot, I have mentioned that it's going to take a few days to get used to these changes especially when it comes to posting certain blogs on gaming or going to odd conventions or Anime events. I could have had something posted by this weekend if I wasn't away for the last few days but had 3 events in 1 day which would be pushing it and be impossible to be at all 3 events at once one of them was a Sci-Fi convention, the other was an Anime convention and the other was the Nintendo Streetpass event.

As I just mentioned went down to Blackburn for a few days because I found out that my Grandmother is on borrowed time :( I knew this was coming plus it was the only week I was free but it was nice to see her again at least.

While I was down in Blackburn for a few days been playing some more Animal Crossing and finally got around to beating Project X Zone too :D posted my review on Animal Crossing a few days ago, so feel free to check out my review-


I loved the new look but the problem is -- renovation is still going on. There are a lot of bugs here and there. When I came back, I found that all my pictures, inbox messages and everything else (except for Stack and Reviews) were gone. Just gone! But since I loved the new look, I thought I could start once again and updated my profile. However, there are still problems lurking here and there.

Like here. Fuse is still there (apparently) and my original pic is shown here -- the Ezio one. But when I go to Fuse settings, I'm greeted with an Error page. The same error page pops up here and there. Since I was away for a long time, I thought I should add something and so I posted a review of ME3. At the ME3 summary page, the GS score was 7.0 -- WEIRD. I clicked on the score and instead of showing ME3 summary, it gave me the ME3:Citadel summary. *facepalm*

Now, the stacks are bugged up. I created one today and since I chose the unordered stack, I had a hard time arranging some games and finally gave up.

Now, while I don't dislike the new look, I would still want to see these glitches and bugs fixed and bring all the old features back in the new look. I still can't manage everything properly eventhough many basic functions are OK.