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Local Community Gaming Events are starting becoming popular?

I thought I would take this time on talking about Community Events which happen almost anywhere across any country or even in your area. I know that Nintendo released the 3DS back in 2011 and they had a cool feature which was Street Pass where you can street pass other players who have a 3DS, this is where you can exchange puzzle pieces and their Mii's help you on a Dungeon fantasy quest called Street Pass Quest; plus certain games that were released for the 3DS such as Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing or even Pokémon had Street Pass features. If you live in the UK these events called

They are becoming really popular across the UK from London, Manchester, Newcastle and Portsmouth all of these are local community events. This is where gamers like yourself could meet up with other gamers and pretty much have fun gaming, I've been to quite a few in my area which are in Newcastle and the people I've met are really friendly and ending up playing a lot of Mario Kart 7 for fun; I've even managed to play Monster Hunter up to 2-4 players at once and I can really understand where the series is so popular in Japan.

Even across the UK there have been a few special launch events for certain games like Pokémon X and Y or Animal Crossing around when they were released, I've managed to go to the Animal Crossing launch event back in June and I really did had a great time and there were more than around 70 who turned up- Animal Crossing New Leaf Launch Event. There were a few tournaments going on including Bug Off and Biggest Fish competitions if you had Animal Crossing on you and plus they had a Mario Kart Wii tournament on the fastest time and a Super Smash Brothers tournament. If you haven't heard of Street Pass UK and want to know if there's a group or Local Community you can check through their site or even check on Facebook if there is one, I'm not sure if other countries do the exact same thing but I'm pretty sure they do if you live somewhere like the US or in Europe.

Yes the 3DS has the right idea on community meets and an easy way in making friends and having fun playing games, it makes me wonder if there's any for gamers who own a PSP or even a PS Vita. Like I've just said both the PSP and PS Vita had a great library of games when it came to games like Monster Hunter series or God Eater or Dissidia, most community events like these would be in Japan and end up playing co-op missions. I know there was ad hoc multiplayer which you can download on your PS3 and connecting with a USB cable to your PSP and play certain games online; it had the right idea but most of the players who downloaded were hard-core players. When Monster Freedom Unite (PSP) was released in Japan there was a place in London where players could meet and play Monster Hunter, when I bought the game back in 2009 I did think was there any events like these in my area? The biggest problem with Monster Hunter was released outside of Japan not many people weren't interested in the series, you would have only been lucky if someone else had the game on them if you were going to a convention, College/University or know a few friends who had it.

I do own both handhelds I can tell there's a big difference when it comes to multiplayer gaming for both 3DS and PS Vita it would have been cool if there was something like more community events on games like Monster Hunter or God Eater because there is a good fan service online it just getting their foot out there in making a local community event and who would turn up. Not just that I would have loved to see local community events from Gamespot where Gamespot members could meet up, play a few games and having a laugh but the problem is that there's always going is where most people live far away; but if you own a home console like an Xbox, PlayStation or PC there's always going to be a group page where players can connect online for multiplayer gaming.

Have you've been to a Street Pass meet or a Community event on gaming? Let us know in the comments