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Kill La Kill Layton with original weapons

Finally got around to beating Kingdom Hearts HD (PS3) the other day on Standard Mode without using a single continue and using original weapons, but didn't get the trophy for that one for "Unchanging Armour" :( found out after clearing the game I kept switching Accessories back and forth but using original weapons was a challenge but worth it. I will be posting a review on it very soon, plus nab any other trophies for it along with the bosses too.

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Pre-Ordered Professor Layton and The Azran Legacies (3DS) the other day which I'm really looking forward to by the time it comes to November 8th and hopefully again I'll be going as Professor Layton again when I pick up my copy of the game while I'm in Newcastle early Friday morning. Not just that I've also got a lot lined up with in the next weeks along with Halloween and another mini Anime convention as well, I've got a lot coming up and almost every week it's at least 4-5 invites a week through Facebook. What I'm finding really annoying from everyone is that everyone I know is playing either Pokémon X and Y, I'm not really a fan of the series if I wanted to play a Pokémon game I'd rather start of playing the original games like Red, Blue or Yellow. Almost snapped last Saturday afternoon because more then 5-7 people were asking me if I've got Pokémon X or Y.

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If you remember my blog on Anime line-up FALL 2013 I've started watching a new series called Kill La Kill and I've been enjoying every moment about the series so far, watched the 3rd episode and I can tell soon after that the series will really start picking up even hearing the opening theme for it is awesome too.

And of course I've started watching Season 4 of The Walking Dead last week got up around 4.30 am to watch it, I don't care what everyone else thinks but it was worth it. It might have dragged a little bit here and there but the ending was a surprise and I reckon that the next few episodes are going to be pretty tensed.