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If only Prisoner of Azkaban was released as a PS1 title in 2003

I would admit that 2004 was a great year and summer when it came to movies; there were films like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2, and Anchorman. But it's games based on movies that were released in 2004 were actually enjoyable to play back then if you had either a PS2, Xbox, Cube, GBA or even a PC; however there was one game I've enjoyed playing which I've mentioned a few seconds ago and surprised that it’s been 10 years since its release on all systems expect for the PS1-

If you caught my last blog on The Lion King 20 Year Retrospective this blog may be a little similar. The Harry Potter games themselves have always played a big impact during my childhood and teenage years whenever the next film was released in Cinemas Me and my family would talk about which scenes they have changed or taken in or out of the books themselves. I'm one of those people that end up reading the books before the film is released which is where you can really tell that there are changes here and there. Going back to Harry Potter the games have always been enjoyable for me but after The Goblet of Fire was released felt like the games were going a little downhill and feeling a lot easier then it's predecessors, the Lego Harry Potter games and Quidditch World Cup don't count in this blog only its main series from the 7 books or what you muggles would call it 8 films.

Prisoner of Azkaban played a little similar to the last two Harry Potter games that were released back in 2001 and 2002 on almost all systems but this time had a few changes from the level and concept design and its visuals and animation were stunning for a movie title at that time making it feel more like it was made from a Japanese company but however this game was released from EA games which holds the rights to the franchise alongside Warner Brothers. Like its last two games this followed more to the books more then to the movies which I thought was a great thing as always since I've loved both games that were released on the PS1. Now let’s take a look back at both Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets for the PS1-

I actually enjoyed both games more that were released on the PS1 plus the studio Argonaut studios developed both games, some of you may know that this is the same studio that made games like Croc and of course a few Disney video games too. What I liked about the games that they were more challenging and felt like a proper Harry Potter game when it comes to attending Hogwarts, following the story of Harry's first two years at school, learning spells and a few characters that didn't get mentioned in the films but are mentioned in the books. Back in 2003 I knew that Prisoner of Azkaban was going to be released but it got released in 2004 instead, it was also the final year that there would no longer be games being released for the PS1 FIFA 2005 was the last game to be released, but if Prisoner of Azkaban was released in 2003 this could have been released for the PS1 which could have been a great idea for the hard-core Potter fans and PS1 gamers. It might have taken a lot of space on a disc but the game itself would have the same gameplay controls, graphics, voicing and of course collecting all Famous Witch and Wizards Cards throughout the game.

Going back to 2004 seeing Harry Potter games on the sixth-generation did make some improvements for its visuals but it's PS1 versions of the first games have always been remembered but not forgotten just hope they get released on the PSN Store later in the future to download on either your PS3, PSP or PS Vita.

Did you play both Harry Potter games on the PS1? Or have a favourite Harry Potter game?

Let us know in the comments-