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Feeling a lot better and should be the only epileptic fit

If you can remember my last blog I've posted over a week ago Black-outs and faulty memories went to see a doctor this week turns out that I had an epileptic fit but the good news is that's probably only going to happen once in my life it shouldn't happen again. I still don't know what caused it I will be going to another clinic to look into this further but as I've just said there's nothing to worry about. Plus most of my friends have been looking out for us which is a nice thing :D

Plus finally beaten Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories on both Sora's and Riku's story just need to collect the rest of the trophies and plus beat Kingdom Hearts as well which I've still haven't finished mainly because I'm trying to clear the game on standard mode without using a continue and only using original weapons, as a Kingdom Hearts fan I really do want to complete this challenge I've created.

Last up recently posted a review on Project X Zone (3DS) which I've finally got around to reviewing so feel free to check out my review-


I'm glad everything is going to work out and that you won't have anymore of these episodes. That's scary though. Also, nice review!


Petit mal? I've had a few moments whereby I succumbed to vasovagal episodes - not uncommon, nor of real concern.

Apologies for missing your last blog - the site's currently not well-suited for continued tracking. :|