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End of the 7th Generation of Gaming- Part 1

So as we come closer to the launch of Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 for this month we will be entering the 8th Generation of gaming which kind of already began back in 2011 with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and then we've had the PS Vita and the Nintendo Wii U which was released just last year. From 2004 up to 2013 the 7th Generation of gaming has had a great line up on games and systems all within that period; there have been some memorable moments in gaming and some good games that have won multiple awards and memorable soundtrack.

Around the time when the 6th Generation was around in 2004, both handhelds the Nintendo DS and the PSP which were both released within that year and then later in 2005 for rest of UK/Europe. The Nintendo DS was a duel-screen handheld console where you've now got two screens in front of you instead of one screen, the bottom screen was the touch screen which you can use a stylist pen or your fingers to touch the screen or tapping the screen during gameplay and the top screen was mainly the main screen for gaming. The Nintendo DS was also compatible with Gameboy Advance games, the console might have been a little chunky but later on after 2006 Nintendo released multiple versions of the DS which were lighter to carry around and longer battery but some changes taken in and out of the DS console. It did had a great line-up of games within those years for the Nintendo DS between 2004-2012 with games like New Super Mario Bros, Nintendogs, Professor Layton series, The World Ends With You and Brain Training.

Also in 2004 the PSP was released this was also Sony's first time entering the handheld market and wanting to compete with Nintendo. PSP was pretty much a version of a PlayStation 1 and 2 in the palm of your hands, it only had 1 analog stick instead of 2 like you would see on a PlayStation controller and only 2 shoulder buttons L and R. Instead of using cartridges or discs the PSP used UMD discs for both games and movies. The PSP also had Wi-Fi internet connection, a USB cable which you can transfer data, music and pictures back and forth from your PC, it even had a PSP Camera attachment for taking photos just like a normal camera. The PSP also gave you the chance to play PS1 games on the handheld meaning that you could play your favourite games on the PSP when you’re out and about; the memory card was a lot smaller than a normal memory card, the PSP version you had to use a Memory Stick Duo for saves, music, and data. Later up versions of the PSP were also lighter and the ability to connect your PSP to your PS3, however in 2009 they released the PSP Go which was a different version of the system but the downfall on the PSP Go was that it didn't had a UMD disc drive everything had to be downloaded from the PSN Store and double the price you would pay for games instead of buying them on UMD in retail stores. However the PSP had some good games in the line-up from Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Grand Theft Auto, FF VII Crisis Core, God of War and LocoRoco.

Not only that the touch-screen for handheld gaming made a huge impact later in the years after 2007 with the I-Phone games on mobile phones were starting to become very popular for both young and old. Using the touch screen to get around apps on your phone and using the internet whenever you please, games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope were also addicting games and made great use of touch-screen when it came to gaming, even know there have been many knock-off title games made by users and ported games from hoe consoles and handhelds being released on mobile phones.

The PlayStation 2 was still releasing games and still being a best-selling console outselling both Xbox and GameCube during the 6th Generation of gaming, there were still some best-selling games after 2005 with games like Resident Evil 4, Kingdom Hearts II, Final Fantasy XII and Okami. And in 2007 God of War II was the last biggest launch title for the PlayStation 2 and leaving a cliff-hanger right at the end of the game forcing both players and hard-core God of War fans to wait for the next instalment in the series. However the PlayStation 2 still kept selling even Persona 4 got great reviews and loved by both fans and gamers just a shame that not many people bought the game during that period because they did miss out on a classic RPG game. As of this year the PlayStation 2 had stop production and not many places selling the console in both Japan and the rest of the world, Fifa 14 is the last game to be released for the PlayStation 2.

I will be working on a second blog which will the next part about 7th Generation of gaming, but what have been your favourite moments or memories for the PS2, DS or PSP?



I spent so many hours on my PSP despite playing so few games. I must have plugged 200 hours into MLB 06: The Show before it was all said and done. My favorite PSP game had to be Daxter though. It was a perfect game for a handheld.

On the Nintendo side, I loved every minute of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I remember my mom buying it for me when I was awfully sick and that game certainly got me through a mess. LoZ: Phantom Hourglass is probably my favorite DS game.


great games and memories that have not been matched by this generation - Haunting Ground, Silent Hill 2 and 3,  Fatal Frame and Clock Tower games,  Grand Theft Auto Vice City,  Oni,  Ico, BloodRayne, Indigo Prophecy,  Shadow Hearts games esp. SH: From the New World.

Final Fantasy games esp. FFX-2 and FF XII.    Valkyri Chronichles,FIFA  Madden and Rugby

and many more........I still play the PS2 second only to PC games


The PSP holds a lot of good memories for me. From strategy RPGs like Jeanne D'Arc and Valkyria Chronicles 2 to action games like Gods Eater, Peacewalker and the God of War titles, the system really did me proud. The PS2 is probably my favourite system, and there's far too many titles there to print. This current gen's been pretty great to me as well.


Peacewalker, Monster Hunter for the PSP and Etrian Odyssey for DS.

And Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Snake Eater for the PS2.